Newly renovated in 1998, the New Tomorrowland features new adventures and old alike. Plan on spending a lot of time here because kids & preteens love it and there's lots to do.



Astro Orbitor
Formerly known as The Rocket Jets, this totally renovated and moved ride is quite simple really: spin around in a rocket. Dumbo in Space.
USUAL WAIT: 15 minutes at peak times

Rocket Rods
Quite possibly the disappointment of the decade, this "geez-it-looks-SOOO-cool!" ride is actually a big TWO THUMBS WAY WAY DOWN. Most people wait about 90 minutes for it to get off saying, "Why did I wait for THAT?!?" It's ok-cool the first time, and it goes 35mph and does wheelies, but face it, the PeopleMover was just more fun.
USUAL WAIT: 90 minutes at peak times
Rocket Rods is a
FASTPASS attraction.

Star Tours
presented by Energizer
Get ready to go on leisurely trip to the moon of Endor compliments of Star Tours travel agency, run by C3PO and R2D2. You board your Starspeeder 3000 (a simluator) and your inexperienced pilot, Rex, tries to get you to where you want to be. But, say it with me, SOMETHING GOES TERRIBLY WRONG when Rex can't find the brakes. To make a long story short, you end up in the Death Star trench in battle with the Empire. You never do make it to Endor!
USUAL WAIT: 45 minutes at peak times
Note: This is a very rough simulator, so expectant mothers, people with back, neck, or heart problems, and people prone to motion sickness should opt out on this one.

The American Space Experience
This small yet entertaining exhibit details the history of NASA. 'Nuff said.

Cosmic Waves
This is what we call the "SmartFountain". Tons of kiddies love playing in this cool fountain, trying to get to the middle (where a huge rolling ball sits) without getting SOAKED. Bring some extra clothes!

presented by Kodak
A carbon copy of the 3D movie seen at Epcot in Walt Disney World, this is one of the most fun and most terrifying movies you'll evere experience. Rampaging mice harass your legs, The theater MOVES, and top it all off, you get shrunk my the mad scientist Wayne Szalinski. It's all a lot of fun, and has a nifty hologram poster at the entrance!

Space Mountain
presented by Fedex
An ultra-cool out of this world roller coaster ride through, as Angelica Pickles says, "OUTSIDE SPACE!!" You board your own 12-seater rocket and blast off into oblivion, and all the while a really spiffy soundtrack blasts in your ears. No loops (this is Disneyland, remember?), just lots of drops (no biggies), twists & turns. It's a great ride!
USUAL WAIT: 30 minutes at peak times
Space Mountain is a FASTPASS attraction.

Remember The Carousel of Progress? America Sings? Well, after America Sings closed in 1988, the Carousel Theater was converted to an office building. Until now. Inside, Innoventions awaits curious guests. Here you can try out gadgets & gizmos that will soon be part of your life. Our host is Tom Morrow (note: this is not a show, it is a walkthrough attraction), an Audio-Animatronic with an uncanny resemblance to The Timekeeper in Walt Disney World, sings a differently worded version of "There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" and does a short comic preshow. Tidbit: Tom Morrow is voiced by Nathan Lane (a.k.a. Timon in The Lion King). Companies with exhibits include General Motors, Honeywell, and Kaiser Permanente.
USUAL WAIT: 5-10 minutes at peak times

The Starcade
Located near the Space Mountain exit, this is just another place to spend money on crummy games. Hey, they even charge 50 more than a normal arcade! What a deal!
USUAL WAIT: It's a flippin' arcade. You tell me.

The Disneyland Monorail
Get your hand stamped, board The Monorail, and head on over to The Disneyland Resort Hotels Monorail Station and what eventually will be Downtown Disney. The Hotels offer some nice stuff like Hook's Pointe, Goofy's Kitchen, The PCH Grill and Fantasy Waters. Downtown Disney will offer The Rainforest Cafe, Cirque du Soleil, The House of Blues and The World of Disney store. Not really an attraction, but hey, it's there, so I put it here!
USUAL WAIT: 15 minutes at peak times

The Disneyland Railroad
See Main Street, U.S.A. If you would like to see the Grand Canyon and Primeval World dioramas, this is the best place to board for a quick trip. You can get off from here at Main Street, New Orleans Square/Frontierland, and Mickey's Toontown/Fantasyland stations.
USUAL WAIT: 5 minutes at peak times

Autopia 2000
presented by Chevron
Coming next summer, the all new Autopia will be twice as long and full of little surprises. You will be able to choose from four different kinds of vehicles: an SUV, a sports car, the classic Autopia car, and one other car undetermined. Stay tuned!

Live Shows!

Observatron & Radio Disney Broadcast Studio
At the end of Tomorrowland's main drag, where The Rocket Jets used to be, on top of The PeopleMover station, on top of The Lunching Pad, lies The Observatron, on top of The Rocket Rods station, on top of The Radio Disney Broadcast Studio. The Observatron is a big, large satellite thingy that lights up and does a little dance thingy to some pretty cool music. At The Studio, from 1pm-6pm every Monday-Friday, "The Just Plain Mark & Zippy Show" broadcasts live.
USUAL WAIT: For what?

Tomorrowland Terrace Stage
This, "Whoa look honey! The stage comes out of the ground!" theater doubles as a restaurant, aptly named The Tomorrowland Terrace, and numerous bands, choirs and groups perform here throughout the day.
USUAL WAIT: None. See Guidemap for times.


None. No characters. Isn't that sad? Every once in awhile Buzz Lightyear has been spotted.....keep your eyes peeled!


Premiere Shop
Ever heard of "Disneyland Forever"? It's the world's first CD On Demand system where you can make a CUSTOM Disneyland CD! All you have to do is walk up to one of the kiosks here at The Premiere Shop, select 10 tracks (ride soundtracks, parades, area music, everything is on here!) and touch BUY CD. Dish out $20 to the cashier, and in 20 minutes, your CD will be available. Pretty nifty huh? You can also use Disneyland Forever at the 20th Century Music Co. shop on Main Street. Other merchandise inlcudes CDs, and typical Park stuff.

The Star Trader
The best place in Disneyland to buy Mini Bean Bags! Also, this is the place for Star Wars stuff, Tomorrowland merchandise, and just about everything else. Inbetween The Starcade and Star Tours.

This is relatively small establishment between The Autopia 2000 and Innoventions that has guest nametags, lots of hats, and pins, etc.


The Spirit of Refreshment
hosted by Coca-Cola
This is a small Coke stand near Cosmic Waves where the Coke bottle is supposed to fly out of the hole in the cart into the Cast Member's hands. Unfortunately, this effect rarely works. Look for the Hidden Mickey on the front of the cart. $

Redd Rockett's Pizza Port
Redd Rockett's, in the original plans for The New Tomorrowland, is where Alien Encounter was supposed to be, but the Imagineers decided to put in the Pizza Port instead. Don't worry, you didn't miss much. The ride is in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Anyway, this restaurant can get VERY expensive, so watch the price tags. The food is excellent though....try the pastas! $$$

Tomorrowland Terrace
This is a counter service joint that serves sandwiches mostly. If you walk by and see an odd sculpture sitting in front of the station, that's the stage. When a show is about to start, the stage comes out of the ground. Pretty nifty to watch. $$


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