12-06-01"Experience Matters"
12-02-01Well! No Wonder Caleb Can't Get Any...
11-29-01"I Feel a Slap Coming On..."
11-28-01"Dolly the Lamb Strikes Back"
11-27-01"The Irony of Snow Days..."
11-26-01"Picking Up the Jargon..."
11-25-01"The Inevitable return of Punky Brewster"
11-24-01"FROM THE ARCHIVE: 300% Loser Strip from December 8, 1941"
11-22-01"It really Wasn't That Much Different Back Then Than It Is Now..."Thanksgiving Special!
11-18-01"Nothing to Do...But Play with all these Toys."
11-17-01"Caleb...the Diplomat"
11-16-01"Getting Jiggy Wit'It"
11-15-01"Insane Loser Posers"
11-14-01"We Buy Our Hair Dye Off the Internet"


©2001-2002 ThreeHundredLosers • Illustrations by Will Arnett • Written by Aaron Cullimore, Will Arnett, Caleb Engman, & Russell Scott