THE PIANO-FORTE -- Here you will find a collection of articles discussing different factors influencing the social and musical role as well as the materials and shape of the piano during the middle 1800s. Important accounts in patents and endorsements of different manufacturers' contributions help tracing the paths followed creating todays designs, but developments also can be traced according to the varying degrees of success of authors copying each other - due to their understanding of the instrument or language - and sometimes provide useful impressions of their own day's instruments as finished products.

1819, France. Rapport sur les produits de l'industrie Française   f*
1822, England. John Robison, Temperament of the Scale of Music   
1823, France. Rapport sur les produits de l'industrie Française   f
1824, Germany. Johann Lorenz Schiedmayer, Beschreibung, Eigenschaften des Forte-Piano im Allgemeinen   g*
1826, France. Louis-Benjamin Francoeur, Dictionnaire technologique   f*
1827, Germany. Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Elementary Instructions   
1827, France. Rapport sur les produits de l'industrie Française   f
1828, France. F. J. Fétis, Exposition de produits d'art dans les salons de l'Académie à Berlin   f
1830, England. David Brewster, The Edinburgh encyclopaedia   
1831, France. M. le baron de Prony, Inconvénients du mode ordinaire de représentation des intervalles musicaux   f
1832, England. J. Jousse, Directions to Students for Tuning the Pianoforte with Facility   
1834, France. Rapport sur les produits de l'industrie Française : Introduction historique   f
1834, France. Claude Montal, L'Art d'accorder soi-même son piano   e
1836, England. "Corio", On Tuning   
1837, France. Sainte-Preuve, Instruments à cordes frappées   f
1837, France. Adolphe Blanqui, Instruments de musique   f
1839, France. M. Savart, Rapport sur les produits de l'industrie Française : Instruments de musique   f
1839, Belgium. Natalis Briavoinne, Fabrication de pianos   f
1841, England. Alfred Savage, Improvements in Pianofortes   *
1841, France. Edouard Foucaud, Les artisans illustres   e, f
1843, England. C. Knight, Penny Encyclopedia   
1844, France. M. Savart, Rapport sur les produits de l'industrie Française : Instruments de musique   f*
1849, France. Rapport du jury central sur les produits de l'agriculture et de l'industrie exposés en 1849   f*
1851, United States. Herr Fleischmann on the Industrial and Social Life of the Americans   
1851, England. Great Exhibition of the Industry of all Nations, London   e, f
1853, United States. The New-York Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations.
1853, England. The Irish Industrial Exhibition of 1853   
1855, France. Exposition universelle de 1855 à Paris   f
1855, United States. Piano-Forte Making, from the Fireside Journal   *
1856, United States. Great Exhibition of the American Institute at the Crystal Palace, New York   
1858, England. T. Perronet Thompson, On the Strength of Tone of Wires in Pianofortes   
1860, England. E. F. Rimbault, The Pianoforte : Its Origins, Progress and Construction   *
1862, England. The International Exhibition   f*
1863, United States. Virginia Penny, The Employments of Women   
1865, United States. J. M. Edmunds, Musical Instruments   
1867, France. F. J. Fétis, Biographie universelle des musiciens   f
1867, United States. James Parton, The Piano in the United States   *
1867, France. Exposition universelle de 1867 à Paris   e, f
1868, England. John Stuart Mill, Probable Future of the Labouring Classes   f
1869, United States. The report of the Special Commissioner of the Revenue upon the industry, trade, commerce, &c.   
1870, France. M. Blanchet, Fabrication du piano   f
1871, Germany. Julius Blüthner, Der Resonanzboden   g*
1873, France. Exposition universelle de Vienne   f, e
1873, United States. The Great Inter-State Exhibition of 1873   
1875, United States. Edward Young, Labor in Europe and America   
1876, England. E. F. Rimbault, The Pianoforte   *
1876, United States. The Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia
1878, France. Exposition universelle de Paris
1878, England. W. H. Davies, How to Make a Pianoforte   *
1879, United States. J. W. Northrop, The History of the Piano Forte Manufacture in America.
1880, England. A. J. Hipkins, Pianoforte   

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(*), manufacture ; (), materials ; (), form ; (), trade ; (), service.