Garage Dynamics is the sole distributor / retailer of, Braid wheels.  The wheel you see above is the, " Europa 3",  My personal favorite.  They come in a huge variety of lip styles, finishes, sizes and bolt display patterns.  Wheel sizes come in 16 x 5 to  24 x 15.

Several new owners rides have been added to the site.  Also, many fittments for wheels have been confirmed.

Owner' Ride section now open. And accepting picture submissions;
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*   Volk Racing releases new finish for TE-37,             Mercury Silver.
Speedy Wheels confirms that, "Sphere" fits            VR-4 & Stealth TT (pics coming soon)
Small Long Island gathering occuring June            8th.  Please visit forum                               under,Gatherings / North East, for                         more information

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