Injustice For All

Dear Lady Liberty:

We the people of your boiled over melting pot,
have lost our independence
and would tell you just what we've got.
Prison, poverty, war and greed.

Hunger and homelessness and not the things we need.

Across your sacred ground if you were to ask your children
of what they see or what will be in this home of the slave.

This so-called land of the free,
we are watching Old Glory burn
with its ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

United we'll stand while ungod we trust.

The great democracy has become the
great hypocrisy from sea to shining sea.

And the shot heard round the world,
will come from your nuclear doom.

Divided will fall in your polluted gloom,
and your declaration of independence has given us
the right to remain silent.

While everything will be held against us.

Your money and your wealth.

Your bombers devised for stealth.

Social insecurity, medicare, HMO's and unwelfare,
instead of giving us liberty you have given us death.

John Q. Public

By Jeffrey R. Banker, 2003


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