1998--Back Row: Rick Allen, Craig Watkins, Elaine Tomko-DeLuca, Mike DeLuca, Jim Bauer, Scott Smith, Rick Coder, Bob DeMarle

Front Row: Andy Zibuck, Mike Bowen, Gordon Penniston (me), Dave Wong

We used to be the company team for a publisher in Rochester, NY, circa 1994.

In 1996, corporate doublespeak broke loose and funding disappeared.

Thus, we christened ourselves Lost Corporate Patronage. On the good side, we had a lot more fun making jokes about our employer. Thus, our unofficial name was BB (ask Scott Smith on that one). Another good thing is that we went to the playoffs and placed third. A memorable moment was during a season-ending tournament, when Mike Bowen really gave up part of his body for the team (never insist on playing third, kids).

1997: We have a new name, Those Guys. Another memorable season, as we won the final bunch of games of the season and again squeaked by to make it to the playoffs (three teams with the same record, but we beat the other two). Again, we placed third, but this time was different: They gave a huge ass trophy to honor that great event!

1998 Team: Back Row: Mike DeLuca, Scott Smith, Craig Watkins, Bob DeMarle, Jim Bauer, Craig Burgler, Andy Klun, Rick Allen, Elaine Tomko-DeLuca

Front Row: Gordon Penniston (me, with hair), Mike Bowen, Dave Wong

1998: Hey! Some one paid most of our way! Dr's Inn decided to sponsor us, and what a great sponsor. They paid for the balance of the fall league, and what they didn't pay, they made a deal: If we showed up and drank there, they'd give us a bar tab for the amount they didn't pay. By the time the party showed up, they finally got a kitchen as well, and we had all sorts of fun, ate Sir Robin's minstrels, and rejoiced!

1999: We had a great year of fun, although we dipped below the Mendoza line to 4-6 for the Summer. Dr's Inn kept us going during the summer, but afterwards it got too smoky, too noisy, and most of all, they didn't give us shirts. The fall league was a bit more fun, even though we paid our own way, especially when it came to playing football afterwards!

2000: Welcome to a few new things! First off, because the fields at Cobbs Hill were still damaged by the installation of lights and weren't up to snuff, we have made our way into the Henrietta league. Also, we have a new sponsor, the Empty Mug, on West Henrietta Road. Its friendly enough and we encourage all to patronize it!

2001: We started off at the Empty Mug, but then they shafted us by never saving seats for us.  We then started on our odyssey which rivaled Ulysses (well, not quite).  A 5-5 record paved the way.

2002:  Our journeys continued.  A 1-9 record belied the other fun our team had, as we had a wedding (Scott & Tara) and a farewell to Baltimore (Again, Scott & Tara).  We spent a lot of time at MacGregor's downtown.  Fallball proved much better as we went 4-2.

2003:  Thanks to JB Quimby's, we have a home.  The start of the season looks promising, so here we go!

Bring On The Beer!