"3D Sara"

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"Sad Somae"

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sarafae-link.jpg (14519 bytes)


violetfae-link.jpg (14561 bytes)


blacker-link.jpg (14550 bytes)

"Poodle Skirt Sara"

poodlesara-link.jpg (14578 bytes)

"Goth Twins"

gothtwins-link.jpg (14432 bytes)

"Before & After"

beforeafter-link.jpg (14434 bytes)


WIPtexture-link.jpg (14250 bytes)

"Where's my Shoes?"

wheresarashoes-link.jpg (14435 bytes)

"Sara's New Gowns"

sarasgown-link.jpg (14506 bytes)

"Another New Gown"

sarasgown4-link.jpg (11772 bytes)

"Got Wings"

saragotwings-link.jpg (14693 bytes)

"Wicca Spirit"

wiccaspirit-link.jpg (14107 bytes)


"Wicca Prayer"

wiccaprayer-link.jpg (14717 bytes)


dreams-link.jpg (14926 bytes)

"Bell, Book & Candle"

bellbookcandle-link.jpg (14838 bytes)

"Sara Gothika"

saragothika-link.jpg (25292 bytes)

"Devil or Angel"

tn_devilorangel-link.jpg (5277 bytes)

"Evil Sara"

evilsara-thumb.jpg (5906 bytes)

"Ultimate Gown"

saraultimatedress-link.jpg (15326 bytes)

"Sara's Merry Christmas"

christmas-sara-link.jpg (14705 bytes)

These 3 images were my first attempt at making a Sara model when I first started using Poser 5.

2ndsara.jpg (43483 bytes)

3rdSara.jpg (47371 bytes)

I didn't like her hair, so tried with one of V3's hair.

1stsarasorrysara.jpg (44688 bytes)


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