Illustrations of 3rd Division and American units, people and places 1940-44 
  Papakura  Camp 1940 dated.
   Queen Street AK December 1940 Dated on back
  Camp scene possible Whau Valley near Whangarei
   Bush kitchen ditto   from maybe Whau Valley
     Group at Trentham Camp 1941 from the Degan's
  My father in camp with three mates.    They just get through the depression then along comes the mother of all wars.  Hardly the lucky generation.
   Large group labelled F Coy, I.T.B. Papakura 1941 good quality photo, 2 images,     left hand side, right hand side. Photo by Coxon)
   The steamer Monowai which carried elements of the 14 Brigade to Fiji, embarking on 2 January 1942

Various shots from 14 Bde. in Fiji, several have stamp of Lautoka shop on back

Outside club, mess or HQ ?

  Guys not young having cuppa in  bivvy
  With truck
  Beach wire
  Neatly done paling lined pit cam-netted ,  Bure hut in background
  Sandbags near beach cam-netted
  Indian ladies preparing foodstuffs
  On leave after Fiji, Sam with cousin Carole and I. 
  Group from 8 Bde. at barracks near Suva 1942. from the Degan's
  Papakura Camp barracks layout 1942 from the Degan's
  From 14 Bde a  group in front of new Bure like canvassed bush hut. Possibly New Caledonia or even early in Solomons because of US style caps on some and more young guys. Also square mess tins, were they US issue ? Any ideas on date ? I think this was 14 Bde MMG Company, any comments ?
  Photos of 3 Div. on exercises in and leaving New Caledonia from Weekly News late 1943  Unloading from landing craft
   Four guys in 5 star bunks on troopship. Drivers L.Wilson (Otahuhu), D.E. Sklenars (Hamilton), W.J. Doherty (Wellington) and Pte D. Hodgkinson (Wellington)
Kiwis waiting and playing cards; Sam said Crown and Anchor was played on troopships
  Race meeting in New Caledonia, fun was not forgotten. I have the race book
  Group on troopship
  On water out to troopship
   Group waiting to load near wharf New Caledonia, nickel plant in background
   Landing craft with troopship in background
  Poetry from Kiwi News Sheet Number 18, July 14, 1943
 Three photos plus script on back 'Corvette, P.O.s Mess, HMNZS Kiwi torpedoed (all lost) Chiefs & P.O.s"  (2 photos,  plus  script plus photo).         I have several links to HMNZS Kiwi and Moa and the IJN submarine I-1 that they sunk in January 1943.   The ref.  on the back of the photo 2 to "...torpedoed (all lost)" is so far an enigma because the HMNZS Kiwi is recorded as being sold for scrap in Auckland in 1960's. See links.

  Photos of troops in Solomon's from newspapers or Weekly News  late '43  Guys #1  Guys #2   Guys #3
 Detailed Solomons map used by COMSOPAC air patrols made by 1st Avn. Eng. Bn May 1943. North sheet and south sheet. Many place names and airfield locations.
US Army (G-2) intelligence map (~A3 size) of Solomon's and Rabaul showing enemy shipping in early November 1943 at time of USMC landings at Empress Augusta Bay, Bougainville and USN carrier air strikes on Rabaul. Indicates enemy landings in opposition just north of Empress Augusta Bay and IJN battleship on prudent way north away from Rabaul.  East sheet and west sheet
  Christmas card 1943 sent to my father Sam Hughes from workmates at Milne & Choyce; signatures 1      signatures 2
 Christmas card 1943 sent home by Sam with many signatures on back
  Four guys Green Island March '44. Dated on back. Does anybody recognize  Sgt.(Scone) Holden (ex Timaru ) in this group ?  Does anybody know if he is alive ?       It would be fantastic to hear from him.  Some photos of mates of Sam that did not make it home, kept in Sam's pay book.  He was with Pat Beban at the end on Green Island.   Scanned pages from the official history 2 NZEF IP, Tanks, MMG's & Ordnance,  describing the 20 Feb 1944 engagements on Green Island. 121::::122::::123::::124::::125::::126
The top row are 35 Btn guys, Eric Baker was killed in the Middle east. Hope it makes us think.
Brian Beban a nephew of Pat Beban (row above) has recounted how with his father Artie they organized a Roll of Honour plaque listing Greymouth area 1939-45 servicemen who did not return. On 18 May 2007 this plaque was placed on the base of the band rotunda in the Greymouth War Memorial Park.  It is thanks to the Mayor that the plaque could be placed at all because apparently the local RSA  were concerned the list might not be complete.  Is 60 odd years not long enough chaps,  for you to figure out how ,many of your mates did not return ?

 Page of casualty photos from Weekly News 27 October 1943. Also photos of recipients of  awards / medals, scroll down two thirds of page.

  Green Island airstrip constructed in 1944 after 35 Btn cleared the island. Sent by Ted Rundall, US Marine Corps  flier with  VMB-423 flying  PBJ's, B25 Mitchell medium bombers. Photo taken by A.F. (Al) Ueckert, Pilot, VMB-423 in early 1945.  You can pick out some USN Catalina flying boats in mid left and some B25's closer, smaller aircraft in distance are Corsairs. Green Is. looking southerly, Sirot Is on right.

 First of six segments of  Green Island (Nissan Is) map of the eastern side of Green Island with the airstrip in the north (scans 1 and 2) The six scans run from north to south.  Much detail is shown including various US and NZ unit locations and buildings, camps, installations etc. Susan Connor who has her 93rd SeaBees web site sent these in.  The original  map is in the CEC/Seabee Museum, NAVFAC Historian’s Office, Port Hueneme, CA and was scanned into a pdf file, thanks to Ken Bingham a
volunteer at the Museum and Carol March,  a historian.
I have generated these Map 1 to 6 jpg files using "screen dumps", obviously resolution has been lost in this process but the files are only 50 to 80 KB.  Map 1 shows fuel dumps north of the airstrip.

I have also worked nights to extract a series of large jpg files Full Map 1 to 6, these range from ~400 to 700 KB and have much more detail but of course they take longer to load.

  Second map with more airstrip and camps detail.  As time permits I will add annotations to these maps.

Full Map 2

  Various camps and installations on map 3

Full Map 3

  Map 4  shows the easterly point

Full Map 4

  Map 5  shows a dock area

Full Map 5

  Map 6 shows the South East point of Green Island.

Full Map 6

  Water colour of Green Island jungle by D.L. Chambers of 3rd Division, sent in by Susannah who has created the website (see links) about the 93rd Sea Bees who carried out construction works on Green Island and the Pacific. Includes mach material from her father's diaries.
  Watercolour of Green Island airstrip painted by Hans Albert Nemoede of the 93rd Seabees, also sent in by  Susannah.
  Some currencies & oddities. NZ 1 cent chit, Fiji 1 shilling note, Fiji 5 shilling note, 10 Yen note
  Men of 93rd Seabees at their mock drugstore, Hollywood & Vine mid 1944.
   Barflies at Duffy's Tavern, late 44. 
   Seabees in native village
  Seabee shaving with help of monkey
  Two Seabees relaxing in their shelter mid 1944

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