By:  Tiare Gorospe



            Ryan Casco has been flying for seven years.  His first year was with Northwest and he is currently in his sixth year with United.  He is based out of San Francisco.  He explained some benefits of being a flight attendant and also a couple downfalls, but explained that it all evens out and it’s a lot of fun.  Benefits include, the airlines paying for all expenses when staying in an area, paying for attendants to fly over water, etc.  When coming out of training, a flight attendant must relocate.  This is just one of very few downfalls he explained.


Ryan Casco’s presentation was very enjoyable.  He told us what we wanted to hear.  Before this presentation, I never really took into consideration all the jobs a flight attendant is responsible to do.  In example, they must learn business management, hospitality, chef/busing “tables”(trays), and they are even qualified to do more than what a nurse does.  That is somewhat related to my job, though I think they work harder.  It relates to a flight attendant being that my title is a hula dancer and I have other responsibilities.  Some responsibilities include checking in, greeting, and some times hostess.  It’s incredible how much schooling they must go through, six months in Vancouver, Washington.  Then after that they must go through 7-9 ˝ weeks of training in Chicago to get their wings, which is a very big deal.  It basically means a flight attendant will die for or defend any passenger.


He also gave us tips on job interviews.  One being that if an employer says he/she will get back to you in 4-6 weeks means you’re probably not going to get the job and another tip he gave us was that an interviewer might ask the same question more than once, to find out if you are lying.         


Overall, Ryan Casco’s presentation was enjoyable and yet informational.  It was also admirable to see how much he enjoys his job.