There were times when I wanted to send a message to my colleagues on local network about a greeting, good wishes or just generally sending any casual information about some new software utility or tool that we have developed during some relaxing time at development section. It was terrible to send information one by one & I did not want to use the broadcast address. For example if I only want to send messages to Development section which are on 172.16.25.x range or accounts on 172.16.10.x range

This utility was designed to help the above process reduce to minimum manual effort


IP range : type any IP range to include in the list, or click the empty list to select a tab delimited text file from which to pick ranges. messages will broadcast on these ranges

Clear : To clear all ranges from the list

Node range : Which nodes in the range, you want to send message to. message will go to only these nodes in all listed ranges

Threads : Since this is a threaded tool, using threads will be faster processing. This was not tested on more than 10 threads, which were sufficient for the purpose

Ping timeout : Before sending the message, this tool sends a ping (ICMP Echo) to the IP address and only send message to machines that are online

Message : Your message here

Plain box on right side will show results of your net send activity

It also generates text files for each range & logs the activity in detail



Kindly report any bugs or suggestions to the author at ram@macsolutionsindia.com

Ram Kumar
Mac Solutions, New Delhi, India