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This page illustrates the type of glass ware I like to collect. I also buy for resale many types of collectibles both usual and unusual, that I place for sale on eBay. If you want to see what I am selling on eBay my name there is also macue.
These have been passed on to me from previous
family generations. The irresident depression
glassware in the center has the pattern name of
Iris and herringbone. The bisquit jar on the left was
found in my grandmother's back yard many years ago.
This is an assortment of favorite glassware
I have collected over the years.
This shelf is in my kitchen. The stoneware are
local advertising from local businesses. Shown
also are pie birds and other collectibles.
I have searched for may years to find these
pieces of Intaglio Sunflower to add to the set
of pitcher and tumblers that were a wedding
present of my Paternal Grandparents.
This is a collection of Pink Cherry Blossom that is a favorite and one
of the first patterns that I have collected. It continues to be a favorite
pattern of everyone. Also shown are a selection of Cambridge nudes
in a variety of colors and items.
My fun collection and also the most economical is the Banana
Sticker collection. Shown here on one of my kitchen cupboard
doors. They have been fun to look for and has given me a good
source of potassium each day.
Want to get in touch with me?
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