Paul Pantone Wrongfully Imprisoned 


I met an inventor named Paul Pantone in the late 90's at a Tesla convention where I saw his GEET device working and he told me many inside details about it. Even back then he was getting serious death threats and harassment on a regular basis. I just learned that he was set up by crooked attorneys and has been wrongfully imprisoned and tortured for 3+ years now in a Utah mental hospital. I've only watched the first of these 3 videos so far. It's just 8:20 long and very well worth watching if you want to see what our government is doing to suppress working free energy technology: 

A little summary of the GEET device: It is a fairly simple modification that can be done on just about any gasoline engine, from lawn mowers to giant industrial power plants, that allows the engine to run on just about any kind of junk hydrocarbons as 80+% of it's fuel. It really is very close to the same concept as the car in the Back to the Future movie. I watched it run on seawater, urine, Windex, Mountain Dew, etc. and produce exhaust that was cleaner then the outside air. In other words, this exhaust belongs INSIDE the car where the people are. I can't even mention some of the suppression Paul was experiencing back then, and it has only gotten worse. 

If you just start watching some of the other videos on the GEET you can get an idea how bad it has been for him all these years. He is one of the true heros of our world and he is probably going to die a horrible death in that so-called hospital if we don't get him out soon. Please watch the first video here and pass the word on. And find out what the GEET is and how it works, while you still can. We could be done with fossil fuels NOW if we could just break this suppression so that manufacturers could start producing this modification on all the new engines being produced that are still getting pour mileage and polluting the air. 

Daniel Moeck

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