Charles Wesley - Medical Neglect

My name is Charles Wesley, and I was wondering if you would be interested in the torture of inmates in the form of Medical Neglect within the California Prison system. 

Below is a brief background of my situation, I do have all medical records, complaint forms, and detailed records of the past event. I have filed a Federal Civil Rights Suit against employees of the California Department of Corrections. 

My Attorney's name is Mark Ravis out of Beverly Hills, CA.  email . I would like to add that I am remorseful for my non-violent crime, but this abuse was not part of my sentence. 

Background: Employees of the California Department of Corrections with deliberate indifference failed to provide medically necessary health care and pain management for a serious spinal injury, they delayed recommended surgery resulting in permanent nerve damage. Which now severely limits my daily activities and for the unnecessary and wanton infliction of pain. 

I had been in severe pain from April 2, 1999 to November 16, 1999 (day of surgery). The pain was caused by a severely extruded disk of my spine on the right L-5/S-1 causing posterior displacement and compressing on the right S-1 nerve root.   Employees of the C.D.C. had failed to provide reasonably necessary medical care and pain management, and insisted on continuing a 
course of treatment that doctors knew was painful, ineffective and entailed substantial risk and serious harm to the me. 

These negligent courses of action had caused me an inability to walk often or far distances, to sit for any appreciable length of time, to shower without extreme pain, or  when imprisoned, to proceed to the RCW culinary to eat on most occasions. 

My daily activities have been and are still severely limited. In have been to the California Institution for Men (C.I.M.) Reception Center West (R.C.W.) medical department over sixty-one (61) not a typo 61 documented times complaining of severe pain, and that the current medication prescribed 
provided no relief. 

Due to the RCW Medicals "POLICY" prescribing a stronger pain medication, to ease the excruciating pain was not allowed. Surgery was recommended. However, due to budgetary constraints within CDC, (I was told this confidentiality by CDC employees) the Chief Medical officer's (CMO) at C.I.M. delayed necessary surgery. (some seven months) 

Subsequently, the approval for the surgery was further delayed due to the CMO's vacation. Surgery was scheduled and then canceled, because I refused to rescind my administrative appeal (602). But was then rescheduled and completed on November 16, 1999. It was obvious that I was in severe pain, I walked with a abnormal gait, and had collapsed from the pain after being forced to walk back from medical, when I was escorted there via EMERGENCY in a wheelchair, only to be given two Motrin, and two days of bed rest. 

CDC knew the injury was severe due to the fact a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) was performed by CDC on 5-26-99. Revealing a "Severe extruded disk on my spine". I was in severe pain every second my eyes were open. I have suffered from retaliation for complaining, about this medical abuse in the form of delayed surgery, threaten with transfer or higher custody, I was told that if my family members were to call the prison again complaining, that "it would cause me a lot of trouble". refusing to hospitalize me "unless you are dying, or bleeding". 

There is a licensed hospital her at Chino. And improper handling of my appeal. On November 02, 1999 I was sent on a bus ride to the M.S.F. hospital on the prison grounds only to sit "SHACKLED" for ten hours without receiving any medical treatment, I claim this was done because I refused to rescind my medical appeal complaining of medical neglect. I hope that you have read this far, this is not some bitterness being expelled I have truly suffered. 

There was a story in the L.A.Times On September 29, 2000 in the Commentary section about my situation written by B. Bird director of the U.N.I.O.N.  Please respond with your thoughts. Thank you for your time and professional service. 

Charles Wesley 

 Declaration of Charles Wesley

  Plaintiff Charles Wesley's Memorandum of Points and Authorities in Oppostion to Defendants Motion for Summary Judgment


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