Seattle Ethiopian Restaurant Review
Seattle Ethiopian Restaurant Review A typical veggie combo spread to be expected at most Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurants, often served with a side of injera bread
ALL of the Ethiopian restaurants this web-author has personally dined at in Seattle, WA are listed in white letteringThe ones that haven't been visited are in yellow letters,
and the ones that have gone out of business are in green letters. Some restaurants have websites, and those that I'm aware of, you can click on the restaurant name to go to their webpage.
Here is a list of the Ethiopian Restaurants that I have not personally visited yet or that have gone out of business.  Contact this webmeistress if you notice any restaurants which have opened or moved or closed down, and she will update this site to reflect new info.  

Addis Deli or Rainbow Mini, depending on which business card you pick up.   
around 10535 Greenwood Ave N., in  a strip mall

Alem Express
10537 Greenwood Ave
Doesn't look like there is much parking spaces.  Also not sure if this is just a storefront, or if there is restaurant service or not. I have driven by on several occasions, but have never gone in because I was on the other side of the street.

Asmara, was formerly an Indian restaurant, and is the same site of the Enat Deli since June 2002.
11546 15th Ave NE 98125

Axum was on 4142 Brooklyn, but has since been replaced  by other ethnic restaurants.  I checked the physical location on July 12, 2000.  

Country Fisher
112 12th Ave

7821 Rainer S.  98118

Gojo has since been torn down to make way for the new Northgate TARGET store.

1809 Minor Ave x Howell 98101

HIDMO Eritrean Cuisine

2000 S. Jackson


1212 E. Jefferson ???
Basically, it is right across from the Addis Cafe.


2800 E Cherry St
Popular with the taxi drivers.  There is a bar here too.

Red Sea

Pioneer Square
I've been here before for the dancing at night.  It's in this section because I don't recall if I ever was here for the food.  I still wonder if this place is still open because I can't find it in the phone book now.


12th & Yessler
I have driven by, but haven't been inside ye

Tagla Cafe

4423 Rainier Ave S. No. B.
You have to park across the street in the Walgreens lot or on Genesse W of Rainer.. They do breakfast Ethiopian style. Still a work in progress
I've been told that the owners have amazing stories about how they met in a refugee camp in Sudan.

was on 6409 Roosevelt Way N.E.   
I'll never have the opportunity to have dined there because they went out of business, then the building later burnt down, and I can't tell you when because I just don't know

I originally got the idea to make an Ethiopian restaurant review page because I got frustrated when checking out the search engines and not finding out nearly as much as I already knew.  This page is a service to all of you in Seattle who want to know just WHERE to eat when you are in the mood for Ethiopian.  If anyone reading this web page knows of any other Ethiopian restaurants in the Seattle area that aren't listed above, please
contact me so I can check it out and include it in this page for the future, thus ensuring that it remains the most comprehensive listing of Ethiopian restaurants in Seattle.   Please  print  or  bookmark this page for your own reference.  All phone #'s on this page  are in the (206) area code of the USA.  Calling in advance before going to these establishments is recommended- to make sure that the place still exists.  Businesses open and close and relocate before this webmeistress can update this website soon enough.       Thank you
Addis Cafe
1224 E Jefferson
This is THE place to go during late dining hours!  I've found them to be open at their own whim late at night.  I guess it depends on how many hang out at the bar inside.

Arrat Killo
302-A 14th S
Near the interesting International district area part of town. I took a picture of the veggie combo spread with my first digital camera, but unfortunately can't find it among the myriad of files on my computer, yet.

2722 E Cherry

Awash -  (formerly Fasica)  see under Fasica below

Blue Nile
456 12th
Within walking distance of the Addis Cafe..

Cafe Yeshi
5507 Roosevelt Way NE 
Lovely bright cheery colorfully painted walls.  It is fabulous to know that the U-District has an Ethiopian Restaurant with outdoor seating for sunny days!

Cafe Soleil
1400 34th Ave
Closed on Mondays
On the Corner of E. Union St. in Madrona.  Has a comfy couch in its waiting area. *this place doesn't have a "veggie combo" dish on its menu, but you can choose up to 3 separate veggie dishes. Very different serving arrangements noted, doesn't have the food served on the injera, as is usual with the other Ethiopian restaurants.  The only place in Seattle that serves Mediterranean fare by day and Ethiopian dinners in the evening.

Caffe Weini
1510 NE 117th St. Suite B
Within Walking distance of the SOUK and Enat Restaurant.  Small, friendly atmosphere.  Open for breakfast, lunch, and Dinner. Catering is available. 

Enat Restaurant   * My personal favorite*
11546 15th Ave NE 
Hey what can I say, except that it is the closest Ethiopian restaurant in relation to where I happen to live.  Staff are very nice too. Took several people here to dine. Serves alcohol, has big screen tv and dance floor in the bar area.  There is bellydancing here once a month! 

Fasica) - now called Awash
3808 S. Edmunds
98118  Columbia City
Next to the Fasil Grocery store. Very spacious interior, with a bar and plenty of room for music/dance entertainment .

816 12th
Took my parents to Kokeb when they were at their former location  years ago for their very first Ethiopian dining experience.   I haven't been to the current location (as of 5-14-07) YET.  The owner has emailed me to let me know that Kokeb has been around for  at least 25 years and they have new added services in addition to their expanded menu items!

1223 E Cherry
Plenty of parking.

1325 E Jefferson
They used to be on 23rd, near  Cherry Street in the Central District.  This place has the best quality Veggie Combo in all of Seattle, in terms of variety & vibrant colors. 
Located  kitty corner from the Addis Cafe.

Queen of Sheba (formerly Zula's)
916 E John
I used to live only 2 houses away from this place.  *****Very homey, elegant interior ambience.

1219 E. Jefferson St.
Very spacious inside.  Sound System and disco ball, also has a bar in the back room.  Across the street from the Addis Cafe.  Menus are very colorful, they have NO DESSERTS!

Zuma Grocery & Deli

129 NW 85th street, Suite #A
The  injera here is the spongiest texture around!  There is ample parking across the busy street in the Fred Meyer/Greenwood Market parking lot.
"Veggie Combo" as seen above,  is the only dish I ever order at each of these fine establishments listed
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