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This site is My tribute to the GREATEST theme park in the world!!
Cedar Point is located on a small pennisula that extends in to Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio. It has a total of 57 rides, 12 of them are coaster's. Of these 12 roller coaster's, 4 of them are world record breaking. This site has Info on all of Cedar Point's Roller Coaster's, All the new stuff that is happening at Soak City including construction photos. It has information on Chaos the newest Chance ride at Cedar Point. It also has information of Ripcord, the skycoaster experience! They are the RAPTOR, The MANTIS, The MAGNUS, and The MEANSTREAK. For the 6th year in a row Cedar Point has been awarded the Applaude Award for the Best amusement park in the world by The Readers of The Inside Track, an amusement park magazine!

Here is a list and some Info on all of Cedar Point's 12 Towering Roller Coasters!

The Mantis is just one of the rides that breaks records at Cedar Point. It starts off by lifting you 145 feet in the air while you stand trembling, then it takes a little turn and drops you 137 feet going faster than 60 mph. Mantis has a vertical loop of 119 feet and its angle of descent is 52 degrees. The Mantis 2 minutes and 40 seconds and it can handle 1,800 riders an hour. This ride was the brain child of world renound roller coaster designers, Walter Bolliger and Claude Mabillard of Monthey, Switzerland. This ride cost Cedar Point 12 million dollars, the most expensive ride ever at Cedar Point next to the Raptor.

"Raptor Rules The Sky" This phrase is so very true. The Raptor the Highest, Fastest, Steepest inverted coaster on the planet! You have just been clutched in the claws of Raptor. Taken 137 feet above the Cedar Point midway and flown at speed's beyond 55 mph through its awesome structure. Raptor is the newest generation of roller coaster's. This inverted design suspends your ski-lift like seat below the track, leaving nothing but air between your feet and the ground below. And often the sky above. Adding to your experience is 6 upside down turns, all performed on the outside of the track. These inverted elements include a gigantic 100 foot tall vertical loop. One of the largest in the world. A zero gravity role. Two inverted cork-screws. And a prototype design element called a cobra roll. This first of a kind element flips you upside down. Rolls you to the left. The rolls you upside down again, into a dive, pulling out just inches from the ground. Riding Raptor is like flying in a F-16, only closer to the ground than any fighter pilot would dare fly. Raptor will rule the sky over Cedar Point, for years to come!

The Magnum. The name alone strikes fear in peoples eyes. This ride, the ride in which, for years, was the ride that all other rides were based. The Magnum was built in 1989. It cost Cedar Point 8 million but it was worth it. Since it's construction it has given 17,800,000 rides. Each ride making people either scream or puke. It one of the tallest rides in the world at 205 feet. It speeds down the first hill going 72 mph. During the ride you clikity clak up the first hill. As soon as you make it to the bottom you fly back in your seat and go up a 168 foot hill. You eventually go around a pretzel role and through two tunnels. It is approximatly 2 minutes in length. Magnum...JUST RIDE IT!

The Meanstreak, the newest wooden roller coaster at the park. It is also the shakiest. The meanstreak was made in 1993. When it came out there wera alot of complaints about it's shakiness. People were hurting their backs when they got off it. It was promptly corrected and then reoppened. This ride lifts you about 170 feet in the air and drops you going 60 miles an hour on a 60 degree angle. It took about 2 and 1/2 years to build.

Strap in a prepare yourself for a space adventure in seconds. This ride is an indoor ride that you walk in a big building that the line is half the ride. When you walk through the line you get prepd for your flight to HELL. This roller coaster is more like a bobsled. The train is just one thing instead of several mini trains linked to getther. You slide downa a tube instead of rolling on a track. This gives you the feeling of being out-of-control. This truly is a ride you wont soon forget

The Iron Dragon. This ride was a first of its kind. If this ride wouldn't have been created their probably would be no Raptor. This ride is an inverted ride but your legs dont hang out. This ride gives you the feeling of flying instead of rolling on a track. It dips you through a mist that hangs over a little lake. This ride lifts you up 2 hills. The first one is 76 feet and the second one is a 62 foot hill. It has a max speed between 35-40 mph. This ride cost Cedar Point 4 million dollars.

The Gemini. This ride is a definate 1-of-a-kind. This ride has two coasters that ride right next to each other. They race and usually the cart that wins rubs it in on the cart that loses. This ride has a 168 foot hill and drops you going 53 mph. This ride was a record braking coaster when it came out in 1972 but that record was broken by cedar points own MEANSTREAK.

ADULTs STAY OUT. Yes this ride is one ride in the park that the only way an adult can ride is with the accopianment by a child! This ride has only a max speed of 6 mph and it has a lift hill of only 18 feet but this ride is perfect for kids to small to ride the big coasters. This is the ride that will start a future coaster enthusiasts!This ride is located across the midway from its "BIG BROTHER" the gemini!

The Corkscrew. This one of the first upside down roller coaster's in the world. This is also the first ride to use the shoulder straps instead of just a lap bar. It has a lift height of 85 feet. It was constructed in 1976 and going down the first hill it goes 48 mph. People who arent on the ride can walk directly below the corkscrew flip(as seen below). This was one of the cheapest rides at the park at 1.75 million!

Wildcat. This coaster has compact four-passenger cars that maneuver swiftly through sharp turns and frequent dips on the Wildcat. These individual cars create a sensation unlike any other coaster as they accentuate every turn and dive. This very popular coaster has given more than 20 million rides since 1970. This ride is only 50 feet in the air but it has allot of dips and turns. This ride can 900 people an hour!
Cedar Creek Mine Ride. This ride is placed in frontier town. Frontier town is an old fashioned looking village, complete with Fort Sandusky, and even as far as blacksmith shops. This rustic themed ride hurls passenger toward a laoon and twists through sharp spiral turns. It has given more than 51 million rides since 1969. The lift height is 48 feet. It can take about 2,400 riders per hour! Blue Streak. This clickity clackity ride is the oldest existing ride at the park. Built in 1964, it has given 46 million rides. This ride gives you some serious negative G-Forces when it throws you out of your seat when you go over the little dips init. It has speeds up to 40 mph. The first hill is 72 feet with a 45 degree angle.

Well there you have it. The biggest, baddest collection of roller coaster's in the WORLD!!!

What's New At Cedar Point?

After a hot day of riding all of those Roller Coaster's you might wanna go cool off in the water park adjacent to Cedar Point, Soak City! This water park has over a dozen water slides guarenteed to give you a soaking good time. It also has a river that has just enough current to keep you moving in a circle. There is also Renagade River for kids that it takes you through many obstacles. It also has two liquid playgrounds just for little kids. Of Cource when you are at Soak City you will have access to a beautiful lake Erie beach. This Year soak city is adding 6 and a half more acres. Including a gigantic wave pool. Youll swear your swimming in the ocean when you play in the 3 foot waves. There is also a pool where grwon-ups can swim right up to a refreshment bar. Look below for a layout of Soak City and Construction photos of the Wave Pool. On the layout all colored areas are new!


Chaos is the Newest Chance Ride at the park. A chance ride is a ride that is not a roller coaster but it is just like a ride you would see at the state fair. This ride is a 1st-of-a-kind because it can flip you 360 degrees. I have never actually riden this ride so I cant tell you if it is great or not but I am going to Cedar Point in 9 days and I will give you a complete run down with all the details.

Challenge Park!
Also Located adjacent to Cedar Point is Challenge Park. Where you can soar or putt or even race to victory. Challenge Park has a gigantic 18 hole Putt-Putt cource. It has a go-kart track located right under the mammoth Magnum. But the newest and probably most popular attraction at Challenge Park is the RipCord. This Bungee Jump like attraction lifts you up 15 stories while you lay on your stomach on a mat. When you get to the top you are facing at pavement. Then some one pulls a ripcord and you go hurling to he ground. It snags you and you go swinging like Superman. Below is a layout of the Ripcord and a Pic of someone who is experiencing it. Ripcords prices are as follows: If you want to Soar by your self then it is $24.95. If you wanna soar with one other person it is $19.95 a person. If you want to soar with you and two friends it is $14.95 a person. It may be expensive but I think it is worth it.