A Quilt Story

Once upon a time there was a family with seven daughters. All were charming and fair and very close to their family, especially their Grandmother. She was a wise, delightful woman who had taken the time to be with each grand daughter and loved each one immensely.

When the eldest daughter turned twenty, the Grandmother showed up early in the day to greet her with a beautiful package--a large box covered in white shiny paper and a sparkling gold bow. The Granddaughter ripped open the package hastily and uncovered a priceless treasure. Underneath the tissue was a linen quilt hand-stitched with homemade lace, appliqué, and with her name embroidered in silk. All of the daughters were amazed and the birthday girl cried as she hugged her Grandmother who had put so much time and love into this masterpiece.

As the years passed, each girl received a quilt on her 20th birthday. Most of the granddaughters cherished the gift but several took it for granted and neglected to care for it as they should. But the next to the youngest daughter, who had quite a special relationship with her grandmother, longed for the day she turned twenty. She had spent hours dreaming of her quilt and sharing her plans with her grandmother. She planned to save her gift for her wedding day and then to use it on her first bed. Later she would pass it on to her children and they would pass it on to the next generation.

Finally the big day arrived, her 20th birthday. Sure enough the doorbell rang and in walked her beloved grandparent. But instead of a big beautiful box, she had something unexpected in her arms… two long wooden beams and a stack of material. With a warm hug, she whispered to the child, "I have something extra special for you!" The granddaughter felt her face flush and her heart sink - where was her quilt? The Grandmother explained, "I want to teach you so many things, not just about quilting but I want this time together to share with you the wisdom of my years. Let's work on this together." The young girl feigned appreciation, took the gift, and quickly went to her room where she sobbed uncontrollably. She was so angry and disappointed. She threw the quilt frame and scraps into the corner, covered them with an old blanket and vowed that she would never accept this.

There were so many questions running through her mind. Why did her grandmother pick on her? She hadn't made the others work for their quilt. Did she really consider this a gift? And the other sisters- ugh. It seemed they would all feel sorry for her now. Why? Why? Why? When she was the one who had taken care of her grandmother last spring? Why, when one of her sisters had even lost her gift at college last year? Worse yet, as the days wore on, no one seemed to understand and she avoided it all - the items under the blanket in the corner and her grandmother, who visited often asking her when they could get started…

There is no ending - yet. It is up to you. The moral of the story is that many women receive the beautiful gift of a child and take it for granted or even abuse it. When we conceive it is natural to expect what everyone else receives, a healthy child. But for whatever reason we were chosen. You were chosen to be the mother of your child. God is offering you not only the gift of a child but also a time of intimate training, guided by His loving hand. He wants you to sit down with Him and the scraps and He'll show you how to piece them together.

Copyright © 1999 by Teale Fackler and Gwen Kik