Story of Darrell Dietle

In 1992 I was sent to Crystal Creek Camp, to finish my time from Shasta County Mail Jail.  While at Crystal Creek all inmates were forced to work on the "Cantera Loop Spill" in Dunsmuir, California.  The chemical spill was very toxic and saturated the safety clothing we were issued. 

Also, while working on the cleanup crew, I broke my left hip and was returned to the main jail.  While awaiting x-rays they (SCSD) housed me on the top tier.  I was told after 4 months that No  my hip was not broken. 

I then filed a Workers Comp. claim and won due to the simple fact that my hip had been broken as I originally claimed.  I also won an appeal filed by Shasta County. 

I was on Felony Probation at the time and was sent to prison for a 4 year (Joint Susp.), after being released for hip surgery.  After two major surgeries and time to heal I was placed in CDC custody.  CDC bounced me from Prison to Prison, which is not normal operating procedure.  I was transferred 5 times. 

When I finally paroled they made me go to Yreka where I had no family, no friends, no work, or a place to stay.  In fact, I had never been there before.  While living in Yreka with my wife (at the time), Steve Bakes made the statement that they (Shasta County) wanted me dead and he was hoping to get a promotion out of this.  My wife then moved down to Shasta County so that I was able to transfer and find work.  My Parole Agent Jennifer X, searched my home every week until the chaos she caused in my private life, lead my wife to get upset and get in touch with parole.  Immediately following this, Parole returned me to custody for 90 days.  Shortly after I left for prison I lost my family and home. 

On 3-4-02 I was driving on Hilltop Drive in my 1984 Z-28; It was 50° outside that day.  An R.P.D. cruiser pulled me over for a minor violation.  My passenger had an outstanding warrant for her arrest.  At this point, the officer arrested her and stated he was about to search my vehicle and my person against my wishes.  I repeatedly stated I was NOT on parole and did not authorize or consent to any type of search.  I finally consented when he pulled his OC canister and threatened to use force. 

Because of a knife which is legal to carry and was not concealed, the officer states he feared for his safety.  I complied immediately with his every request.  This officer had even had his back-up in place by this time.  He states I was 15 feet from the car; how was I a threat to either officer?  I had gone to the extent of opening my jacket and making it obvious that I was in fact NOT concealing any weapons.  They then violate my 4th Amendment right by going into my home for an hour and forty-five min. before a search warrant was signed and issued. 

My right to a reasonable Bail is also being violated as it is set at $502,000 and I am currently on SSI, which makes my total income $750 a month. 

The courts have also told me that if I exercise my right to a jury trial they will push for a 16 year sentence, even though they are presently offering less than half of that.  Doesn't this violate Due Process? 

On top of all of this, the Sheriff refuses to take reports on multiple thefts of property since I am in custody. 

 1.  1977 Camaro 
 2.  Money out of my bank account. 
 3.  My home has been robbed.  Why is this??? 

The Sheriff, B&E, RPD stole property from my home on 3-4-02.  Among these items were; chainsaws, multiple tools and stereo equipment.  None of these were stolen items or on "hot sheets." 

This is an ongoing problem with law enforcement in Shasta County.  Other residents of Shasta County have had this exact problem.  One such person is William Joplin who was told these items were taken and would not be returned to him.  Why is this not a punishable crime?  Residential Burglary!  The law officers of Shasta County breaking the law at their own convenience is outrageous.  They steal, lie and threaten witnesses to fit the law as they see it. 

BNE Officer Loveless testified that he did not arrive at my home until 1700 hrs, but he did in fact see all the items taken from my home. 

The police arrived at my home at 12:26 p.m., but the search warrant was not signed until 14:05 p.m.  Since the officers entered my home prior to the warrant being signed, this is obviously an illegal search of my residence. 

I have no strikes and this is my 1st drug arrest, yet I'm told that I am not eligible for Prop. 36.  Other inmates have violence and 2 or more arrests for drugs and are still getting Prop. 36. 

It seems the DA's are making up guidelines as they go; case by case.  If we break the law, we come to jail.  Why are the police & judicial people above the law? 

T. Berger was arrested for the exact charges I'm being held on, yet he receives CRC; not 16 years.  A lot more has happened that seems unlawful since my winning the claim against Shasta County.  All of these facts are documented starting 4-7-92 to present.  In the Eastern District Federal Courts, as well as the County Clerks Court records. 

In 1995 an injunctive relief was put in place by East. Dist. Court against any official, employees & agents of Shasta county.  This has been & is obviously being violated. 

Another fact I would like to make you aware of, is the fact my sinuses have been crushed & I take through necessity, medication that the county connects with the manufacture of Methamphetamine. 

Please feel free to contact me either in person or via the U.S. mail for more details.  There is much more I could relate to you. 

Thank you for your time, Darrell Dietle 

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