Katy is the one with red hair, and Lynn is the one who doesn't like to show her face!

Both of us are interested in travel.


I have lived in quite a few places. I have been through Arizona, Oregon, Washington State, Michigan, and Florida. And no matter where I went there was always something new to learn. I am finally residing back in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Which is the Home of the London Bridge. It is the actual bridge from London. It took about 8 Years to tear down, transport, and put together again.


I have traveled some in my day also. When I was 5 years old my parents and I flew to my grandparents in California. Then instead of flying home we went cross country in the motorhome. We hit at least 20 to 25 states. I don't remember much of it because I was really little.

I am originally from Glenwood, New York. My parents are from Whitehall, NY, just outside the Adirondak Mountains. I lived in Glenwood, which is 30 minutes south of Buffalo, for 12 years. I have recently moved to sunny, Lake Havasu City, Arizona less than seven months ago.

I am a starving college student at Mohave Community College. 30,000 college kids come to Havasu every year to party. Two years ago MTV was here. Copper Canyon is 20 miles away and boy is it ever busy around the 3 day weekends. When you come here, don't forget two things: sunscreen and water. You know 130 degrees isn't that hot, but it's hot enough. And to answer your question.....No it is NOT a dry heat! Here are some pics that I found that remind me of travel. These are places that I would love to visit.

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