Welcome to my CYBER home! Much like my realiy, it's only virtual!
"Excellent" house built by J.W. Applegate!
Tour this site to see what Jay Applegate calls "excellent" construction.
I have reported some potential issues with my house to our Contractor, J.W. Applegate of Jeffersonville, In. He had his lawyer write me a letter that there was nothing wrong with my house. I have linked below the letter from his lawyer and a series of pictures taken of my house. The house is about 3 years old now and I have been reporting issues since the first month or two after we moved in. Since I am not a contractor maybe I don't understand what excellent construction is and that I don't really have any issues to complain about. Hell! What does the customer know anyway. Take a look at my pictures and see what you think. If you are considering having J. W. Applegate build a house for you and you would like to view my home please send an e-mail to bilbo1955@yahoo.com.
Letter from J.w. Applegate's lawyer:
Click here to read a letter to me from J.W. Applegate's attorney that informs me that I don't have any major problems with my house and that it is built in an excelent mannor. Please read the letter and then click on my picture links to see what J.W. Applegate calls excelent construction.
Pictures of my house (SET 1):
1. Basement patio retaining wall.
2. Drip cap around base of house.
3. Sidewalk/Driveway joint seperation.
Pictures of my house (SET 2):
6 Pictures of the trim around the roof of the house.

Pictures of my house (SET 3):
6 Pictures of the door frames that are on our house.

More to come, page still under construction.
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