Poetry by Russell Holland



My dearest Son,

Oh how I wish I could be with you.

It tears my heart in two,

Knowing I haven’t been there as a good dad.

I sincerely feel for you.

I regret the chances I had to be there but didn’t take.

Son, the dope your dad took,

Used to run his life.

My heart now aches.

The tears I shed are from my soul,

Because I know you need a dad out there,

To comfort you and hold.

Son, I can’t change what I’ve done to you in the past,

But I’m here to say I’m now a changed man.

If the Lord above allows me to go free,

I will be there for you Son,

Because I love you more than this life could ever give me.

You’re my boy and I’m very proud of you.

Won’t you forgive you old man,

For all the pain he’s caused you?

From your pops, I love you Son…

By R.L.H. 2001 Bird in a cage

All rights reserved



The prisoner hung up the picture,

One of a blue bird on his bare wall.

For it represented a kinda freedom to him,

So  great but yet so far.

He looked at the picture and wondered,

What it would be like to be totally free.

Flying around in the open blue skies.

So happy and meek.

“God up in heaven,

Can you hear me” the prisoner cried.

“Won’t you please reveal yourself to me,

And let me know everything will be alright.”

I want to be free like my little bird friends,

Who fly freely in the sky,

I want your peace and love Lord,

I never want to die…

By R.L.H. 2001, Bird in a cage.



When God made birds,
He made a beauty you could see.
With different kinds of species
And color of feathers,
Just like you and me.

Can’t we get along and serve the Lord together,
Without judging one an others walk,
Or worrying about the weather?

My brother birds who God loves all,
Let us love one another,
Whether great or small.

Bel kind and meek and gentle too.
Let’s band together,
Let Jesus’s love shine on through.

By R.L.H. 2001
Boise Max




My tears I will not allow you to see,

For there concealed deep within me.

These bars of iron which is the word of God,

Protect me from you constant attacks of cruelty.

Your sadistic hatred of vengeance,

I will not let bother me,

For the Lord God Almighty

Has indeed set me free.

Get behind me Satan,

For I love you NO more.

You mean nothing to me,

Now pack up your luggage

And leave through the door.

Don’t ever try to come back,

Because it would only be a waste of time,

For my guardian angel will be there,

Standing guard over me,

For the Lord is mine…

By R.L.H. 2001
Boise Max



The saddest day I can ever recall,

Was when I left my Lord and began to fall.

Why did I turn my back to my Master’s loving hand?

Why did I have to stray away? I don’t understand.

“Satan get away from me and leave me alone.

Your not my God or my salvation or heaven’s throne.”

Dear Lord Jesus, “The only God that showers His love on me,

Won’t you please forgive me from the heart,

For turning away from thee.”

“I was stupid Oh Lord, And a big fool too.

I only know I need you Lord to carry me through.”

“I know I don’t deserve you God,

But you are my only hope.

Won’t you please love me again,

I need you to cope.”

By R.L.H., 2001



Corcoran SHU prison I remember you so well,

You tried to break my spirit and send me to hell.

The setups and games you played with us convicts,

Was watched by the Lord up in heaven.

Who will judge you one day,

You sadistic cops.

I used to hate you and vowed to get even.

But God changed my life and now I’m no heathen.

Guards why don’t you change your evil ways,

And quit setting up the prisoners whom you hold at bay?

In memory of Corcoran SHU 1980 R.L.H C-54714

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