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Contacting Us

To register for courses or to make an appointment for a treatment session please contact us in advance.

In general, when there are enough people interested in a course a date is set. A minimum of 4 participants per course is good since courses are based mostly on practical hands-on work, exchange of treatments and group discussions. For this reason, when you make contact about a course, it is helpful to know each person's time/travel plans.

Receiving a Treatment Session Before Taking a Course:

If you are interested in taking a course but as yet have not personally experienced Reiki or Zen Shiatsu yourself, I recommend to receive a treatment before the course.

In this way, you have a personal hands-on experience of the practice, you get a tangible feeling of what this technique is about, and also you have an idea of what you are going to learn.

This also gives us a chance to meet in person, connect, and talk about any relevant personal issues or questions that you may have about the course itself.

Making Contact:

If you are interested in participating in a course and/or receiving a treatment the best way is to call directly by telephone, or send an email.

If you call and an answering machine responds, please leave a message with information on how to reach you (name, guesthouse, room number, telephone number, hours that you can be reached) and you are welcome to please try calling again later.

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For further information:
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