California State Prison - Sacramento

Michael Knowles, Acting Warden {Gone?}

Sacramento Torture

March 22, 2004

They have all the men on B yard at CSP Sac on lockdown.  The mentally 
ill living in small cages under Michael Knowles at CSP Sac  are 
getting sicker and sicker. Please tell the press they desperately 
need help and are suicidal.

The doctors will not call back the families, we have no idea what the 
lockdown is all about and we know our loved ones are dying of medical 
neglect and broken hearts.

Please tell them during the hearing tomorrow.  This is killing me. 
Most of the family members are so depressed their doctors must put 
them on medication just for them to be able to survive the stress. 
Tell the press to fight hard to get back into the prisons.  These are 
evil places. 

CSP Sac Mother

Tell the story of how Michael Knowles puts people in the hole when 
the press might get a story to expose his wrongdoings and leaves them 
there for an eternity.

Burning out your son's nasal passages with ammonia capsules, shipping 
him hundreds of miles away to get you out of the prisons is a huge 
statement of how much CDC cockroaches can't stand journalists and 
will punish any inmate who files 602's and speaks out.

Tell them what is happening to the inmates who try to notify the 
media and how great the suffering is, how the large the lawsuit 
payouts are because some politician is bought off and paid to cover 

You go girl!  I'll be praying for you.

Eric C.R. K'napp (J10618)
Friday, February 20, 2004

My cell door at. CSP-SAC was opened at approximately 0330 hours. I was ordered to report to the dining room, where I was met by two guards and captain guard Martel I was strip-searched, given a jumpsuit to wear, handcuffed, and escorted to the Receiving & Release building with approximately six other prisoners. 

We were put. inside a holding tank and given sack lunches for breakfast --in violation of CCR15 S 3050(a)(2), Afteer eating we were shackled into waist chains and ankle cuffs while captain guard Martel observed the process with an arrogant smirk on his pudgy face. We wore then herded onto a bus and told where to sit. 

Three prisoners --Carson, Braggs, and Abbott-- refused to board the bus because they had not been given their prescribed medication. (When they were escorted to the infirmary to receive their 
medications, they observed and heard captain guard Martel bragging to a guard that he had beaten me by getting me transferred. It, was later reported to me that Martel ranted and raved for several minutes about me exercising my constitutional right to petition for redress of grievances and said that something very bad is going to happen to me because I crossed him.) 

The bus ride from SAC was mostly uneventful except for when a guard violated CCR15 5i 3004 and 3391(a) by saying to a prisoner named Colon, who merely laughed at something another prisoner quietly whispered to him: "Hay! F*ck face! Walk your stupid ass back to the sh*tter [toilet] and stay there!" 

Also, I suffered a lot of pain and discomfort. during the trip because my nostrils and sinuses are still raw from the ammonia burns I received the other day at SAC (see journal entry dated 2/18/04. We 
were given sack lunches at approximately 1000 hours or so. The bus arrived at the California state prison in Los Angeles County ("LAC") at approximately 1400 hours after picking up approximately fifteen more prisoners from the CDC reception center in Delano. 

From the bus we were all herded into a single holding tank inside the LAC Receiving and Release buildinq. There were so many of as crammed into the tank that even with all available bench space taken aqainst the walls, all available floor space was filled with standing prisoners. 

A skinny black guard named Jones called for our attention and disrespectfully shouted instructions at us for getting processed into LAC 

He said our shackles had been removed so we could try to assault guards and give them the pleasure of beating us down. He falsely told us that our only choices regarding whatever personal property guards  refused d to give us were to donate it, mail it home, or destroy it.

Our constitutional rights to petition for redress of grievances and not he deprived of personal property without due process of law were unlawfully not given as an option. 

(I later observed many prisoners being arbitrarily and capriciously deprived by guards of personal property items commonly allowed at highsecurity level-1V prisons --the yard at LAC we were all heading to, facility "B", is supposedly a medium-security level-III facility for prisoners with sensitive needs.) 

After Jones gave his spiel, I observed "Green Wall" stickers on side-handle batons carried by a couple of guards. In violation again of CCR15  3050(a)(2), we were given sack lunches for dinner. 

While waiting in the tank to he processed, my nose suddenly began to bleed profusely. I spent approximately ten minutes trying to stop it. 

When my turn came to be tested for tuberculosis and speak with medical staff, I was asked about the blood on my -face and the front of my shirt.. 

I reported the bloody nose I'd just had, the chemical burn SAC staff gave me on 2/18/04, that I had not received my prescribed psychotropic medication, and that I have diagnosed mental-health 
conditions precluding me from being celled with other prisoners as documented in my medical file. 

While talking to a male nurse standing on the other side of a counter, a male guard named Lynn appeared at the nurse's side and said to me, "Get your f*cking hands behind your back, inmate!" 

I said, "Sorry. I'm not thinking too clearly right now because I'm so stressed, tired, and I haven't received my meds yet" 

Lynn said, "I don't give a f*ck about. your excuses! If you don't keep your hands behind your back you'll never need meds again once I'm through with you!"

When I asked him what he meant by that, he came around the counter, pinned me hard against the counter with the weight of his body, and then spit on the side of my face while shouting into my ear, "You got a f*cking problem? No? Then shut the f*ck up and keep your hands behind your back!''

After he left, I tried to resume telling the nurse that I should not be double-celled and showed him the corroborating CDC medical forms 128-C dated 5/8/03 and 6/9/03. He showed the documentation to a guard who said it will all be taken care of by a sergeant named Huerta. 

I then found out za while later that prisoners were being assigned to share cells with each other housed solely on the color of their skin. Concerned I was going to he assigned to share a cell with another prisoner, I explained my situation to guards named Solaria and Mora but they dismissed what I said as unimportant.

When the nurse later returned to care for a prisoner in our tank named Stafford --who suffered a seizure right there in front of us-- I reminded him about the documentation in my medical file and pleaded with him to make sure a sergeant was aware of my situation, I later saw the nurse talking to sergeant Huerta, but I couldn't hear what was being discussed.

After almost everyone received their personal property (I and a couple of other prisoners for some reason did not receive ours even though we saw it being loaded off the bus), our hands were cuffed 
behind our backs and we were told to report outside to a female guard named Arterbury.

In violation of CCR15 5! 3004 and 3391.(a), Aterbury disrespectfully shouted at us while telling us to line up one prisoner behind the other "assholes to bellybuttons". In violation of the IJ.S. Constitution's First Amendment, she disrespectfully and unlawfully ordered prisoners to stop smiling and told them to shut up and not look anywhere but at the hacks of heads directly in front of them. 

She told us that sergeants and higher-ranking supervisors have no control over how guards run housing units at LAC She said prisoners are forbidden from talking to sergeants or higher level supervisors about anything having to do with what goes on inside LAC housing units. She then ordered us to March" forward and maintain the "assholes to bellybuttons" distance between ourselves.

When prisoners tripped over each other and stumbled, Arterbury shouted disrespectful oaths at them like an armed farces drill sergeant. She especially berated and threatened a diabetic prisoner 
named Braggs who had difficulty walking the way she wanted us to because he'd had surgery. 

When we finally got to the housing unit where we were to spend the night, Arterbury instructed us that once she told us which cell to report to, she wanted us to immediately leave her presence and not say anything to her about lower-bunk or single-cell needs or incompatibility with assigned cell partners. 

When she told me and a prisoner named Frazier we were assigned to share a cell with each other, I tried to explain my situation, but she told me to shut up and get out of her face. When we got to our assigned cells, we discovered them to be disgustingly filthy but received no cleaning supplies _-in violation of CCR15 S 3060.

In addition to not receiving cleaning supplies as required by law, we also did not receive writing paper, drinking cups, CDC appeal forms, and other such items the law requires all prisoners to receive immediately upon confinement in any and all types of restrictive housing (i.e., administrative segregation).

Further, the mattress on my bunk was only half the size of a regular mattress. I reported the problem to a guard, but he didn't care. I therefore spent a horrible night unable to sleep and contemplating 
suicide not only because of the mental anguish and emotional distress I suffered throughout the day, including being forced into a double-cell situation in deliberate indifference of my diagnosed and 
documented mental-health needs, hut also because my body from the waist down was on the cold hard metal of the bunk all night, i did not receive my prescribed medication, I had an excruciatingly painful headache, the cell's air vent roared like a jet engine all night, and my nostrils and sinuses were raw and painful from the chemical burns C received from SAC staff on 2/18/04

Saturday, February 21., 2004
I woke up this morning with my face all bloodied from the wounds inside my nose and sinuses (sae journal entries dated 2/18/04 and 2/20/04) and the prisoner (Frazier) I was forced to share a cell with last night were moved after breakfast to another filthy cell in a different housing unit on facility "U" (3-Block). We were again given no cleaning supplies. 

When I informed a guard in 3-Block named Estorga about my documented need for single-cell housing, he told me to kick on my door if the situation becomes too unbearable for me inside the cell with prisoner Frazier . He then took us to a cell which had a broken toilet that could not flush. He immediately reported the broken toilet, but nothing was done. 

As a result, prisoner Frazier and I could not relieve ourselves and had to suffer the indignity and physical agony of having to hold our waste inside until finally, at 1530 hours, I repeatedly kicked on the door as hard as I could and got the attention of two guards named Sanchez and Arredondo, who cuffed our hands behind our backs and temporarily locked us inside separate cells so we could use the toilet  in each.Afterward, Arredondo told us he was moving us to a cell with a working toilet. 

When he returned a while later to ask if either Frazier or i have special housing needs, I informed him I have single-cell needs documented by mental-health staff. Arredondo told me an associate warden at LAC had already looked through my file and somehow came to the conclusion that my single cell status doesn't apply at LAC and that. I am able to live with other prisoners. 

I again spent a miserable night unable to sleep not only because of the mental anguish and emotional distress I suffered from being forced into a double-cell situation in deliberate indifference of my diagnosed and documented mental-health needs, but also because I again did not receive my prescribed medication, I had an agonizingly painful headache, and I had to defecate but couldn't because the toilet, in my cell doesn't flush and we did not get moved to a cell with a working toilet. 

I also had difficulty sleeping because my raw and painful sinuses --from the ammonia chemical burns I got from SAC staff-- prevented me from breathing comfortably. T still have not received my personal property so do not have any means to write my loved ones and let them know where and how I am.

I, Eric Charles Rodney K'Napp verify under penalty of perjury that the contents of this journal entry are true and were recorded within just hours of the event(s) chronicled herein.

Eric C.R. K'Napp (#J10618)
Sunday, February 22, 2004

Another terrible night last niqht unable to sleep because of the mental anguish and emotional distress I'm suffering because of being forced to cell with another prisoner in deliberate indifference of my diagnosed and documented need for single cell housing. 

When a guard named Roma distributed breakfast trays to the cells, I reported that  the toilet i n my cell I doesn't. work ( see yesterday's journal entry) and that prisoner Frazier and I were told last night by a guard named Arredondo that we would he moving to another cell with a workinq toilet. Romo said we would not be moving and to deal with the broken toilet as best we could. As a result, 
prisoner Frazier and I again had to endure holdinq our waste inside until guards could be summoned to escort us to calls with working toilets 

Although we still received no supplies to clean the filthy cell, a guard named Yen gave me a filthy drinking cup and told me I had to clean it with toothpaste I had received in a tiny tube when I got here.. 

The cup was coated inside with a foul-smelling black substance and had cigarette burn in several places on the rim and inside. Yen told we that was all she had to give me and that I could not have any disinfectant with which to clean it. My sinuses are still raw and painful, I still haven't received my Personal property to be able to communicate with my loved ones, and guards told me and prisoner Frazier we're on ad-seg status. I did, however, finally receive a single dose of my prescribed medication but I still have a terrible headache from being without it the past two days.

1, Eric Charles Rodney K'Napp, verify under penalty of perjury that the contents of this journal entry are true and were r ecorded within just hours of the event(s) chronicled herein.

Eric C.R. K'Napp (#J-10618)

[This is the classification memo that was ignored on purpose.]

Eric C.R. K'Napp (#J-10618) A7-118, 
Post Office BOX 29130156 
Represa CA 95677-0066

Date January 2, 2004

TO:  Unit Classification committee Facility ^A^, C.5.P.-Sacramento


To protect myself as much as possible from suffering any further psychological torment and perjured documentation like the CDC form 928-0 I received after my medically necessary single-call status was unlawfully stripped from me on 12/04/03 in violation of California Penal Code if 147, 673, 2650, 2652, and 2653, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (42 U.S.C. 3 12101), I am exercising my right to not  physically present at this unit classification committee. 

Instead, pursuant to CCR15 S 3375(f)(6(lC), 1 elect to participate In the hearing by submitting this memo to be read in lieu of my presence, 1 expect the CDC form 128-G for this hearing to Include perfect compliance with CCR15  3375(g)(1)(C)-(H).


1 am a prisoner patient in CDC's mental-health program at the CCCMS level of care. My diagnosed conditions are Post-Traumatlc Stress Disorder, depression with suicidal ideations, dissociative fugue disorder with stress-Induced catatonia, and other conditions considered permanent disability by 42 U.S.C. f 12101 and CCR15 5 3084.7(k).

On 2/i8103, 2/20/03, and 4/10/03, pursuant to recommendations by several mental health doctors in a row, I was ordered to be housed on single cell status following a severe dissoclatlve catatonia 1 suffered an 2/t0/03 at Mule Creek State Prison ("MCSP") which resulted in an unsustalned Keyhea action.

On 4/29/03, CSR had me specially transferred to SAC-IV/A not only with an "S" suffix for medically necessary slngle-call housing, but also as a hardship override with the "FAM" administrative determinant so l could receive therapeutic visits on a regular basis from my physically disabled Mom and other loved ones In Sacramento consistent with prescribed treatment goals recommended by mental-health doctors.

On 6/9l03, a CDC form 128-C was authored by a SAC mental-health doctor recommending me for continued single-cell 1 housing "for at least _one ear" before reevaluation. On 9/2/03 f received a letter from CDC assistant deputy director Renee Kanan telling me the doctor's recommendation Was affirmed for annual review by mental-health staff (meaning not until June of 2004).

On 10/7/03, I was Informed by warden Mike Knowles himself that he was SAC's now warden. This filled me with concern and dread because Knowles was the MCSP warden who had just caused/allowed me to suffer repeated violation Of rights guaranteed by state law and the U.S. Constitution's 1st, 8th, and 14th Amendments during a 3-year course of systematic and continuous harassment and retaliation conspired and perpetrated against me for lawful exercise by me, my mom and others of rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution's 1st Amendment. 

On 8/14/00, my fiancee flied against a guard at MCSP a citizen's complaint which began the Intensive harassment and retaliation I suffered afterward. Ever since the harassment and retaliation against ma began In 2000, I have been conscientiously exercising my constitutional 1st Amendment right to document and report everything 1 have been experiencing In prison, and have been attempting to bring satisfactory resolution to the many other systemic problems I continue to identify along the way. As a result, 1 filed in federal court s civil complaint against Knowles and other MCSP employees in 2042, and another one In 2003 which Is still pending. MY Mom is B. Cayenne Bird, the director of Unlted for No injustice, Oppression, Neglect (UNION). 

In 2002, she testlfled at the Senate Rules Committee and voiced strong opposition to confirming Knowles as MCSP's warden.

On 12/4/03, I suffered agonizing mental anguish end emotional distress when I was unexpectedly called to a surprise classification hearing and unlawfully stripped of my medically necessary slngle-cell status after being told I would be transferred away from my loved ones if I continued requiring single-cell housing.

The decision to take me off single-cell status was done in spite of strong disagreement expressed by both me and the attendant mental health doctor. On 12/10/03, I was given a CDC form 128-G dated 12/4/03 which not only falsely states I agreed with the committee's decision to take ma off single-cell status, but also falls to Include the doctor's expressed disagreement as required by CCR15 5 3375(g)(1)(F). 

I appealed that perjured document on 12/14/03. The Issue Is still pending.

On 12/24/03, after mailing many letters to several CDC and government officials explaining my situation and asking for help following the 12/4/03 classification hearing, I submitted a CDC form 1824 Reasonable (ADA) Modification/Accommodation Request asking not only that 1 be kept on single-cell status consistent with every mental-health assessment and recommendation f have received since 2/18/03, but also that I continue to remaln housed at SAC-IV/A pursuant to my special transfer here by CSR on 4/29/03 with the "FAM" administrative determinant to receive therapeutic visits on a regular basis from my physically disabled mom and other loved ones In the Sacramento area consistent with prescribed treatment goals planned by several mental-health doctors. A response to the CDC 1824 is still pending.

On 1/2/04, after suffering nearly a month of chest pains, dizziness, shortness of breath, and other symptoms of anxiety after the unlawful ICC action on 12/4/03, I suffered intense mental anguish and emotional distress when I unexpectedly received from prison counselor 5.8. Greer a CDC form 128-8-1 Informing me that 1 was being brought to this hearing on 1/7/04 for program/transfer review.

The notice from Greer suggested to me that plans are being made to further harass, retaliate, and discriminate against me In spite of my disability and diagnosed medical needs of being slngle-celled end imprisoned near my loved ones In Sacramento.


CCR15 if 3375(a)and(b) states that the classification process shall be uniformly applied, taking Into consideration my needs, Interests, and desires. I feel harassed. retaliated. and discriminated against with all of these arbitrary and capricious classification hearings. I have been here for only eight months. The month for my annual review is June. The CDC form 128-C dated 6/9/03 recommends me for single housing for at least one year (meaning no sooner than June of 2004). 

The letter I received from CDC headquarters on 9/2/03 affirms that doctor's recommendation. CSR did not have me specially transferred here as a hardship override on 4/29/03 with the "FAM" administrative determinant only to have me put up for transfer such a short time later.

I feel that SAC administrative staff are being deliberately Indifferent of my diagnosed disabilities In violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the U.S. Constitution, and California Penal Codes 147, 673, 2650, 2652, and 2653.

I will have actionable claims under 42 U.S.C. SS 1983 and 12101 if stripped of my single-Call status or transferred away from my physically disabled mom and other loved ones in Sacramento because either action will Constitute deliberate Indifference of my diagnosed mental-health needs rising to the level of cruel end unusual punishment in violation of the ADA and U.S. Constitution's 8th Amendment, especially If I suffer another dissociative fugue, catatonla, or worse afterward.

This classification committee has the power, authority, responsibility, and opportunity to protect me from all such adverse action.


I want to be kept on single-cell status consistent with every mental-health assessment end recommendation I have received since sufferlng the dissociative catatonia I fell into on 2/10/03. I also want to remain at SAC-lV/A pursuant to my special transfer here by CSR on 4/29/03 as a hardship override with the "FAM' administrative determinant so I may continue receiving therapeutic visits on a regular basis from my physically disabled mom and other loved ones in Sacramento consistent with prescribed treatment goals recommended end planned by mental-health doctors. I absolutely do not agree with any other decision which might be reached by this committee In my absence.
Respectfully submitted,

Eric Charles Rodney Knapp

California STATE OF STD. 113 (REV. 3-95)
Eric C.R. K'Napp (#J-10618) 
A7-118, C.S.P.-Sacramento 
Post Office Box 290066 
Represa, CA 95671-0066

In Pro Per

KNOWLES, et al., Defendants.

No.:  #assigned )




Plaintiff is a pro se prisoner litigant with a 42 U,S.C. § 1983 civil action pending in this Court.

Plaintiff is a prisoner patient in CDC's mental-health program with diagnosed conditions considered a disability by 42 U.S,C. § 12101 (the Americans with Disabilities Act) and a serious mental-health condition by Coleman v. Wilson (E.D. Cal,) 912 F.Supp. 1282. 

Specifically, Plaintiff suffers Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ("PTSD"), major depression with suicidal ideations and past attempts (as recently as 2/10/03 or so while in a stress-induced dissociative fugue), dissociative fugue disorder with stress-induced catatonia, and various other impairments related to PTSD.

On 12/3/03, upon being informed by defendant Martel that he was going to be unlawfully stripped of his medically necessary single-cell status in spite of consistent recommendations by every mental-health doctor who evaluated him since 2/18103 that he be single-celled due to his mental-health conditions, 

Plaintiff 1, et al.

On 1/7/04, Plaintiff suffered agonizing psychological torment when he was informed that defendant Martel had put him up for transfer to a prison far away from his loved ones (verified journal entry dated 1/7/04 attached). Instead of attending the hearing in person, Plaintiff presented a memo dated 1/2/04 to be read in his absence (attached). Plaintiff was informed later that same day that someone ordered the memo returned to him instead of being made a permanent part of the hearing record. 

That night, Plaintiff prepared and mailed a memo to the chief of CDC's classification services unit (attached).

On the morning of 1/8/04, Plaintiff suffered a mild episode of either dissociative fugue or stress-induced catatonia (verified journal for 0930 hours on 1/8/04 attached). Later that same day, Plaintiff suffered further psychological torment when defendant Martel threatened to move another prisoner into his cell over the objections of mental-health doctors (verified journal for 1500 hours on 1/8/04 attached).

On 1/13/04, Plaintiff suffered mental anguish and emotional distress when he was informed by the prison that a disability grievance he submitted on 12/25/03 or so had never been delivered to the prison grievance office. Plaintiff submitted the grievance in an attempt to prevent him from being subjected to disability discrimination and cruel and unusual punishment through deliberate indifference of his diagnosed conditions. That night, Plaintiff prepared and mailed a second disability grievance to be processed as an emergency grievance (attached).

On 1/14/04, Plaintiff requested documentation of the unlawful transfer action conducted against him on 1/7/04 (see attached memo dated 1/14/04), but did not receive it by the date of this instant document's filing.

As of 1/18/04, Plaintiff has received no word from this Court's Magistrate Judge Nowinski regarding this matter as presented in the motions mentioned above which were mailed to him on 12/3/03, 12/17/03, and 1/4/04. Nor mailed to this Court's Magistrate Judge Nowinski a document titled "REQUEST BY PLAINTIFF FOR AN ORDER FROM THE COURT PROTECTING HIM FROM UNLAWFUL ACTION BY DEFENDANTS."

Plaintiff hereby refers to and incorporates herein all information contained in that document and its attachments.

On 12/17/03, after being unlawfully stripped of his medically necessary single-cell status on 12/4/03 in spite of expressed disagreement from a mentalhealth doctor, Plaintiff mailed to this Court's Magistrate Judge Nowinski a second document titled "ADDENDUM TO 12/3/03 REQUEST BY PLAINTIFF FOR AN ORDER FROM THE COURT PROTECTING HIM FROM UNLAWFUL ACTION BY DEFENDANTS." 

Plaintiff hereby refers to and incorporates herein all information contained in that document and its attachments.

On 1/4/04, after being informed by prison staff that he was going to be 'Ireviewed for involuntary transfer on 1/7/04 to a prison far away from his loved ones in spite of his special hardship transfer on 4/29/03 to his current location to receive therapeutic visits on a regular basis from his physically disabled mom and other loved ones in the Sacramento area consistent with prescribed treatment goals planned by mental-health doctors, Plaintiff mailed to this Court's Magistrate Judge N_____ a third document titled "EMERGENCY SECOND ADDENDUM TO 12/3/03 REQUEST BY PLAINTIFF FOR AN ORDER FROM THE COURT PROTECTING HIM FROM UNLAWFUL ACTION BY DEFENDANTS." 

Plaintiff hereby refers to and incorporates herein all information contained in that document and its attachments.

On 1/5/04, Plaintiff was informed that a mental-health doctor had just been asked by a prison counselor named Greer to author documentation supporting the unlawful action by prison officials on 12/4/03 of stripping Plaintiff of his medically necessary single-cell status in deliberate indifference of his diagnosed conditions (verified journal entry dated 1/5/03 attached). The doctor ' reportedly refused to comply with Greer's request.

Has Plaintiff been assured by any CDC or government official that he will be neither double-celled nor transferred away from his loved ones. Plaintiff does not mean to annoy this Court with repeated filings on this matter, but he fears that failure to keep the Court apprised of all relevant circumstances might result in defendant and other prison officials perpetrating adverse action against him which will likely result in Plaintiff suffering further serious or irreparable harm to his mental and physical health. 

This has become an understandably very real fear of Plaintiff's after the episode of fugue and/or stress-induced catatonia he suffered on the morning of 1/8/04 (supra).

Plaintiff contends that defendant and other prison officials are retaliating against him for exercising his constitutional right to petition for redress of grievances through this civil and other lawful actions by being deliberately indifferent of his diagnosed mental-health conditions in violation of the following: 1) 42 U.S,C. §§ 1983 and 12101 (the Americans with Disabilities Act); 2) California Penal Code §§ 147, 673, 2650, 2652, and 2653; 3) his right under the U.S. Constitution's 8th Amendment to be free from suffering cruel and unusual punishment through deliberate indifference by prison officials of his diagnosed mental-health needs; and 4) Coleman v. Wilson (E.D. Cal.) 912 F.Supp. 1282.

Plaintiff fears that without some type of protective order from this Court, defendant and other prison officials will continue to purposely perpetrate wanton infliction of psychological torment against Plaintiff serving no valid penological interest until he suffers another severe dissociative fugue or stress-induced catatonia so they can smother or in some other way cause his death and say he did it to himself. 

As reported to this Court in 1f 355 of the 11/17/03 document titled "PLAINTIFF'S 'FACTUAL HISTORY' DECLARATION IN SUPPORT OF § IV IN HIS SECOND-AMENDED 42 U.S.C. § 1983 CIVIL COMPLAINT", defendant Martel threateningly told Plaintiff on 11/12/03, "Prisoners like you don't get recognized for standing up for rights until you're dead."

In light of the fact that defendant and other prison employees are fully aware that Plaintiff has this civil and other formal actions pending against them, Plaintiff is also understandably fearful and concerned that if he becomes separated from his personal property by either transfer or confinement in ad-seg or the infirmary upon suffering another severe episode of stress-induced fugue or catatonia, defendants will "lose" or destroy all or significant portions of his legal property, thus eliminating evidence in support of his claims against them. Plaintiff also fears defendants will "lose" or destroy his typewriter and other personal property to further retaliate against him and interfere with his litigations against them.

WHEREFORE, Plaintiff now urgently submits this motion and its attachments as an EMERGENCY third addendum to his 12/3/03 request for some type of protective order and prays this Court will take immediate notice of the unlawful actions defendant and other prison officials are maliciously perpetrating against him and promptly order the following: 

1) Plaintiff is to remain housed on single-cell status pursuant to recommendations by mental-health doctors;

2) Plaintiff shall remain imprisoned as a sensitive-needs (protectivecustody) prisoner on facility "A" at the California State Prison in Sacramento County pursuant to his special transfer there by CDC's classification services unit on 4/29/03 with the "FAM" administrative determinant (§ 3375.2(b)(10) in the California Code of Regulations, Title 15, Division 3, Chapter 1) to receive therapeutic visits on a regular basis from his physically disabled mom and other loved ones in the Sacramento area consistent with prescribed treatment goals planned by mental-health doctors; and

3) whatever else the Court deems necessary and in the interest of protecting Plaintiff's rights and the law.

I, Eric Charles Rodney K'Napp, verify, swear, and declare under penalty of perjury that the assertions I have made herein are true and correct statements of my knowledge. As to those matters asserted upon received information and/or belief, I do verify, swear, and declare under penalty of perjury that I do believe them to be true
Executed this 18th day of January, 2004, in Represa, California.

Respectfully submitted,

February 2, 2004

Michael Knowles is trying to get the CSP medical staff to say that Eric has been "faking" his PTSD and his two day catatonic unconsciousness last spring,induced by Knowles' torture that has ended up as a lawsuit.

Dr. Hoglund has quit her job effective Feb 24 and Dr. Taylor apparently is not bending on Knowles' effort to force the medical staff to make these false statements about Eric's condition.

PLEASE interview Dr. Hoglund about the psychological abuse of my son and the discriminatory transfers going on right now so that you can have it for Knowles confirmation hearing.  I plan to fill up the hearing room on this one and what happened at Old Folsom, SVSP and Pelican Bay are mild compared the deaths and suffering Michael Knowles has caused.

One of our volunteers wrote Knowles a letter and he lied to her saying Eric agreed to be double celled, he was in such bad shape after nearly being killed at Mule Creek that the doctors put him on single cell status.

He had deep circles under his eyes when I visited him on Saturday.  He was placed at Represa on a FAM classification, and as you know I am disabled and on limited income and will be unable to visit him at all if he is moved to Lancaster.

I am taking a lot of people to see John Hagar and filing scores of unresolved UNION complaints with him.  But some of these are matters of life and death and I still need your assistance.

B. Cayenne Bird

February 9, 2004

Here's some bits of pieces of what is going on with my son's emergency  created by Michael Knowles, CSP Warden because we have a lawsuit filed against him and others he supervised when he was warden at Mule Creek hoping that counsel will be appointed.

They are trying to ship him out to Lancaster - six hours away from me - against doctor's orders for pure vindicttiveness.  My son is in fragile condition.

At least two of the doctors involved in the retaliatory transfer are willing to testify against Knowles in any federal court action.

With Old Folsom under investigation and Knowles' prison on the same grounds, the intent is to get me out of his prison and to punish our family further for my journalism and activism, and my television shows that aired on the Bolander death naming Knowles.

We have a number of subscribers at CSP Sac and the intent is also to teach them not to organize, the same tactics as Knowles pulled at Mule Creek, Ione which prompted the lawsuit in the first place.

A judge at MCSP stepped in to stop the forced drugging and the doctor "Danziger" was fired you might recall. 

Now Knowles is trying to intimidate the medical staff into claiming that Eric never did have PTSD in the first place.  If any of them went along with that idea, they would all be responsible later for any further stress-induced catatonic fugues.

And, everyone would be in big, big trouble for shooting him on Halliperidol.

We are losing this battle and I fear my son will not survive this separation from Natalie who spends at least two days per week with him and from me who visits him at least once per week.  Lancaster is a hellpit and I am arch enemies with that devil of a Senator Pete Knight.  I wouldn't be surprised if they took him down there and killed him

I will not be able to drive six hours to visit Eric, nor will I have the money to do so as I am on disability income for arthritis in my neck and back.

I believe that Matthew Gray is helping to facilitate this as punishment for all the complaints that are being turned in on him right now to the State Personnel Board.  Not to mention several lawsuits where he is named as a person demonstrating deliberate indifference.

I testified against Knowles at his Senate confirmation hearing in 2002, but if he attempts to become the permanent warden at CSP Sac, no matter where Eric is located, I will fill that senate hearing room to overflowing with people who will object to his appointment.

The magistrate judge Nowinski first asked Eric for more detail on each person he was naming.  Then he comes back and denies the lawsuit on the basis of "Section 8" that it must be a brief summary.  So now it goes to David Levi, Nowinski's boss with the goal of counsel being appointed.

We have new doctors willing to testify at this outrageous retaliation which ought to be enough to help Knowles get retired if anyone was home in the legislature.

Eric was told today that the doctor's orders be damned, they're shipping him out.
Dr. Hoglund has quit her job over it effective Feb 24 although she might be taking another job in CDC but she is very angry.  She told Eric on Friday that due to his crisis mode since the first of December when he learned of the transfer that she was putting him into E.O.P. this week.  She told him that Knowles couldn't take him out of E.O.P. for at least 90 days.  But it looks like he is going against doctor's orders once again.

I don't know how to stop this 

Eric wrote up this stuff but as a prisoner going pro per you would think the Magistrate would have sense enough to figure out that Eric is not a legal person in any way, shape or form and that there would be some freakin' forbearance.  The lazy bastard just doesn't want the case to go forward.


Letter from Attorney to CSP-Sac.

February 17, 2004

Mr. Corey McKay
Litigation Coordinator
Represa, California

Dear Mr. McKay

I am the attorney for Eric K'napp, J10618, son of B. Cayenne Bird.

I am now involved in the transfer of Mr. K地app that I understand you are planning against his medical doctors' advice.  From the information made available to me, it appears that the transfer is being made unlawfully and without adhering to the legally mandated substantive and procedural requirements.

It is my understanding that medical recommendations are being overruled in this transfer.  As a result, liability for such a dangerous move would be placed on unsuspecting CDC employees.  Please advise me immediately the status of Mr. K地app痴 pending transfer. 

If the transfer has not yet been made, you are hereby put on notice that we object to any transfer without satisfying the legal requirements, both procedural and substantive.

I am also hereby requesting a copy of everything Eric K'napp has filed with the courts since February, 2003, including the three recent complaints on Americans With Disability Act violations, as well as the twelve pending 602's complaints regarding policy violations by Michael Knowles and the staff at the prison, which I understand have gone unanswered. 

 Finally, I am also requesting an immediate telephonic interview with Mr. K地app.  Please advise me the earliest date and time that the call can take place.

           I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Signed by Attorney

Eric C.R. K'Napp J10618

Wednesday, February 18 2004

Right after breakfast I suffered mental anguish and emotional distress when officer Vlach came to my cell and told me I am being transferred this Friday to the prison in Lancaster. 

He then left me standing there alone in severe psychological distress; my mind racing, unable to get enough air, and frantically pacing my cell. When Vlach returned to lock my tray port. a few moments later, I asked if he was joking to get a rise out of me.

He told me he wasn't and again walked away. When officer Brandon came to my cell door a short time later to see if I wanted to sign up for a phone call, I asked if he knew whether  I was really being transferred Friday.

As Brandon spoke to me, I couldn't breathe and everything became dark. The next thing I became aware of was purple blackness, extremely painful burning inside my nose and head, and choking while desperately gasping for air. 

I tried reaching toward my face to see what was causing me so much respiratory pain and distress, but shackles had been clamped onto my wrists and ankles. A flood of tears streaming out the corners of my burning eyes prevented me from seeing clearly. When I finally could breathe and see, I observed several staff members surrounding me: Brandon, lieutenant Baughman, captain Martel, and several others I either didn't recognize or can't remember. 

My shirt was covered with blood and my undershorts and groin wore urine-soaked. Terrified, confused, and suffering a blindingly intense pain inside my nose, sinus cavities, and lungs,  I demanded to know where I was, how I got there, why the inside of my head was burning, why my clothing was wet and covered in blood, and why I was shackled. 

Baughrnan told me I fell unconscious in front of Brandon and urinated on  myself, which caused staff to take me to the emergency room, shackle my wrists and ankles, and shove broken capsules of liquid ammonia  al1 the way up inside both of my nostrils and leave them there until I finally awoke.

When Baughman finished talking, Martel said I already knew all that, suggesting I had faked unconsciousness. I was then placed inside a cage and left: there alone, feeling severely shaken, depressed, and extremely suicidal. 

After a psychologist named Tyler spoke with rne a while later, I was taken out of the cage and sent back to my housing unit, where I was told by Vlach that he will pack up all my personal property tomorrow for the transfer on Friday.

I was then allowed a quick shower to rinse the blood and urine off my body. While showering, my sinuses and the inside of my nose continued to burn and feel painfully raw. Chunks of thick, frothy, orange-pink tissue appeared each time I blew my nose into my hand. 

At yard release, I went to the emergency room and asked if something could be done to alleviate the pain inside my nasal passages. I was given some ointment and told to smear it inside my nose. The male nurse (doctor?) who gave me the ointment told me he had been given permission by the attending guards to knock me out with his fist when I had woken up and demanded to know where I was, how I got there, why I was covered with blood and urine, and why I was shackled.

A short time later, while I was on the exercise yard, Dr. Hoglund saw me and said she had heard about: what happened to me earlier. She said she would see me later in the day, but for some reason did not do so. I tried to call the following attorneys, but could not get through to even one of them: Dangler; Dave Martin, Mark Ravis; and, the law firm of Rosen, Bien, Asaro

I, Eric Charles Rodney Knapp, verify under penalty of perjury that this journal entry is true and was made within just hours of the event(s) chronicled therein.

February 19, 2004

Mike Harrison, Warden                               FAX: (661) 729-2060
44750 60th Street West
Lancaster, CA 93536-7620

Re: Possible Transfer of Inmate Eric K誰app, J-10618

Dear Mr. Harrison:

I am writing about the possible transfer of Eric K誰app, J-10618 from California State Prison, Sacramento (CSP-SAC). This move is being planned by Warden Michael Knowles against Mr. K誰app痴 medical doctors advice, and is being made unlawfully and without adhering to the legal and procedural requirements. Liability for this move would be high, as there is already a Federal case pending.

I phoned your facility on February 10, 2002 and left a message for Ken Lewis, Public Information Officer, but have received no return call. So am sending this notice by FAX this date, so that you are aware of what is happening and your liability should Mr. K誰app be shipped in violation of his civil rights.

Mr. K誰app has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression with suicidel ideations, dissociative fugue disorder with stress-induced catatonia, which are considered permanent disabilities under Title 42, United States Code §12102 and California Code of Regulations §3084.7(k). These are prison and guard caused stress, and much of this stress has been at Mule Creek State Prison, and now at CSP-SAC.

Mr. K誰app痴 mother is Journalist B. Cayenne Bird, so he is a son of a journalist who puts out a newsletter U.N.I.O.N. which goes out to large list including many other journalist. Of course this is much of the reason why Warden Knowles doesn稚 want Mr. K誰app at CSP-SAC, but his doctors are there, his family can visit as part of this therapy, and he was doing very well until the Wardens changed and Knowles was moved to CSP-SAC.

I would request that you not accept Eric K誰app, J-10618 into your prison, and if he does arrive that he be immediately placed in medical as he may arrive in a catatonic state. Thank you for your attention to this matter. 

Sincerely yours, JDC

February 20, 2004

Eric has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which is 100% prison--induced, he did not have this before being constantly psychologically tortured in prison.  When it gets too terrible, he simply goes into a catatonic fugue.  He tries very hard not to do so but he can't help but pass out and lose all his bodily functions.  Each time he does that (three times in the past year at the hands of Michael Knowles), there is always the threat of death.

My son is being killed by psychological torture.  This campaign was deliberate and has been going on now for three, nearly four years.

I can only imagine the shape he was in when he arrived at Lancaster today, assuming that he did.  As I said, Michael Knowles is willing to kill my son to get me out of his prison. Eric filed twelve 602's and three complaints about violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

The principle Coleman monitor, Michael Keating in Rhode Island has called me several times today and David Martin, Esq. and Mark Ravis, Esq. standing by to take action once we confirm that this unlawful transfer really did take place.

  We have the bastard this time, the medical people are outraged.  But I don't know how to capture their testimony of what just went down.  The warden told the guards not to record anything that went on this entire week.

Knowing Eric he did not get on the bus easily realizing that he will probably killed at Lancaster.  I don't know what to do, the prison won't call me back to confirm that he is gone or not and my girls are hysterical.

I am trying very hard to maintain my cool but it's maxed, believe me.  This is why people scatter when we try to organize.  It's CDC's message to me.  Eric couldn't get through to anyone, not even me.  How horrible it is to get this in the mail.

B. Cayenne Bird

February 21, 2004


If there are laws that guide the treatment of prisoners then those laws need to be enforced.  Michael Knowles and his thugs have once again broken those laws.  Promoting him, demoting him or allowing him to retire early to hide his acts of abuse and torture will not be tolerated.  A judge must once again act to save Eric's life and to intervene and quickly.  I hope Eric can hold up to this unbelievable treatment.  Once he is safe, Michael Knowles and all who have conspired with him need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  They are brutal monsters, they are corrupt, they are deranged, and they are out of control.  All this is being done in our name and with our tax dollars.  There is not one reason for it other than a love of sadistic torture and for the need for power  -- and the almighty cover-up.  It sickens me. 

I say sue the bastards along with every single person who knew it was wrong and who stood by and let it occur to protect their own jobs, their own retirement, and their own benefits thinking they will never be held accountable because no one can believe a prisoner.  God only knows what has happened to others behind closed doors in the name of "justice."  There are many events that have never been documented and many who have died helpless and alone at the hands of these brutes.  This is nothing new.  California prisons are hellholes in crisis.  There will be no end to it until our citizens rise up in unison and cry out in a way that cannot be silenced.  We must be clear.  There is no justification for this sort of treatment of one human being toward another.


February 21, 2004

CSP Sacramento responded to our telephone inquiries to say that Eric is no longer at that prison and has been transferred to Lancaster.  This in spite of doctor's orders and a notification by our attorney not to do it. 

Two days ago they burned his nasal passages out by putting two capsules of ammonia INSIDE his nose and leaving them there until he regained consciousness. This is barbaric but typical of the brute force and stupidity that Michael Knowles promotes in his prisons.
At no time during this last session of collapse did the prison notify me, nor did they ever notify me of his transfer. 

Think of the cruelty this is causing to hundreds of inmates being transferred throughout California hundreds of miles away from their loved ones.  Think of the destruction upon the wives, children and elderly, the disabled who cannot visit their loved ones when they live hours away.

Lawsuits and initiative campaigns are the only language bullies understand, and it's time we did more organizing to be able to better stand up to this oppression.

There is so much violence and injustice happening in the prisons and jails that we should all have the common sense to bring thousands of people together and hire a fleet of lawyers.

We should do what we can rather than just sitting around and tolerating it.

I have no intention of sitting by and watching my son be killed in that bloodhouse Lancaster.  But Knowles has really shown his true nature to medical staff who is outraged with him right now. 

AND, those twelve 602's that Eric filed plus three violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) complaints need to also be answered.  The fact that inmate is transferred should not change the obligation of the prison to follow up on the bogus and corrupt 602 process.

I know we have many UNION subscribers in Lancaster and I would appreciate any sort of reports you have on Eric K'napp J10618.

I am very worried about the evidence in his legal case and documentation getting destroyed.  Anyone who stands up to the knuckledraggers will be tortured and I don't advise prisoners to do this, the fighting needs to be done by their family members.
Not the inmates directly. 

My grown up son doesn't always listen.  Nevertheless, working within the legal processes of the law is no excuse for physical and psychological torture and I'll not stand for it.  Michael Knowles needs to get fired and no matter when his next confirmation trial is scheduled, we need to OVERFLOW the courtroom this time.

I turned in 60 complaints on him to the FBI this past summer and the number of complaints have grown since then.  This warden is costing the taxpayers lots of money as there are a number of lawsuits filed against him.

B. Cayenne Bird

February 22, 2004

For your information, Eric is a level III prisoner and no one has a scratch upon them, yet he received a 98 year sentence.  He is a political prisoner because the recantation happened two years ago and he is still locked up.  Although his criminal attorney Richard Dangler tells me that the situation looks very good for a successful habeas.  How can it not be good news when this major new evidence came up.

How many prisoners are sitting in prison or jail for YEARS after people recanted their testimony?  I'll wager it is thousands.  Once they get them, and taste the profit and job security, it is almost impossible to get them out.


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