Judicial Terror in Shasta County

Shasta County News

Shasta County Public Defenders Arrested

Abuse of Charles Peterson Continues in 2008

 CPS Abuse - Shasta County

Curle is Challenged for County Judge Job

Vote Shasta - Aaron Williams for Judge

Three Striker Sentenced to Life

Dean to serve four months

Moshe Stein Letter to Lt. Von Rader

County Settles Lawsuit - $390,000

Judge wants 'third strike' removed

Read this and then Write & Educate LaMalfa
Assemblyman LaMalfa

Arnold Upbeat, Busy in Prison

  Melissa H. - Shasta County CPS

 Marshal's officer faces mistreatment charges

Abu Ghraib of Shasta County Jail

Story of Timothy Brantley

Doctor and pharmacy owners overcome charges, lose footing

Living in Pain

Deputy suspended while death investigated

Man dies after struggle

Man dies while being arrested at Casino

Shasta County Senator

 Fatal police shooting justified, district attorney rules

 Tax Protester Arrested on Federal Warrant

See for yourself - Was this shooting necessary?
 Series of 68 photos available online - Redding Police Shooting

Redding Police Shootings - 3 in One Day! + Other Shottings

 Essay by Son of Michael Arnold

Story of Albert Valdez

Story of Charles Peterson

Shasta County Jail's Punitive Mind Set
of Confiscating Books undermines Goals of Rehabilitation

Real Victim of Three-Strikes Law is the Taxpayer

 Obtaining Photocopies of Legal Documents in Shasta Jail

Shasta County Jail Inmate ID Fiasco

From Parol to Civil Commitment

Inmate found dead at Shasta County jail

The Rest of the Story of Attemped Suicide of Denver E. Bowen

TB II, In Its Latest Gaffe,
The Shasta County Jail Negligently Fails to Contain A Tuberculosis Outbreak

Shasta County Public Defenders

Excessive or Justified Force - Or - Was it Retaliation by
Shasta County Jail Officers?

Boyfriend's prison term is 15 years

Redding Cancels Contract -
Public defender Kennedy not legally entitled to practice law

Board Might Choose New Public Defender

Contact Shasta County Supervisors

 Man's Brother Wants Answers

 Parolee Thought to have Gun

Shasta Jail Ignored Tuberculosis

Redding Man Killed in Prison [High Desert]

Shasta County Jail Pestilence

 The Solution to Shasta County Jail's Problems

Ineffective Assistance of Counsel - Index

 Hate and the Three-Strikes Law

Three Striker - Liesl Hale Story

Gary Lee Forshee Story

The Case of Jason Powers

Story of Michael Ray Mason

Almeda False Imprisonment

Framed in Shasta County

 Inmate attempts suicide

Shasta County Settles Civil Rights Lawsuit

 Board of Corrections Audits Shasta County Jail

Arsonist Williams dies in jail

Inmate Found Dead - November 17, 2002

 Razor used in jail suicide - Williams

Williams Trial may go to Sonoma

Killer's last letter unsealed

Long Road Back - Severly beaten officer returns to work

Story of Darrell Dietle

A Double Dose of Excessive Force in Shasta County

More Information and Update on Excessive Force in Shasta County

 It Was Meningitis --Not Shaken Baby Syndrome

Scott Larson Index

Declaration of Maurice E. Sorzano, Jr.

After Four Suicide Attempts A Man Is Found Not A
Danger to Himself

Boy, 17, hangs himself in Shasta juvenile hall

Alleged Guard Brutality at the Troubled Shasta County Jail

Alleged Police Brutality by the Redding Police Department

Open transcripts strike blow for judicial openness

 Ex-lab owner is probed

 State Clears Former Lab Owner

Attorney: Prisoner may be victim of faulty drug test

Evidence ruling favors defense

Man's third strike reversed

 Arraignment delayed in attorney's drug case

 A Second Strike

Governor insists cuts won't hurt local government

 County's legal aid examined

County a defendant in civil rights lawsuit - (Brewster)

Thomas Brewster vs. Shasta County - 9th Circuit

 Curle v. Superior Court (Gleason) (2001) 24 Cal.4th 1057 ,
103 Cal.Rptr.2d 751; 16 P.3d 166

Henry v. The County of Shasta - 9th Circuit

1997 Henry v. County of Shasta - 9th Circuit

Officer will be disciplined

Attorney Public Record of Disipline

Ex-cop gets nine-year prison term

 Suit claims Redding officer beat motel owner

 Cop back on job after firing shots

 Redding attorney faces 3 counts

Attorney sent to drug rehab

Lawyer faces professional discipline

Redding lawyer sentenced to more than five years in prison

Case dropped January 14, 2003! DA says will recharge.
Fisher Case - A "War" on People in Pain

 Shasta County Jail Beatings - Letters to Board of Correction

 Shasta County District Attorney - Press Releases


Tom Watson Writings Index

Moshe I. Stein - Index

 Pleasant Valley State Prison - Shasta County Inmates

 High Desert State Prison - Shasta County Inmates

 Three Strikes: Real Justice? The Reporter.com

Trouble in Jails - Orange County

 Morgan Index

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Lockdown Index

Mail Obstruction

What Inmates Eat

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