Hi, I'm Thomas Rogers. Here's some stuff that may have interested me at one time or another. This page is not especially current, so don't take it too seriously.
R.L. Burnside R.L. Burnside - coolest bluesman of our times. I used to be one of the blues DJ's on our campus radio station, and R.L. was one of our favorites. He was kind of unknown back then, which is why I decided to make this page, but now he's actually pretty popular.

Daddy's Soul Donut Daddy's Soul Donut - Princeton's loudest band. We played together for over two years, somehow convincing eating clubs to pay us money to perform. I really can't explain how much fun it was. Maybe we'll get back together for our class' twenty-fifth reunion.

floor plan of small theater Architecture Portfolio - I don't know how good the work itself is, but if nothing else, you get my unique commentaries on the studios and professors.

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