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Jason Vale Railroaded into Prison- Constitution a Fraud 

Posted By: JohnHammell 
Date: Wednesday, 23 July 2003, 10:36 p.m. 

Maddie- I am very sorry, but not surprised to read this. [see press release below my comments about how Jason Vale got railroaded into prison where he is awaiting sentencing to Club Fed for telling the story of his recovery from cancer using apricot seeds] 

What Jason never grasped is that none of us HAVE any constitutional rights. The Constitution is a fraud. It was never legally ratified, and it never conferred any "rights" to ANY of us. Read Lysander Spooner's No Treason- The Constitution of No Authority

The whole book is on the web and can be downloaded for no charge. Spooner was an attorney in the 1870s who once thought he had constitutional rights---- til the Feds stomped on a business he had which competed with the US Postal Service, then he realized he had NOT RIGHTS that we are SLAVES and that AMERICA is one big ugly LIE. 

What he learned upon researching the Constitution, and circumstances surrounding its signing is that all it ever was was a bankruptcy document between those who signed it and the Crown. That is, THEY had rights under it, but WE were never a party to it, so we have NO rights under it. He learned it was never legally ratified. 

So.... what is going on here? I hate to say it but America is a slave state, it is NOT a "free country" and never has been. All America is and all it has EVER been has been the creation of Free Masons whose only allegiance was to a long range satanic plan of creating a global totalitarian state, with America being the tip of their spear- the vehicle by which they intend to force the whole world into bondage. Washington DC is laid out on a grid of Masonic Sacred Geometry. The implications are chilling. See this website

Our whore President, whore "Justice" Department, and whore Congress won't do anything to help Jason. 

The only way he could have avoided this mess would have been if he'd not brought that attorney into the courtroom which put him automatically under the Court's jurisdiction, and if he had known what to do and say to remain outside the court's jurisdiction. 

He didn't know how to go about learning these things and he couldn't have learned them quickly or easily. I put him in touch with David Parker "David Parker" < > a guy who could have taught him these procedures if he'd reached him soon enough which he didn't. 

I hate to say it, but Jason is going to be doing some time in "Club Fed." He'll survive, and come out a lot wiser for the experience, and maybe then he can learn what might have helped him avoid this mess, its never too late to learn. One person who has learned since leaving Federal Prison is Ed Mc Cabe, author of Flood Your Body With Oxygen

Ed spent a few years in Club Fed for not backing off when the Fedstapo tried using scare tactics to stop him from serving as an expert witness in court rooms defending alternative practitioners who'd been using ozone to cure people of cancer. Ed has since learned these matters pertaining to jurisdiction. 

Jason is in very good company. Many good men have gone into Federal Prison by defying the FDA in the way that he has. He is not the first, and he won't be the last to experience this gross and evil injustice, but more could escape it if they learned about matters pertaining to jurisdiction and how to remain separate from the court so they have no power over you. We have no rights inside their courtrooms, we only have the ability to remain outside their jurisdiction if we make the right moves. 

I don't pretend to be any expert on this and am on a learning curve. See

See this Declaration of Rights under the Uniform Commercial Code

At 09:53 PM 7/23/03 -0400, you wrote: 

Release 7/23/03 

FDA Takes Away New York Man's Constitutional Rights 

Queens, New York - 35 yr old, Jason Vale, who was terminal from cancer, and went on to become the Arm Wrestling World Champion, has recently faced his most difficult opponent -- the Federal Drug Administration. Jason turned to natural healing when he came down with cancer for the third time -- and successfully conquered cancer by prayer and eating apricot seeds. The seeds of these fruits contain Vitamin B17 which has been found to have an amazing success in the healing of all types of cancers as well as in preventing cancer. The first two times he had cancer, at ages 18 and 19, Jason used the FDA approved methods of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, and the cancer reappeared a third time. Thirty years ago, the world reknown biochemist, Kanematsu Sugiura, of Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute, found that the components of apricot kernels stopped the spreading of cancer cells, stopped the beginning of cancer cells, and said that if an individual simply ate apricot kernels he could not develop cancer. His tests were botched by the money-driven opponents inside Sloan- Kettering, and the doctor who was hired to write a paper against Dr. Sugiura's findings was fired for telling the truth about the healing qualities of apricot kernel extract, otherwise known as Laetrile. 

Jason Vale, who was healed of cancer by eating apricot kernels, after he was diagnosed with it for the third time at age 26, has traveled the country in arm wrestling matches since his healing, and has been interviewed by various newspapers, radio stations, and tv shows such as Extra and CNN and the Wall Street Journal. The staff of Extra received such a large number of callers after Jason's interview aired, that they aired his show a second time. 

Jason began to supply people with apricot kernels and an information video through a company Christian Brothers and thereafter thousands called in with success stories ranging from cancer gone to tumors shrinking down. These success stories are all documented at the website  along with the court documents. Eventually, without even one customer complaint, the FDA came in and seized apricot seeds and computers and brought Jason to criminal court for promoting this natural answer to cancer. Jason's father, Joseph Vale, had to pay $840,000 in June 2002, to keep Jason out of jail pending his court case in July 2003. Jason was coerced into signing a consent decree stating he would not sell apricot seeds with claims that they cure cancer, but he could still sell the seeds with no claims. On July 21, 2003, in the Federal Eastern District of New York courtroom of Judge John Gleeson, Jason lost his Constitutional Rights to be able to continue to tell his story of how he defeated one of the world's most deadliest opponents - cancer. The FDA did agree that there were 28,000 people that have documented claims that they were cured through Jason's office, and also that they never received one complaint about him. One of the stories used against Jason was that AOL had a lawsuit pending against him because of thousands of emails he had sent out years ago. However, AOL dropped those charges years ago, and Jason continues to use AOL for his email services. 

Jason is now in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY, awaiting his sentencing in October 2003. 

Please write the President, the Supreme Court Justice, the Attorney General, your local news station, the Brooklyn Detention Center, or anyone who can get the word out to help free Jason and to stop this injustice! To help or for questions please contact Maddie Becka, Assistant/Christian Brothers, Email:
Ph: 979-694-7539

August 19, 2003 - E-mail 

Dear Supporters: 

First of all, The Vale Family wants to thank all of you who have responded to my sister Johannaís initial email. We received many responses which fall into the following categories: 

Recommendations on how to proceed 
Support from the Medical community to their peers requesting additional support and written responses 
Support of Jasonís character and intentions 
Sympathy / Support of the circumstances 

The most important issue at this time, and until October 24th, is preparing for Jasonís sentencing. 

To that end, we are requesting the following from anyone who would so graciously cooperate: 

A SHORT concise email addressing the Honorable Judge Gleeson stating your impression of Jason and his character 

A SHORT concise Email (snail mail if necessary) citing positive experiences using the seeds and laetrile 

Participation in a conference call (details to be distributed) on the afternoon of his sentencing (Oct 24, 2003 @ 2PM). With the great advances in technology, hopefully they will consider this new approach replacing a physical gathering outside of the courthouse, as a demonstration of support 
Once again, all responses and participation are sincerely appreciated. The Vale family is happy to have had the added years with Jason Vale after his grim diagnosis in 1986 and we owe our unlimited support to ensure that he is heard and understood. 

A charity fund has been established to cover the cost of the Jasonís ongoing case. If you would like to make a contribution, please visit  . 

Please send your reply to this email to  using one of the following in the subject header: 

God Bless, 

Jared S. Vale (Jasonís brother) 

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