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My name is Charles Peterson. Redding Calif. is where the most corrupt police dept. in won't believe the storys....Shasta county is known throughout the usa... 

I also have over 10 factual cases to show the media, I've contacted the atty gen in Sacramento as well as agencies in washington (coord& review/criminal div etc..) state bar assco in san fran and LA, both whom must have hundreds of complaints about Shasta County public defenders office(s)..there's a huge paper trail that a good journalist can follow, believe me this is really big, the suicide attemps I've witness, I have documents showing where the public defenders don't want you to speak in court at all so there's nothing the appeallate atty can go on to help in a appeal. 

I've done my investigation and research to find this to be a fact...people are writing me from all over the state, parents crying to me for help, people are jumping at the chance to sign my petition, and thats just the public defenders office(s), you want believe what else I found to be facts....Curle v. Superior the paper trail on this judge, start at the Commission of Judicial Performance in San Fran....I have copies of everything you would need to start your investigation..

I call it "TERROR IN SHASTA COUNTY", I'm from the bay area, came here to get my system eng degree, hired two babysitters for my 5yr old son, they robbed me, first they gave me an asprin that turned out to be a sleeping drug(strong) then robbed me,and had a party in my home. 

I called the police, when the police showed up and checked my home he found their drugs and said because they were in my home I went to jail, while in jail I'm trying to tell the courts I've been drugged and robbed, the public defender said it was obvious what happen to me cause he's seen it before, but because I'm black and this is Shasta County I will go to prison (see transcript 04/23/01) 
I have no criminal background so how could this be, he said the girls (17yrs old) said you oral copulated them and more "yea right" thats so obvious that they are lying, yes Mr Peterson I know, but again you are black and they are white and no one in this court will beleive you therefore you will go to prison, just sign this no contest plea and you'll be out in no time and can get back to your son, if not you will get convicted and sent prison, if you sign you won't go to prison, SO I SIGNED, big big time mistake. Now my life is over, I'm a sex offender and a drug dealer and more, I lost my son-home-income-car-furniture and high tech ent system($12,000) all burglarized from my home(filed report)...I filed a complaint with the internal affairs three (3) times and when I requested a copy of the report they wouldn't give it to me(why)..I ask the Atty General to try and get it. I got no response(humm).. 

I fear for my freedom when they find out what I'm doing...then they sent me to a program that requires I admit to the crime and if I don't they will violate me for not complying with the program(catch 22) so I had to make up things if you know what I mean cause if I don't I go to prison, 



I'm sending this to every media organization I can think of and more.....I'm a NASA tech/eng and have great references from top CEOs in the bay area..I will help this people here and restore my life, or go to prison trying....CPP 

E-mail from Charles Peterson - October 1, 2002 


a couple of weeks ago i had told maybe you and mardele that as i was on the computer a note flashed and said someone was attempting to log on using my name and password, i phoned my atty about this and told her that the only person i gave the personal info to was my probation officer so she can see for herself that im not doing anything on the internet that im not suppose to be doing( porn sites etc.. ), well yesterday i checked my personal profile and found that it had been edited by someone (hmm ) saying i was a man who likes little boys and little girls and other very bad things i dont want to mention, now i can understand why i have not got the replies back from businesses i have contacted and other people i have contacted, the judicial tampering with my personal profile has left me not knowing how many people have read this, and i contact hundreds of people per week...i have contacted yahoo admin and ask if they could track when and by whom this was done by, 

i am waiting for their reply. please edit this and add this to my story or wherever you think it should be place...charles peterson 

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