Collection of Kannada proverbs:
Proverbs, in my opinion, give a deeply penetrative insights about the society it belongs to. I think it will be a valuable resource for the online Kannadiga community. Work is also in progress to annotate these proverbs with English commentary so that non-Kannadigas who are interested can also benefit from the effort. The help of the online community to enlarge this collection will be appreciated. Please send me any other proverbs you can think of (Email : and I'll be happy to include them in this collection.

If you have Baraha fonts installed you can view the HTML version of this document. If not you can still see the collection in the following GIF image files.

This collection was compiled by my cousin Charu Balaganchi. She is (at the time of writing: March, 2000) a 7th grader from Thirthalli, Shimoga. My only job was to "HTMLize" her collection and put it online.

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