Star Trek: Voyager

Okay, so you must be wondering what this is all about. I mean, do we REALLY need another Star Trek page out on the web? No, probably not. But you've got another one anyway. As I am, by far, one of your less web-literate Trekkers, this page isn't going to have a lot of spinning logos or pretty pictures. In fact, it'll probably look like this for a good long while. What should you expect then? Fan fiction, a song list, links to other cool Star Trek pages, and an episode guide for this show (according to me, of course). I may eventually get around to adding some sounds and pictures, but for now you'll just have to rely on the links I give you to find them. Hope you enjoy my humble little section of the World Wide Web.


Fan fiction: This is all my own doing. If, however, you have some stuff you'd like to put up, please, feel free to email me.

Song list: A group of songs which I have decided summerize, quite nicely, the way Janeway and Chakotay feel. Have any more? Email me.

Links: Pretty self-explanitory, no?

Episode Guide: An up-to-date list of all the episodes this show has with commentary by yours truly.

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