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Last modified September 21, 1999  

We do aikido, which is a japanese martial art. We've done it for a few years now. We enjoy it very much. It is very beautiful and graceful and effective. It is a defensive martial art primarily.
                                Sean's Aikido Page and some reviews of dojos we have visited

We've also started learning Iaido, a japanese martial art of the sword.

.Animation by Den Beauvais Animation by Den Beauvais Studio   Wood and Steel Seminar
For more information about Japanese Sword Work, see  Kim Taylor's web site on Japanese Sword

We have also taken up Ballroom Dancing. It is a blast. We dance every night when we go on cruises and it's great fun.  I used to teach ballroom dance so I just need some dance-time. Sean has done it informally and is now learning it formally. I really had a good time on my Mediterranean cruise because they have Gentlemen Hosts who will dance with any woman who wants to dance.

We built some ponds in our back yard in 1996...
click for pictures of our ponds!

We have a dog, a cat and several fish.. Our cat Nica died 10/20/97. King, our wonderful Doberman boy, died November 2002. FrapTap, my dear old siamese lady, died in 2002 also. We have a tortie female cat now. Her name is Ubi Do. She is a real character. She loves her mice! We have a dobie girl, Koshi. We got her for Christmas, 1997. Click here for baby pictures of her... Koshi, 8-week old Dobie pup!.
click here to read my memories of Nica and to see pictures of our other pets.

click for a touching story about the Rabbit on the Moon

We have been involved with Zen and Buddhism... .

What do you think, my friend? this is a wonderful Buddhist web site by Tan Chade Meng.

Zen Stories

The Vegetarian Pages Sean is vegetarian although I am not anymore. I do enjoy his cooking though!

What we've been up to:  (click on year for review of that year)




March 29-April 15, 1999:

We went on a cruise to China, South Korea and Japan!  We were on the Nieuw Amsterdam with Holland America and will fly to Hong Kong.  Then off to various parts of China, S. Korea and Japan.  We spent a couple extra days in Osaka after the cruise to get to hang out in Japan some.

I'm in the process of putting my journal from the cruise on here so you can read all about it.  I have to transcribe it from paper though, so I only have a few days written up.  But I'm going to put them out for you and you can keep checking back to see if I have added more.

To read about our trip, click here.

All Summer, 1999:

Sean has been going to IBM AIX classes all over.  He is working on his IBM AIX Certified System Engineer certification.  He's spent a lot of time in San Francisco taking classes and visiting with his brother.  He got to surf a lot while he was out there.  I've been stuck at home looking after the dogs...  I wanted to take a trip to Club Valtur in Morocco for my birthday (Sept 1) but we were too busy.  So we are planning to do it together next spring for our 10th anniversary (along with going to Hawaii).  It's a great deal and there is no surcharge for traveling alone so it's especially good for single people who want to take an interesting trip alone.

November 3-7, 1999:

We are going to Washington, DC for a couple of days of sightseeing and then to the 1999 Aikido-L Seminar.  It will be great to be able to meet the list people in person and train with them.  Great teachers lined up too!

Future places we want to go and things we want to do :

Friends and Family...
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