A Submissive's BDSM Checklist

Basic philosophy of SSC (= Safe Sane Consensual) underlies all negotiations.

Answer all that may apply to you. If something does not apply to you just leave it blank. Indicate the one's you know roughly the answers to as to you willingness and arousal and need. If you are unsure either leave it blank or enter a comment or "?". This serves as a quick way to initial negotiations between subbie and dom/me.
DONE IT: tick which activities you have done before
- 0 is a hardlimit,meaning you will not submit to this at all (at least as far as you know at this time)
- 1 is a soft limit, which means that you may be able to be convinced to submit to the activity
- 2 means you will submit, probably reluctantly, you may need restraint, and require further convincing to cooperate
- 3 means will submit without question (...mostly)
AROUSAL : '-' means a turn off, 0 is zero arousal one way or the other, '+' means this activity arouses you
BDSM NEED/WANT: 0 means it does nothing for you, 1 means it satisfies a bdsm need/want, 2 means it satisfies a bdsm need/want to a high degree.

There are four parts to the check list
Checklist4subpart1-Unclassified categories
Checklist4subpart2-Bondage categories
Checklist4subpart3-Fetish/medical categories
Checklist4subpart4-Pain/Sex categories

Acknowledgements: These checklists were put together with the help of several other lists (there are many) on the web. Any suggestions, additions would be great! you can either email me or put the suggestion into the forms themselves, they get sent to my email :)

Warmest Regards,