Where does life come from?

Perhaps we may understand the biology of human conception. But what of the soul? What role does God play in our lives and the lives of our children?

Gen. 2:7


Deut. 32:39



Ps. 139:13-16



List the four things God does for us as written in Is. 46:3-4 :





How long will he do these things?


At what point was God upholding your baby?



After Mary conceived Jesus, she went to stay with her cousin Elisabeth, who was pregnant with John the Baptist. Read Luke 1:26-46 and write out what happened when Mary greeted her cousin:


In verse 41, what caused John to leap within his mother’s womb?


How could John have known the child Mary was carrying was his Savior?


Jer. 1:5




Who formed your baby within your womb?


At what point was God upholding your baby (see above Is. 46:3-4)?



"…our spirits - the essence of our life- exist from conception & beyond for our eternal lifetime."

Jack Hayford, I'll Hold You in Heaven (1986)


What does this quote mean to you?



Write the words to the song " Jesus Loves Me" below:







" They are weak, but He is strong…" Your child may have been weak physically, but your baby was formed by God!

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