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Hot Keys

An advanced, Age Of Empires wide strategy.

The hot keys are very helpful in games, especially when you are playing someone with almost the same skill as you. They are even more helpful if you remember them all. You cannot remember everyone today, but start practicing using them in your next game. Please refer to the color chart for the unit hot keys.

An explaination of hotkeys: Hot keys, as said above, are very helpful. Here are how they work on this file. When there is a '+', it means you must press them together. When there is a ',', it means you must press one and then press the other one(s) after.

Villager Tasks

Building/Structure Hot Key
House B, E
Barrack B, B
Granary B, G
Storage Pit B, S
Dock B, D
Archery Range B, A
Stable B, L
Farm B, F
Tower B, T
Wall B, W
Market B, M
Government Center B, C
Temple B, P
Siege Workshop B, K
Academy B, Y
Wonder B, O

Unit Actions

Unit(s) Action Hot Key
Villagers Build B*
Villagers Repair R
All Stop S
All Combat Units Stand Ground D
Siege Units Attack Ground T
Priests Heal E
Priests Convert C
All Group G
Ungroup Ungroup U

*B is already added to villager tasks.

Buildings and Training Units

Building Hotkey Unit Hot Key
Town Center H/CTRL+N Villager C
Barrack CTRL+B Clubman/Axeman T
Swordsman/Legion S
Dock CTRL+D Fishing Boat/Ship F
Trading Ship R
Transport T
Scout/War Galley/Trireme R
Catapult Trireme/Juggernaut C
Archery Range CTRL+A Bowman T
Improved/Composite Bowman A
Chariot Archer R
Horse/Heavy Horse Archer C
Elephant Archer E
Stable CTRL+L Scout S
Chariot R
Cavalry/Cataphract C
War Elephant E
Temple CTRL+P Priest T
Siege Workshop CTRL+K Stone Thrower/Catapult C
Ballista/Heliopolis B
Academy CTRL+Y Hoplite/Phalanx/Centurion T


Grouping is very useful when fighting battles with multiple units. In fact, you do not have to group combat units, you can group buildings and villagers too. Here is a table explaining how to group.

Technique Hot Key
Group Units Select units, press CTRL+#
Select Group #
Select Group centered on screen ALT+#
Add units to group #, SHIFT+new units, CTRL+#

# = Group Number(0-9)

There are also grouping techniques. You should group one kind of units or one army of units. It's good to group a few/all villagers so in case of a fatal attack, you may select the group to run. It's more effective then scrolling fast across the screen looking for remaining villagers. Another technique is to group upgrade buildings. They do not have hot keys so it's very hard for you to find your upgrade buildings and click on the building and click on the technology. This does it for you. Last but not least(pherhaps the most useful), you may group your military buildings. The advantage of this is that when you are in battle, even if you have your combat units grouped, it's very hard to press CTRL+K at once, so group each kind of your military buildings. When you are in battle, press # and the buildings will be selected. To train units, press the hot key for the unit you want to train, press TAB for the next building in the group, press the hot key, and keep going until you have enough. When the finished training sound comes on, be sure to press # again and start training.

Other Techniques

Place multiple farms by grouping a few villagers and press B+F(farm building). Hold SHIFT as you place each farm and the farms will be laid out as you commanded them. This technique is very useful since you do not have to press B+F for every farm you build.

Color Chart

Color Meaning
Red Rise Of Rome Only. Never before avaliable for Age Of Empires. NOT USED YET
Green Full Version Unit. No matter if unit is new in Rise Of Rome.
Blue Avaliable in Rise Of Rome Trial, but not avaliable in Age Of Empires Trial. Is avaliable in Age Of Empires Full Version.

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