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Commode Minstrels in Bullface

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Movie project

Commode Minstrels are producing a film titled "Fantastic Picnic". The following is a sneak preview. We will only tell you the opening of each scene. Since you have certainly been on picnics, you can probably figure out the rest of the scenes for yourself.

The script for "Fantastic Picnic" was begun in 1991, and the musical score was completed in 1996.

Scene 1. Picnic begins with the Franklin basket picnic set unfolding with worm demons appendages pulling the attached blanket into place.

Scene 2. The Chumps show up riding attached cloth muscles and slick silver army hats/heads under their lightning faces.

Scene 3. Ship Meal rocks on a small eiffel tower precariously blanced on a rock which is sitting on a marble.

Scene 4. Provider Horse is brushing his concrete legs with some rusty rakes on the picnic cloth.

Scene 5. The Dane sits down in the middle of the picnic area under wood masked chimneys which have been installed for this story telling.

Scene 6. Fifties Hubcap has the river dredged with a fishook device that retrieves the bodies of the cowboys.

Scene 7. Across the river, the Willwigs are tapping the water with their power company shoes which launch yellow lightening bolts at lily pads floating by, transforming them into hairy pancakes with miniature cities clustered around the edges.

As you can see, it's a festive affair. If you purchase the Commode Minstrels LP titled "Fantastic Picnic", you can read the rest of the script.

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