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During my net search for info on the 3rd Division Kiwis  I came across  the following pages with information relative to understanding WWII in the Solomons and the Pacific. Only the rare reference to Kiwis in the Solomons. Please let me know of any other relevant sites.

New Zealand Links

Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War 1939–45 The Pacific. By Oliver Gillespie. Click on "Next  Section" to make your way through this long series of pages.

Kiwis in Armour, account of Green Island engagement,    Feb., 1944 and use of tanks there.

Artillery units
Mentions 3rd Division Artillery units.

Contains links re NZ military involvements from 19 C up to more recent times. Links re medals & war graves.

NZ Govt. military history site.  A book review has good broad overview of NZ entry into and progress through WWII.

Account of sinking of IJN submarine I-1 off northern Guadalcanal January 1943 by corvettes HMNZS Kiwi and Moa.    http://www.combinedfleet.com/I-1.htm

IJN submarine recce's off NZ May 1942 incl flight by Glen flying boat over Auckland before attack on Sydney.

Pictures of Glen seaplane and I-25 showing hangar. (this page says it was I-25 that recc'ed Auckland.

IJN submarine recce's off NZ Jan 1943

Picture of  corvettes HMNZS Kiwi  and Moa

General page Pacific War

Includes account of sinking of IJN submarine I-1 at Guadalcanal by NZ corvettes HMNZS Kiwi &  Moa.

Page saying the HMNZS Kiwi built 1941 was sold for breaking up in Auckland in 1960's.

Overseas Links

Found this page describing Australian action on Bougainville, after the Kiwis had left the area in 1944.  Very extensive selection of WWII links.

3rd US Marine Division pages, they fought on Guadalacanal in 1942.

Detailed account of US counter invasion of Guadalcanal August 1942 to early 1943 when the Japanese pulled off the island.  First instance of the Japanese  ground advance being turned back.  Long page, packed with interest,  lots of images but slow site so make a coffee as it loads, on second thought, take a meal break. It is worth the wait.

Written by historian John M. Millar, Univ. of Iowa.  Section on Gen.  MacArthur and US campaign to take the Admiralty Islands in early 1944. Around end of NZ involvement in early 1944.  Mention of Kiwis at Green Island.

Lots of maps of  Australia and SW Pacific pinpointing WWII airfields.  Helped me find Green Island.

Unit pages for US Seabees (Naval construction units) that were on Guadalcanal

New web pages for the 93rd Seabees who were on Green island. Original diaries, masses of reading in downloadable pdf's..

By historian Robert W. Coakley, good overview of WWII and strategy  in Pacific and mention of 3rd Division in Solomons.

All about 323 USMC Squadron flying the F4U Corsair fighter aircraft.

Unit pages about US Navy guys who flew the Catalina ( PBY ) . flying boats.

About the B25 Mitchell bomber (PBJ)  flown by USMC, like a mother in law they say, "dumpy, dependable and loud"
Ted Rundall tells me USMC Squadron VMB-423 flew the PBJ from the Green island airstrip in 1944. See strip in my photos page.

Nihon Kaigun, huge site with comprehensive information on the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), accounts of WWII battles, descriptions of ships. A glimpse of how good the net can be.  Pick a time when the family are not nagging you to get off the computer.

Day by day thru month.

Another day by day account

Accounts of SW Pacific campaigns

Accounts of Solomons naval actions 1942

Summary accounts WWII naval actions

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