Well, folks, it finally happened...

threeguysinabasement.tk, as an active, breathing domain, is no more. After two years with the domain, we felt that it was time to grow up a little bit. Not necessarily by choice, mind you, but we also have moved servers and, in order to continue using the old domain name, we would have had to pay for it. Not that we didn't pay for this new one, but we felt that, if we're going to pay for one why not just make the jump and get a .com? Especially since the price was $2 less a year. Which is nice because that's almost a free DP Dough!

If you're a frequent visitor to the site, you'll notice a couple of changes. The first of which is that we're running a new blogging software for our news page. There exist a couple of reasons for this but the biggest was that, for some reason, the MySQL dump of the "old" Bit5Blog software had syntax errors that prevented me from restoring the data into a new database. That's okay, though, because there wasn't anything too terribly important in it and, additionally, there is a lot more functionality in this software that wasn't in the other one. Still, though, I was and continue to be partial to Bit5Blog and I would recommend it to anybody looking for good blogging software.

Another change is that the store databases have been completely wiped. This isn't that big of a deal except that anybody who had signed up for an account with The Basement Shop will have to sign up again to place an order. I apologize for this and I had hoped to not force anybody to have to sign up again. At any rate, that's really all that's going on there. I just have to rebuild all the products that were offered which, hopefully, will not take that long.

On a side note I'd just like to say that Tox rules.

Take care all and I hope that all of you will enjoy the changes as much as I do.


PS -> GeoCrappies sucks...