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release date|19. May 2002  
size|992 kB  
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A Visualization-Plugin for Winamp 2, Winamp 5, Media Jukebox, ModPlug, etc. which supports user-definable skins (in the future) and visualization-animations (already now!!).

On this site, X-Plugin is available as Zip-Archives which then contain the Executables with a very simple installation procedure.

This version 1.0.1 of X-Plugin is no beta version any more. The screen areas show vis-animations: X-Plugin supports most Milkdrop presets (Milkdrop is a plugin by Mr. Ryan Geiss). I recommend to install Geiss's Milkdrop plugin, too, because it contains so many presets that X-Plugin automatically will load.

Note: Since X-Plugin has its own rendering implementation, it acts a bit different as Milkdrop does. Especially X-Plugin does not support all features of Milkdrop. So don't be confused if some of the presets look a bit (or even completely) different with X-Plugin than they do with Milkdrop.
In the other way, X-Plugin contains some features (like rendering Spectrum analyzers etc.) which Milkdrop does not support.

  • Needs DirectX 8.0 or higher (especially for 3D animations in a future version)
  • Supports hardware acceleration in all types of graphical animations.
  • Supports any number of plugin-windows at any size and position.
  • Supports Add-On-Window- and In-Window-plugin-windows.
  • Supports non-rectangular windows. Especially on Windows 2000, you can use semi-transparent (layered) windows to smooth the edges. Unfortunately layered windows will decrease performance dramatically. I recommend not to enable them!
  • Includes a first version of the X-Plugin Designer Studio that allows handling Designs. In this early version, only some few operations have been integrated.
  • etc...

Remarks on Winamp 5:
With Winamp 5, X-Plugin does work, but it will be shown only if you have selected an old Winamp 2 skin for the player instead of one of the new Modern Skins.

Beside downloading X-Plugin from winsite, you can also get it from winamp's plugins collection here.

Note: If the download does not work, go onto www.winsite.com, click on the "Search WinSite" link and search for "Roman Komary"