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Special Events

- Women's Circles
- Free Spirit Chakra Belly-Dancing Workshop
- Bio-Danza Evenings
- Non-Violent Communication (NVC)Group

Monthly Women's Circle internal journey to the depths of womanhood and femininity...

The Dark Moon circles are intended to offer space for women to share thoughts, emotions, voices, ideas, and dreams with one another in a supportive environment.

Previous Dark Moon Circles:

Jan 8,2005

"It was a powerful circle...15 Goddesses, sitting on mattresses in a circle around flowers and candles..Once again Katherina lead us into a powerful meditaion, this time with her amazing crystal singing bowls, a healing circle for Mother Earth in these times of chaos and suffering...for the first time we experimented with chanting empowering and healing songs from the Red Path...and after tea and snacks we cleared out the mattresses and followed Taiya's guidance into a Free Spirit Chakra Bellydancing session...with scarves tied at the hips and bellys exposed we swirled, twirled, undulated and curved from top to bottom, to middle-eastern rhythms, opening and activating our chakras one by one...concluding with a celebration of dance and music, celebrating our selves, the moon, our freedom, our life."

Thank you to all those who came and shared their beautiful energies in the circle...

Feb 5,2005

Celebrating New Beginnings by welcoming the Chinese New Year and following the Celtic tradition of Umolc, Roz Keep led us through an enchanting evening. By candlelight, in the shamanic tradition we called forth the 4 directions and welcomed the spiritis, called forth our ancestral mothers, reflected on releasing the old and welcoming the new, meditated with Katharina's crystal singing bowls to manifest our wishes for the new year and made a ceremonial burning ritual of that which we are willing to let go of. We closed with chanting, dancing, playing instruments to the beats of songs of the Red Path. A magical evening by all measures.

Each month we will focus on a different theme and sometimes feature guest facilitators.

These monthly gatherings are open to all women and are run on a donation basis. All funds donated will go towards covering basic costs of the evening and any additional funds will be given to a local charity of our choice. Suggestions are welcome.

Next Circle - Tuesday, March 8, 19:00

This Dark Moon is special since March 8 is also International Women's Day, so we have a special treat from two special women visiting Chiang Mai.

Clairvoyant Group Reading and Healing

Nancy Rebecca and Yvonne Kilcup

These readings came to be when Nancy was guided to use her abilities as a clairvoyant healer to work with large groups of people. She was told that the changes in the world made it necessary to increase the rate at which the world community is healing.

What can I expect?
You will gather with others that are also divinely guided to be present. Nancy will come into the room prepared to begin the reading. She will introduce herself and then move into leading the group through a meditation. Once the group is in a meditative state then Nancy will "tune in" to the unique vibration and agreement of the group. Nancy uses her clairvoyance to see colors and images that have symbolic meaning and group contracts and at times may see group past lives. She uses the concept of the chakra/energy system as a foundation for the reading. As Nancy reads the energy in the room she is also in constant contact with the guides and angels that are supporting the event so at times may be guided to move in other unique directions with the group. The group is then led through the process of balancing and healing each of the seven main chakras bringing the issue at hand into balance using the group energy.

We all hold the space until each person has come into balance. The actual group reading and healing time is about 35 minutes. We then take a tea break and return back to the group for a time to share, process experiences and ask questions of Nancy and each other. You can expect to feel relaxed and more at peace inside. In some cases people experience releases of chronic pain. Most of all individuals feel as if Nancy was personally reading them and feel privileged to be a part of the healing everyone in the room experiences.

Nancy Rebecca, RN, Clairvoyant Reader, Healer and Teacher has been doing this work for ten years and has been doing Group Readings for 4 years.
Yvonne Kilcup, RN Clairvoyant is involved in all aspects of this work and moves throughout the group reading working with the energy in the room to keep the room a safe place to be and heal.

Where - Oda's Studio at Sunshine Massage School, located near McCormick Hospital 5-10 minutes from Thae Phae gate (for a map see

Bring - stories, poems, subjects you are curious to talk about, songs, music, instruments — or anything that you wish to share!
Also, bring - a snack/fruit to share on the tea break (vegetarian please!), herbal tea will be provided.

Meeting is on donation for expense coverage and charity – suggested minimum 30-50 Bhat.

Come celebrate your womanhood in its entirety!!!

Confirmation - To have an idea approximately how many we will be, if you are coming or are considering it, please email : (

…any ideas, suggestions and/or organizational help is welcome, call Oda at 053-892771 and/or email as above

"...may the circle be open but unbroken, may the Love of the Goddess be ever in your heart...merry meet and merry part, merry meet again..."

One-day intensive workshop with Taiya
Saturday, February 5,2005

Free spirit chakra bellydancing combines the mystique of the Middle Eastern dance form with a variety of creative movement techniques.
Explore the essence of your seven chakras and their role in helping you to maintain good physical, mental and spiritual health.

This dance form is a celebration of life and the intricate connection between body, mind and spirit.
Commune with the energy of your charkas through a unique movement experience, renewing a sense of personal freedom.

This dance form is gentle and fun. It is safe and suitable for all sexes, ages, shapes and sizes.


TAIYA CURLE has been bellydancing since 1991, performed and taught in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and British Columbia since 1997. Becoming a REIKI MASTER TEACHER in 1999, Taiya works with a strong spiritual awareness of Universal Life Force Energy, which she also expresses in her deep love for dance and it's therapeutic value of emotional and spiritual rejuvenation. She has expanded her awareness of the sacred and unique language of dance through studying a variety of movement therapy techniques including Gabrielle Roth's, "Five Rhythm's" and Emily Conrad D'aoud's "Continuum."
(Look at for more history, details and dance styles.)

When : Saturday, February 5, 2005 10:00 – 17:00 (including lunch break)

Where: Sunshine Massage School, 159/2 Kaew Nawarat, Soi 4 (near McCormick Hospital, on the way to Arcade Bus Station, 10-15 minutes from Tha Phae gate, for a map see

Price: Sliding Scale between 700 – 1400 Bhat

Bring: Comfortable, loose clothing; scarf/veil; food for a light shared pot-luck lunch (vegetarian please, fruits, vegetables, snack, can be store bought)

Registration: Number of places is limited! Advance registration is advisable!
Email Oda at or call 053-892771.


Bio-Danza Evenings
Evening workshop with Beppo Kaptein
Monday, February 7,2005 and Tuesday Feb 15, 2005
"Opening of the Heart"

What is Biodanza?
'Biodanza' is a Spanish word meaning movement through life; it is a personal growth teaching. Enjoy movement and dance to music in a group to express creativity, vitality and affection. Biodanza uses music that harmonizes the natural body functions, which in turn supports your physical and emotional well being. It opens ways for more enjoyment and fulfillment of life. When you look someone in the eyes at the end of a session, it feels as if a new life has been born.

What to expect of the workshop?
The instructor will shortly present the various exercises and will invite you to express it in movements that come from within you. Since the movements come from within, they are good as they are, therefore there will never be someone analyzing or judging your way of moving/dancing. You move in your own way within the possibilities and limits that you feel comfortable with. The exercises will invite you make contact with yourself, the other and with the group. You don't need to have any previous dance experience. The workshop is for men and women of all ages.

The session will be facilitated by Beppo Kaptein, who followed a teacher training for 2 years at the Amsterdam school for Biodanza. The lesson will be given in English. He says: "Biodanza has taught me that the world consists of love, when you open your heart to it"

Practical information

Where: Oda's Studio at Sunshine Massage School. Address: 159/2 Kaew Narawat, Soi 4 (located on the east of Chiang Mai city center, 5 minutes walking distance from the Arcade Bus Station, just opposite the McCormick Hospital. At the corner of Soi 4 is a water fountain and 150 meters into the soi on your right hand side you will find the new building of the School. (See map on

When: Tuesday, February 15, 2005 19:30-21:30

Cost: A minimum suggested donation about 150 baht is asked for covering expenses,room use, etc..

Registration: The workshop is limited to about 15 people.Please register in advance since there is a maximum of participants. for more information and registration send an e-mail to You are welcome to invite your friends as well.

Bring: Please bring some loose clothes suitable for dancing and stretching with you. Also bring a bottle of water if possible.
"Let movement to music invite you to express yourself with pleasure"

Non-Violent Communication (NVC) Group

Next meeting - Thursday, March 10, 2005 at 19:30 until 21:30 at Sunshine Massage School.

For more information and notification of participation please contact Pierre Wittmann at