People on the outside, for the most part believe law-enforcement people, whether they be your local police or correctional officer, to be decent and good. 

They see the police as their protector and their friend in time of trouble.  They see the correctional officer who works in prison as protecting society from the dangerous psychopaths and anti socials whom they perceive as subhuman and some kind of monster.

But what society doesn’t see, because they are not there to see it is the injustice, cruelty, torture, and psychological damage that law enforcement causes the American prisoners. 

In every prison in America every moment of every day, a particular individual prisoner who is being abused either physically or mentally by PRISON AUTHORITIES trusted to uphold the law. 

The United States Courts are well aware of such abuses.  They receive countless lawsuits and writs of habeas corpus from prisoners who ask for relief and help, but who are for the most part ignored by the American system that is supposedly committed to stand for truth and justice for all.

When the court does not take action in stopping the abusive violence that inmates are subject to by prison authorities, then what America is supposed to stand for is nothing more than a lie.

The prisoner in the current American prison system ends up being nothing more than a modern slave.  When the authorities want to, the prisoner is abused when they decide to create a justified use of force on us the prisoners.  This is not to say that there may be rare times when there needs to be a show of force to subdue violent inmates, but this is the exception to what goes on with many situations.

They can get away with it because prison supervisors and even wardens turn their backs to it.  Abuses by prison authorities have been going on for many years, ever since the prison system began. 

Well, you say, “You shouldn’t have committed a crime so that you had to be put away.  You’re the criminal, the scum bag to society.  You should learn to deal with it.  It’s your problem.  Why should we care about you.  We know your type very well.”

I ask you to take a look at this kind of attitude.  What if you were in prison or had a loved one in prison abused by some psychopathic guards who just want to have fun hurting the bad, mad dog prisoner?  Now, what if that bad, mad dog who was abused, tortured and played with ever got out again and decided it was his or her turn to have fun and get even with society?  Do you see what I am trying to say?

Abuse on prisoners is not just happening in one state in the USA.  It’s happening in every state across the United States.  Not all prisoners are abused or tortured by trusted authority.  But for the ones who are, many are psychologically damaged for life.

The prisoner was not sentenced by the courts to be subjected to abuse and torture or mentally abused by trusted authorities.  They were sentenced to be kept away from society for a period of time until their sentence was completed. 

Over time they have changed the way force is used upon the prisoner.  But inflicting pain upon a prisoner when he or she is not resisting at the time of the assault by prison authorities and causing the prisoner pain is a violation of that prisoner’s rights.  It is downright inhuman, yet still condoned by the system if not the court system.

It looks to me like the officials and courts could stop these abuses if they really wanted to. However, they seem to justify all the prison authorities do, even if it is not legal or warranted.  “I’m justified in doing what I have to do to maintain law and order!”  I’ve heard those words so much it makes me sick.  I wonder why do authority figures seem to have to cover up their crimes.  Why are they allowed to keep getting away with this? 

I think it is simply because society does not know or simply doesn’t care.  The system certainly does not care.  To them the prisoner is less than an animal.  He gets what he deserves is the mentality of those in charge and society.

Well society, remember how your people the Jews suffered in camps that were run by sadistic guards.  Remember how the black man was taken from his country and suffered at the hands of whites, “just because.”  Remember how a loved one was abused in one form or another. 


By a prisoner who has been there,
R.H. December 2003
Idaho Dept. of Corrections

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