Letter to Lt. Von Rader

Lt. Von Rader

 Recently I had (just) cause to complain about being offered non-Kosher food.

 Subsequently you intimated that the meal in question was, in fact, Kosher.

 As everybody knows, only a trained Rabbinical Supervisor can truly attest that the Laws of Kashrus have been followed in the preparation of a meal.

 However — — — —

 The offending meal was sealed by Saran-Wrap; But part of said Saran-Wrap had been removed before arrival at the “POD” — which meant that; Therefore; the meal was contaminated and could not possibly have been Kosher.

 I correspond regularly with Rabbi Shmuel Spritzer of the World Lubavitch Organization of 770 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York 11213.

 After sending him copies of my Grievance and then of your reply, he wrote to me and said (among other things), Quote:— “Since when is Lt. Von Rader an authority on Kosher Food?”—: unquote; Which causes me to very seriously doubt that you, Lt. Von Rader, are a Rabbinical Supervisor of the preparation of Kosher Food (and, to be a Rabbinical Supervisor, one must first be a Rabbi of course!)

 It is pertinent, I believe, to note now that a true Rabbi has no priestly privileges; he is not an intermediary between God and man.  He cannot grant absolution—that is only in the hands of the Almighty.  He can command no-one; and it is his awesome duty to act as a paragon of earthly behavior, and of reverence for the Divine.

 To claim to be a Rabbi when one is not is, of course, false pretense, and to claim that non-Kosher food is, in fact, Kosher is truly fraud— — —and fraud is fraud, whether perpetrated by “Joe Shmoe” for derelict or a Lieutenant of the local Jail.

 And, further, if said Lieutenant is acting as part of a “chain of command,” and following “policy” or “orders” the act becomes a conspiracy.

 However, Lt. Von Rader, if you were to re-read the original grievance, you would note that the food issue was only one of several grievances.

 I also complained of:—

 #2 Race-hate related crime of rape perpetrated by Deputies Bennett and Burch upon my person on December 7, 2002, accompanied by the exhortation of, “Have a nice day, Jew.”

 #3 Repeatedly having my Tanakh (Jewish Bible) confiscated.

 #4 Being denied Consular access in contravention of the 1963 Vienna Convention of Consular Relations Treaty and California Penal Code §834c.

 #5 Terroristic threats by Jail Staff.

 #6 Denial of my prescription Eye-glasses.

 #7 Denial of my False Teeth.

 #8 Denial of my Hearing Aids.

 #9:  Being offered a Pubic Hair Sandwich to eat for lunch (December 15, 2004).

 (In the Grievance of 06-08-05, I did not mention three incidents of attempted murder by Sheriff’s Employees.)

 In point of fact the above acts have been included in a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus under 18 United States Code §2241—a copy of which should be in the possession of the Shasta County District Attorney.  (However, if you wish me to provide you with your own copy, please ask, and I shall endeavour to organize a copy for you from the Legal Typing Service that I am using. . .)

 I suppose that, at this juncture, I should itemize all of my grievances, followed by some pertinent comments, and thence, in acquiescence to your previous requests, I shall go into specifics.

 After all, I presume that demanding specifics is a reasonable request, and far be it from me to stand in the way of you receiving what you have asked for, in a reasonable manner.

 As everybody knows, when the European Nazis departed the Jews of Europe to places like Auschwitz (where my natural mother and father were incarcerated—and my grandparents butchered and cremated), the first things that they were deprived of were their dignity and rights.  They were denied their prosthetics—false teeth, crutches, glasses— —Such that when Auschwitz was eventually “liberated” Allied Soldiers found literally tons of these things.

 Then the “unwanted” amongst them—the infirm, the lame, the very old, the very young were taken to “the showers,” where they were stripped and searched, their body cavities probed, as “SS” Troopers watched, then they were crammed into chambers with shower-heads in the roofs—and exterminated.  Then their bodies were taken to the  ovens—teeth removed for the fillings of gold and silver—and the hair removed from their heads!—Even the body fat that drained from the corpses was used to make soap.

 As a boy I learned all this, and I was exhorted to never forget.

 When I was taken into custody (re-arrested), I was not allowed to bring anything with me, not my wallet, my glasses, my hearing aids—not even my teeth.

 By denying me the full use of my vision, Shasta Authorities have denied me Due Process of Law, by not allowing me to read freely documents and papers pertaining to my case.

 By denying me the full use of my hearing, Shasta Authorities have denied me Due Process of Law, by not allowing me to hear the proceedings in Court clearly.

 By denying me my teeth, Shasta Authorities have not only deprived me of free diction, but they have also deprived me of the ability to adequately masticate my food—forcing me to exist on a “soft” diet.

 On the subject of diet. . . .

 Everybody knows that part of the Jewish religion is to eat only Kosher food.

 And everyone also knows that, in the camps, the Guards persistently served non-Kosher food to the inmates.

 The very fact that such treatment is meted out to any person, be that person Gentile or Jew, man or woman, black, white, gray, yellow, or a color in between, is a damning indictment against the society and organization that spawns it.

 There is one slight difference—the Guards and Officers here do not wear black uniforms.

 Even Hitler’s S.S. had some good within their ranks (Herr Schindler for example), as does Shasta County Sheriff’s Department.

 On the subject of “adulterated” food—the culmination of this was when, on December 15, 2004, I was given a sandwich consisting of two slices of bread, mayonnaise, two slices of cheese, with ten or more black pubic hairs between the cheese, to eat.  ( I doubt I could be more specific, Lt. Von Rader, sorry).

 Recently, I have been given a strange substance allegedly called “Tofu,” but sans a Rabbinical certification to the contrary, I must consider it to be non-Kosher.

 On December 7, 2004, depravity most foul was perpetrated against my body.

 On that day, I was raped by two Guards during Laundry Exchange.

 On the morning of December 7, 2002, during “Laundry Exchange” Deputy Edmund Bennett forced me to endure a most vile depravity—he forced me to endure a “physical body cavity search,” in the clear view of female Deputy Carole Burch, two female inmates, and male inmates.

 This caused me great psychological distress and trauma, as my earliest memories are of my mother, and the “writing” (Tattoo) on her forearm.  Memories of her telling me what “the bad people” did it to her.  (The tattoo was a Letter “A” followed by numerous digits—signifying that it was done in Auschwitz-Berkenau Death Camp, in Poland.)

 Memories of her telling me how lucky I was to have parents; and also memories of her tears as she told me how those same “bad people” had killed not only her parents and my father’s parents, but millions of other people.  Memories of being raised by foster parents after the death of my parents in 1953.

 Memories of my foster parents teaching me of those camps and of the methods of the Guards, used whilst disposing of unwanted Jews.  Stripping them, searching them, probing body cavities, then herding them into Gas Chambers disguised as “showers.”

 Memories half-forgotten, but savagely resurrected that morning of December 7, 2002.

 Augmented now with memories of Deputy Bennett standing behind me in cell 18/POD 1B.  Of him ordering me to remove the blanket I was wearing; ordering me to bend over; to bend lower and lower.

 Memories of looking through my legs and seeing Deputy Burch watching me, seeing her look over her shoulder and step aside, so the women on Laundry Exchange had a unimpaired view.

 Memories of Bennett telling me to grasp my buttocks with my hands and “spread them”—then or him telling me to cough as he stepped behind me.

 Memories of him inserting what felt like a finger into my anal orifice.

 Memories of him saying, “Have a nice day, Jew” as he stepped away.

 After searching me in this manner, no others were strip-searched that I saw.

 As to the three attempts to unlawfully kill (murder) me by Sheriff’s Staff whilst in the custody of Shasta County Jail:—

 When I was brought to Shasta County Jail on November 14, 2002, I was extremely ill (suffering acute hypertension, or extremely high blood pressure).

 I was so ill, in fact, that one of the Deputies (Dep. Meek) called for medical aid.

 I was examined by the “Nurse-Practitioner” on duty, who declared that I was too ill to be admitted to the Jail.

 After I had been laying on a Gurney in the Emergency Room of Mercy Medical Center for approximately an hour (after having been transported there by Jail Staff) Detective Robert Anthony Bertain arrived to “interrogate” me.

 At the time my blood pressure was 217/123, which is critically high.

 Det. Bertain informed me that (1) the District Attorney had sent him, and (2) the Jail had told him where I was.

 Det. Bertain had previously informed me that, as part of his training, he had “done the first responder course,” and so he would have been thoroughly cognizant of the fact that such high blood pressure was bordering on a catastrophic stroke.

 Despite the fact that I demanded a Lawyer, Consular Access, and a Doctor, Det. Bertain repeatedly re-wound his tape recorder and re-commenced his interrogation.  Obviously endeavoring to precipitate a fatal stroke.

 Eventually I called out as loudly as I could for a Doctor, and when a female Doctor approached he left quickly.

 Subsequently, I was return to Shasta County Jail, where I was further denied Consular access.  (I will go into the “specifics” of Consular access denial later.)

 Culminating on April 18, 19, 20 & 21, with two further attempts upon my life.

 On April 18, 2003, I was notified (in writing) by Deputy Slater that Officials of the Australian Consulate-General would be visiting me during the following week.

 On the morning of April 19, 2003, during “Med Rounds,” I was grossly over-medicated, and very nearly died.

 Thanks only to survival training at S.W.T.S.  (Special Warfare Training School), and another inmate’s (Richard Alexander) “stash” of salt and pepper, I barely survived.

 On Sunday, April 20, 2003, the Nurse-Practitioner assured me that there would never be a repeat of the preceding morning’s incident.

 Then, on the morning of April 21, 2003, after having been returned to the “POD,” I was again offered “extra” medication.

 When I declined the suspect pills, the Guard said—“Take the Meds.”

 I asked the “Nurse” why there were extra tablets, and he replied, “It isn’t Xanax”— — to which I asked: “Then what is it?”

 He said, “I don’t know.”

 I refused to take the suspect medication.

 Now, one attempt to poison me by over-medication could conceivably be construed to be accidental.

 Coupled to the notification of the impending Consular visit, it could have possibly been a co-inditing event—

 But — —

 Two attempts to poison me by over-medicating me—in conjunction with the notification of  an impending Consular visit, that some Jail Staff were actively trying to avoid or to deter—could not be misconstrued to be happenstance or coincidence, and therefore must be accepted as what they were— — —two attempts to unlawfully kill me, but have the felonious act’s mistaken to be “accidental.”

 Harking back to my arrival at Shasta County Jail.

 I repeatedly requested, and asked, and yes, I even begged to be allowed to contact the Australian Consular representatives (as is my right under International Treaty, U.S. Federal and Constitutional Law, and California State Law.)

 I was derided, ridiculed, and denied access to my country’s representatives by Deputies Bennett, Davis, Jackson, Stares, Burch, and others.

 I was effectively isolated from the Australian Consulate General, by a voice-mail, which precluded my making telephone contact, and Jail Staff refused to divulge to me the mail address.

 I eventually prevailed upon another inmate to have someone outside the Jail contact the Australian Consulate-General on my behalf.

 Said indirect contact was established on either the 5th or 6th of December 2002.  But, to date, to my knowledge no official notification of my incarceration has taken place.

 Resistance to my contacting Australian Consular officials, culminated on April 18/19/20 &21 of 2003, with the two attempts to murder me to prevent said contact as mentioned above.

 (Since the December 7, 2002 rape with race-hate overtones), I have been forced to endure a total of seven Strip/plus visual body cavity searches, and at five of said searches, I clearly saw female Deputy Burch not only present, but watching intently.

 This is a flagrant denial of basic human rights to dignity, and a contravention of the United States Constitution and its amendments.

 (On every occasion that Burch was present, but the one involving Bennett, she was accompanied by Deputy Seal.)

 Frequently, I have had my Tanakh (Jewish Bible) confiscated.  So often, in fact that I lost count.  This is a denial of my right to freely practice my Religion.

 These confiscations have been perpetrated by Deputies Seal and Burch.

 In addition to actual acts perpetrated against myself, I have been forced to become an accomplice in the killing of another inmate.

 In early January (Jan. 10 or 11) of 2003, Inmate Robert Hedrick attempted suicide, by hanging himself.

 I am a trained and qualified “St. John’s Ambulance Brigade—Ambulance Bearer,” and qualified “American Red Cross Community First Aid,” also American Red Cross “Adult, Child and Infant C.P.R.”  Or to the Australian equivalent of First Responder.

 As such I am qualified to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

 Inmate Jose Perez and myself had lowered inmate Hedrick to the floor within seconds of cessation of cardiac function, and I had commenced administering C.P.R., when I was pulled to my feet by Deputy Lingenfelter, who screamed at me to “Lock Down” whilst threatening me with a handful of large keys.

 I acquiesced, and abandoned my patient, thereby condemning him to death by abandonment.

 In truth, my duty was to my patient, and I should have continued to administer C.P.R.— However, I was afraid for my personal safety, and did in fact abandon him.

 This was a flagrant example of psychological torture to myself and other inmates, and was, in fact, cruel and unusual punishment.

 However, Deputy Lingenfelter cannot be blamed as she was merely acting as she had been trained to act.

 Therefore, the blame lies with The Sheriff for inadequate training, and with myself for cowardice and not wanting to be bashed by a handful of keys.

 Additionally, on an occasion when returning from a professional visit, I was exposed to the scene of a female Guard apparently attacking a young female inmate in the vestibule area.  Between the entrance to PODS- 1A & 10, and the room used for church services.  As I do not know the young girl’s name, and am not certain of the date, I cannot therefore be more specific than to state that I saw the incident and was extremely upset by it.

 On the subject of adulterated food.  I have mentioned the incident on December 15, 2004, when I was offered a sandwich that contained numerous (at least 10) pubic hairs to eat.  And that I have been offered food containing a strange-looking substance vaguely reminiscent of cheese (allegedly “Tofu”), I have questioned (via grievance and inquiry to the World Lubavitch Organization—the main Jewish Religious Authority in the World), the origin of this substance, and was told that only if the substance has been prepared in the Kosher manner in a Kosher Kitchen, and sealed under a Rabbinically approved seal can it be Kosher.

 The Kitchen here has taken to subterfuge to try to get me to ingest this strange substance.  The latest example being the evening repast served on July 3, 2005.

 The underlying meal was”Beef Stew.”—But cubes (approximately 13mm wedges) of alleged Tofu had been added, and the whole flooded by a black sauce that smelled similar to “Soy Sauce.”

 Knowing that, if the alleged Tofu was in fact Kosher, it would be wrapped and sealed—I did not eat the meal.

 Remembering that you, Lt. Von Rader, have argued in the past that meals are Kosher when, to the best of my belief, they are not.— — I did not complain to the Guard, who like Dep. Banda in that previous incident, was merely an innocent pawn in the saga of my adulterated food.

 As, by your own utterances, you are apparently an authority on Kosher food, Lt. Von Rader, you will know that if a kitchen is used to prepare non-Kosher food (ever!!), then that kitchen is not Kosher, and unless extremely extensive and costly sterilization is effected, then that kitchen can never ever produce Kosher food.

 Further, You, as a Rabbinical Authority on Kosher Food, will also know that extensive cleaning and sterilization is required between uses of cooking vessels for flesh dishes and dairy dishes.  (Otherwise subsequent meals will never be Kosher.)

 But, to summarize, if, in fact, the mystery cubes are/were good food, why did the kitchen go to the pains to conceal/disguise/camouflage it??

 The Rabbi (Rabbi Shmuel Spritzer of the World Lubavich Organization in Brooklyn), was good enough to send me some literature on the subject, which I would be happy to share with you, but, after the fiasco of the disappearing legal papers (mentioned in http://www.oocities.org/three_strikes_legal/Shasta_Keystone_Cops.html ) I am reticent to relinquish possession of them.

 I can ask the Legal Typing Service that I deal with to copy them though if you wish to have a copy??

 I believe that I have now covered at least most of my “bones of contention” or Grievances with some “specifics.”

 To summarize, I believe that I have mentioned:—

 Felony Attempted Murder, Felony Rape, Felony Lewd and Lascivious Acts, Felony Robbery, Impersonating a Rabbi?  Fraud, Race Hate Crimes, etc. etc. etc.

 I look forward to your early reply.

Dated:  July 13, 2005       MOSHE I. STEIN

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