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Ocean View

My Mission Statement:

To provide those who are hurried, with a place of rest. To provide those who are haggard with a place of peace. To provide a fun place to come and relax. A place to kick back and drink a large, cold Diet Dr Pepper, preferably over extra ice! (OH NO!  My secret obsession is out!!)

Come join me.....



My Rooms to Relax In....

The Virtual Vacation Room: Get away from it all, plan a real vacation, or sit on the beach...

The Guest Bungalow: Come visit with my "Guests".

My Personal Hut: A brief...yet completely Boring history of me. Insomniacs welcome!

The Aquarium:What is a tropical page without an aquarium?!? Sea-Monkey fanatics welcome!

The Chapel:A place to find christian links and more.

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A very BIG thanks to Smilin@U.....Without his help this page would not be here! He showed me how things worked, then let me do my own thing...what a GUY!!! Big HUGS to Smilin' from me!!

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