The Strip Search

By Monte Bridges - 1977

I was sent to jail one day, first time I'd made the trip.
About the second order was, "O.K. buddy, strip."
Now I'm not a bashful fellow, and didn't really mind,
But this person searching, seemed to be a different kind.

He watched my every movement as I started to disrobe,
And came to swift attention, his eyes began to probe.
Then when I'd finally finished, and placed them in a pile,
He ordered me to "life em," (across his face a smile).

So I reached up and stretched my arms, along the jailhouse walls;
"That's not what I meant," he said, "I meant you lift your balls."
Well I did just what he'd told me, and he stuck his face up close.
I'd heard of many weirdos, but this seemed really gross.

Satisfied he straightened up, grinning just a bit,
I started to get dressed, I figured that was it.
"Wait a minute turkey, raise the bottoms of your feet."
(Both at once I wondered? That would be real neat.)

Of course he found nothing, and seemed content to let it pass.
Then to my surprise he said, "now let's see your ass."
I looked about bewildered but saw no help in sight;
Then I turned around, no other answer to my plight.

"Spread em," he said, so I spread my legs apart.
"Your cheeks I meant, you dummy." (Had this man no heart?)
Well I complied and "spread em," as I slightly bent my back;
Then I could feel his hot breath, directly in my crack!

This chance for me was fleeting, I knew it quick would pass,
So I grunted, groaned, and strained, and then I passed some gas.
I heard his sniff then back away, as a violent oath he uttered;
And as he swore beneath his breath, I'm certain that he stuttered.

Since I've "been down" this shameful scene, has often been my lot;
I've tried and tried to do the same, but simply just could not.
But I know someday I'll leave this place, and with a happy heart.
And I fondly hope, at that final strip, I leave with one big FART!

Note from author:

This was written in 1977 at F.C.I. Butner, N.C. , a brand new facility where I was editor of the prison newspaper "Winds of Change." Just about every controversial aspect of prison life is addressed by one prison paper or another. We exchanged papers with numerous other prisons. Nothing was noted re the dreaded strip search. I was discussing this one Sat. with my black friend Phil (Philadelphia) and he said to me, "Why don't you write something?" I sat down that Sat. afternoon and this was my creation. It was composed "tongue-in-cheek" of course, but became an instant "hit." The Warden loved it and put copies on every bulletin board in the prison. Hundreds of copies were sent by inmates throughout the U.S. I guess, in a small sense, it became a classic--(such as it is). I know it's a little risqué, but it's reality and not nearly as crude as the real act. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy it.


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