Dr. Charles Thomas Clayton

Christmas in Prison

As you've probably heard before, psychological depression generally tends to occur more often and more strongly around the holidays. And, as you could probably guess, being in prison over the holidays doesn't exactly improve matters. I only did it once, and it was right after I had gone in, so it wasn't too bad, but it still wasn't exactly fun.

Well, Dr. Charles Thomas Clayton, whom some of us know as "Dr. Tom," is about to be spending Christmas in prison--not for the first time, and not for the last. He won't be doing any Christmas shopping, and won't be having a Christmas dinner with his family. He'll be spending Christmas in a cage, as a political prisoner, for having told the truth about the federal income tax.

Now, it's very easy to feel forgotten while in prison, mainly because it's very easy to BE forgotten while in prison. The rest of us have our busy lives, and it's just not all that fun--during the holidays or at any other time--to think about the people who have been wrongfully imprisoned. Well, if you think it's frustrating and infuriating to think about such injustice, consider how it feels to
be the VICTIM of such injustice.

Dr. Tom selflessly sacrificed, for the cause of truth, more time, effort and money than most of you will ever know. In fact, he has done more to spread the truth about the "income tax" fraud than just about anyone I know (including myself), all without any hope of ever being repaid. For that, the American tyrants decided he should be caged for five years. Keeping that in mind, I want EACH of you to do one or more of the following:

1) Write Dr. Tom a letter, even if all it says is that you're thinking of him, and you appreciate what he did. You can't send money, or really anything else to the address, except for magazines. (Soft-cover books may or may not make it through.) But even a really short, hand-scribbled note is a lot better than nothing. (Know that all mail into and out of prisons may be read by prison staff.) Here is the address for sending Tom mail:

Charles Thomas Clayton, Reg. #06269-078
FCI Bastrop
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 1010
Bastrop, TX  78602

2) Send a few bucks to Dr. Tom's commissary fund in prison, from which he can buy snacks, necessities, and a few other little things. Funds can be sent for that purpose via mail or Western Union, and the web page below explains how:


You'll need to know the name of the recipient (Charles Thomas Clayton) and his inmate registration number (06269-078) to send money.

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