thribble says... welcome

So this is thribble...

The home of me, Kirsty Johns. This website is the current depository for my life. The blog, the photos, everything I'm interested in. It's meant to make it easy for you to find out about me (why would you want to?!). I certainly never wanted a website - too self indulgent. However, I'm learning things I wouldn't normally, and I'm almost enjoying writing it!

I'm not a programmer. I am learning how to do this as I go along. This means that the site will change from time to time. It will probably also mean that there'll be things wrong with it. If there are, please tell me. I probably won't have noticed, and if I have I may not be able to fix it, in which case some tips would be nice.

So here's how it works. Click on a link to find what you want. Not difficult, is it? So what are you still doing here?








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