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The guy that lives next to me is playing some kinda boring repetitive punk rock and singing along and it is two oclock on a saturday night and i've come home drunk and i can hear him singing along. I can't tell what he's singing about. So anyway, you love racquetball, don't you and you hate poetry


keep on dreaming, hoping of an exciting future where we are all alive.

never take anything away. keep everything. go go go.

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To hear a song about Friday Night, which I recorded on my computer, click here, not here. Or to hear the new and exciting song entitled FROZEN POTATO
and if you wanna hear about my heart and the wonderful heart of love, there's still time for you.

Hello, , welcome to my world., you, are blessed

It seems my hit counter went crazy somehow, so i started it over friday, December 19, 1997 at 4:00 in the morning

No more bliss. I was lying. sorry.

Jay Blazek Crossley