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31 March 2005

Khoo Fang Chi's Homepage


Thanks for taking time to stop by and check out my homepage. It contain information on my personal details and updates, Malaysia and a photo gallery and some interesting links.

I constructed this website because :

 to learn HTML
 share information & resources  
friends can find me somehow
 make new friends
 to promote my beloved country MALAYSIA
 it's kinda Cool !!!


Here is a brief description of each category in my website:

    About Me : Contains some of my details and current update.

    Malaysia : A nice country where I am staying now. Included some information about culture, travel, tourist attractions and pictures more . . . Just don't miss this "Land of Eternal Summer".

    Photo Gallery : Contains photo I shot with my new digital camera Konica KD-400 Z. + Wedding Photo

    My Links : Has links to website of interest of me likes Malaysia sites and friends homepage.

    New Zealand Trip: Travelogues (NEW)

    Do spent time to surf around my homepage. For those who are interested in traveling, check out the information I got in MALAYSIA.


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