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Welcome to Orion's Pics

Devoted Mainly to Pictures [ Edit Begun in April / 2000 !!]

[Remember to click RELOAD if you have been here before and want to see any changes that have been made ..(otherwise you will be SEEING an old copy stored in the "Cache" of your own machine) !]

Click on the picture title and the picture will pop up .. use the browser's "back" button to return to this page ..these pictures will be changed regularly , so drop by often !

Picture "Gallery"

This section will have pictures that will change every few days ! I have set it up so I can change pictures without changing any HTML codes therefore the pictures will just have the titles: Picture 1 , Picture 2 , etc. and there will be no "Updated on" date given ..You will just have to check the pictures each time you visit!
Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6
Picture 7 Picture 8 Picture 9 Picture 10 Picture 11 Picture 12

Family Section

Some old pics and some new ones . Orion and Dodie and Ocicat Caesar ; plus: assorted parents ,siblings, offsprang Scott, and GRANDdaughter, Miranda .
Major change here ! These pictures are now sorted in terms of WHO is in the pic . There is no description with the pics ; again, so that I may change pictures without changing codes . In the sections with a large number of pics , the first five will probably change infrequently since they are favorites!!

Orion & Dodie:

Not enough pics of us together ! ...I keep forgetting the tripod !!
pair1 pair2 pair3

Dodie :

the Love of my Life, my best friend, and Wife !
dod1 dod2 dod3 dod4 dod5 dod6
dod7 dod8 dod9 dod10 dod11 dod12
dod13 dod14 dod15 dod16

Orion :

Happily Retired Author of this page !
orn1 orn2 orn3 orn4 orn5 orn6
orn7 orn8 orn9 orn10 orn11 orn12
orn13 orn14 orn15 orn16


Our Ocicat , who lives the 'Life of Riley' .
caes1 caes2 caes3 caes4 caes5 caes6
caes7 caes8 caes9 caes10 caes11


Orion's Son .
scott1 scott2 scott3 scott4 scott5 scott6
scott7 scott8 scott9


Our wee Granddaughter ; (six in Jan.)
mira1 mira2 mira3 mira4 mira5 mira6
mira7 mira8 mira9 mira10 mira11 mira12
mira13 mira14

Dodie's Folks :

Celena and Tony live a short drive away .
dfolks1 dfolks2

Orion's Dad :

Also lives nearby ; 82 and going strong !!
odad1 odad2 odad3 odad4 odad5

Other Family & Friends:

This section needs work *L* ..so far it looks like we don't have many !

Misc. Family Pics

These pictures will change often !

fam1 fam2 fam3

Fall Walk in the Provincial Park

This section will show us taking advantage of unusually mild late fall weather for a walk in the nearby Provincial Park .
Park 1 Park 2 Park 3 Park 4 Park 5 Park 6
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Park 13 Park 14 Park 15 Park 16 Park 17 Park 18

NEW HOME Pictures

This section will show the latest pictures of our new home. I will continue to post exterior and interior pics until you are all bored silly with them ! The Garage should continue to show progress on the exterior and organization inside .

Exterior views

Exterior view 1 Exterior view 2 Exterior view 3 Exterior view 4
Exterior view 5 Exterior view 6 Exterior view 7 Exterior view 8

Interior Views ...welcome to our HOME ! (captions ON pics)

Inside view 1 Inside view 2 Inside view 3 Inside view 4
Inside view 5 Inside view 6 Inside view 7 Inside view 8
Inside view 9 Inside view 10

Slowly the Garage inches from heap to order.

Garage 1 Garage 2 Garage 3 Garage 4
The notorious "Short Women" : Designer , Debbie @ 4'11+disputed fraction",( here standing on pile of boards to add height) & Dodie @ 5'+ disputed 1" This house is a product of their dreams !

Fishing Trip :[Mid July 1998 ]

Scott and Orion escaped for one day of 'fishn' ! !
Fishing Trip 1 Fishing Trip 2 Fishing Trip 3 Fishing Trip 4 Fishing Trip 5

Travels in the Caribbean :

We have been to many places in the Caribbean and the Bahama Banks . I will feature each place for a few months . The present destination is the Island of Exuma in the Bahama 'Out Islands' . The two week trip was taken in March of 1989 . [Picture quality may be a bit low at times since it depends on old video taken with my first camera...as above ...captions now appear ON the pics . ]
exuma 1 exuma 2 exuma 3 exuma 4
exuma 5 exuma 6 exuma 7 exuma 8
exuma 9 exuma 10 exuma 11 exuma 12

Art & Science Section

Many of you like Sunsets and other artistic shots . Animal shots and "educational" pictures will be here too . I intend to update this section often .so visit often !!
Sunset 1
Sunset 2
A picture of Comet HALE-BOPP ! Taken on Mar.19 by Bob Yen of Mojave California.
Sunset 3
Sunset 4
White tailed Deer between house and Garage ... early April .
Mounted LOON donated to the school by the Pooles ... after going through govt. regulation hell ! .

Feeding the Sharks at 'Animal Encounters' in Curacao.

Shark 1 Shark 2 Shark 3 Shark 4 Shark 5 Shark 6 Shark 7

Hope you have enjoyed the pictures !

(which you should consider as under copyright , so if you are selling them , I want credit and a piece of the action $$$$)

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