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Awwwwwww.....ain't he cute?

Friday, September 12, 2008

15:29 - Oh Ike, how you WILL destroy the Earth

Hello All! First entry of 2008! (in September). GASP! Its not like anyone reads this anyway. Argh. Well, right now I'm at my workplace, working the triage desk with semi-ease. Its actually not TOO bad, because I think most people are either evacuating or just staying at home having a hurrican party. Me, I'm pulling the long hall at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital! I got here this morning at 0700 and I'm not leaving until about, uh, well I don't really know when I'm gonna leave but when I do, I'll leave with PRIDE!

Well, I don't really know what that's suppose to mean, but I LOVE IT! Now, ON WITH THE UPDATE! As you all know...or if you don't know, Hurricane Ike is creeping its way towards the great city of Houston, TX. At first I thought this hurricane was gonna be nothing, but now that I've been watching the news ALL morning, I may have been wrong! But, it happens...98% of the time. I have enough clothes to last me until Monday, and I only have one pair of work pants because stupid Hannah (Mike's dog) slobbered all over them when I was playing with her last time I was at their mini-abode. Oh well...its not like I work out or anything...I just profusely sweat on occasion. These pants ARE dirty though...I haven't had a chance to bring them to the cleaners since 08.15.08. YEAH...i KNOW. But, the good THING...is that we're getting paid time and a half for EVERY HOUR we're here. Meaning dot dot dot, even if we're not "working," we're still getting paid because we're still up here. I know...BADASS. This check should be SWEET! Which is good...because I need to pay off my credit card (the $75.00 balance that I have left). Oh, I'm such a spender!

What has been going on in my life you ask? Well, I THOUGHT you would be wondering since its been almost a whole YEAR since last update and a lot has been going on in the little life OF Radke. Actually, not much has been happening other than NOT practicing for my audition, NOT playing my Wii games, NOT doing what I thought I would be doing at this time last year. Oh well, maybe I'll audition for the Fall of '09 at either UT Austin or UNT. I brought my keyboard up here in hopes of practicing when I get off tonight at seven. We'll see how that plays out. Maybe I'll give the hospital a little concert tonight full of nintendo greatness and a few classical standards. Maybe not. I forgot to bring my music holder that goes into the keyboard so I would have to either tape the music to the wall, or invent some sort of fan that blows a piece of paper with the rigt kind of force so that it will be readable for me. I chose option...

What's option three you say? Well, that's the option where I just play memorized stuff and nobody can say ANYTHING at all...so HA! That is, if I even practice at all. I did bring something to watch dvds on and I did bring my ds and I did bring porn, WHOOPS! Did I say "porn"? I meant to say baked po-ta-toes. You know, I heard that they named this Hurricane after president Ike Eisenhower, who died of a hurricane in 1827.

Did I mention that I'm HORRIBLE at History? and Politics? and Government? and, well really EVERY sort of social study. So, I'm probably wrong...AGAIN...like I said!

Guess what people?!?!? I've got a new site up for my movies and video games that I own! I will supply you with the links...um...



I am proud of these sites because they're VERY user friendly! My idea, is that I want my site easy enough so that an infant could navigate it. I want them to be able to surf before they can CRAWL! Yes!!! Radke-power!!!!!!!! Now that that's over...I can continue. But the only problem is I have nothing else to say! Well, I'll say goodbye, and good day to all our fellow Ike-itans! Buenos dias!!!

Website(S): Adult Swim Website! - The games are WAY TOO COOL!

ShoUt out: Um, Ike Eisenhower for that little white "lie" I told

current mood: Tired from waking up at 05:45!!!

current music: Raiders March - For being the song that we're playing at Cy-Fair COLLEGE, and not Cy-Fair Juinor High School...is this a waste of my time?

Current Word/Phrase of the Day: "DER KA DER!" - Hillbilly (Always a classic)


Friday, November 9th, 2007

16:34 - It's a Friday Again!!!

Hey Everyone!!! Well, once again I'm not updating this as much as I would like to be...I mean its been like 4 monthes since the last one. Oh THAT note, I must say: MOVIES!!! I've updated my movie list AND Game list on RadkeJournal...WITH PICTURES!!! AND CATERAGORIES!!! Here's the link...lemme just find it...dang it, where is it? Um...I'll have to get back to you on that one. ANYWAY!!! Not much has been going on with my life. Going to school, workin' at work, pianoin' it up, drumin' it up. Ya know...the usual. This is the first semester that I'm actually right on track in all my classes!!! It may mostly have to do with being a music major now, but it's awesome. I'm not really in the jazz band anymore though. Andy quit and there's this new guy, Charles Carson, who is a good teacher, but it's just different than how I liked it. On a side note, Charles knows my sister from when she was in band at Langham Creek. Which is kinda cool I guess but sort of semi-creepy also. I might do it next semester and actually register for the class so that I actually have motivation to go. Maybe not...only time will tell. The classes I AM taking this semester are (dot)(dot)(dot) Music Theory, Sight Singing, and Video Editing I. Music Theory is pretty easy, and I like learning new things about the whole music process and rules that are taught when doing music. The only thing is that I get frustrated pretty easily when i don't understand something...since it's music...and since I prolly SHOULD know all this stuff since I've been playing piano for like 18 years. Sight Singing is a class that I could probably pass showing up for just the tests. It's all about intervals and rhythms...and since I played tympani all through high school and percussion since I was 11, both of those things are extremely easy for me. It's hard for me to see that some people don't understand how to read rhythms and that can't hear different intervals. The editing class is pretty easy considering that I've already edited a couple projects on my own. I'm enjoying this semester though. On a lighter note, I haven't been drinking NEARLY as much as I used to. I'm feeling better and I don't wake up feeling like shit as much anymore!!! Don't get me wrong though, I still like going out and having a good time with my friends. Hey look at this!!!



See? I told you I would find 'em. I'm also working on posting all my cds also, which hopefully will be up within the year. Man...updating used to be so easy, and I would just write and write and write to my heart's content. Not this entry though...ENDING!!!

Website(S): ALL MY MOVIES!!!


ShoUt out: All the walkers for the diabetes walk - For supporting the JDRF endles search for the cure for diabetes.

current mood: A little mad at the phone call I recently got.

current music: The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass Themesong

Current Word/Phrase of the Day: "Thank you for calling Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center, Patient Information, this is Jonathan, how may I help you?" -Me at work!!! (Always a classic)


Friday, August 24th, 2007

19:01 - First entry in my mid 20's...yipee!!!

Well, it was a week before my birthday last time I graced all of you with an update on the life of Jonathan Radke. Not MUCH has happened I think, but I'll try to bore you guys to DEATH. I turned 24 on July 1st, 2007 and lemme tell ya...I didn't feel any differently after it happened. OH!!! But my insurance went down. I thought that insurance went down at 25, but 24?!?!? It was a hidden blessing!!! I was online paying my bills and I was expecting to pay $113.02 to Progressive Insurance, but low and behold...it was only $79.11!!! KA-BLAM-O!!! That's an extra $33.91 dollars in my wallet!!! Oh it was GLORIUS. Another thing that I did in July was that I bought back half of my PTO (Paid Time Off). That paycheck was FAT!!! Let's see...I had 88 hours, and then I had the 50 hours of PTO smashed right on top of it!!! It came out to like $1450.00!!! In ONE paycheck!!! I don't think I've EVER had more than a thousand dollars in my checking account. I was ecstatic. So, what I did whil being ecstatic was I finally sucked it up and threw the money down for an IPOD. It took me long enough but I finally did it. I own an IPOD now...a VIDEO IPOD to boot. 30 gigs, video, picture, music, few games, etc. I hardly every spend that much money on ANYTHING so I made SURE not to drop it or do anything to it that would damage it. I mean...it was freakin' $269.00!!! It was working GREAT for a about a week, but then about 10 days after I bought it, *ZAP*...something happened. The screen looked fuzzy and there was a line going acros that whole bottome of it. I got furious when I noticed it, banging on my steering wheel and armrest until I recollected myself and said I was gonna go to the apple store. I went to apple, and they were very helpful and supportive. SO supportive that they gave me a new ipod! Lookee there!!! It still hasn't crapped out so I think this one is a real winner.

That boost of money is EXACTELY what I needed to be in the good with my finances. I'm finally out of debt, and I don't owe anymore money to my parents, which is GOOD. Mike and I are gonna try to look for apartments soon, as soon as I can get some time off work. I'm ready to get out of my parents house and finally have a place of my own. I just like the feeling of not ever worrying about if I have enough money to do something. It feels GREAT now.

On July 26th, the 1ups (me, Michael Kleinecke, and Brian Brewer) were asked to play at the next IGDA (International Game Developers Association) meeting. Check out the story HERE. It was pretty awesome reading all that stuff on their website except the part where they spelled my name WRONG. The performance went GREAT, but it would have been a lot more fun if people actually paid attention instead of walking out in the middle of it. Ya see, the place where we set up and where we played was packed...like so tight that I could barely get the equipment in. But once we started playing, everybody cleared out to the outside where they were cooking hamburgers! I mean COME ON...you guys are suppose to be the game developers that love playing games so much that you wanna make a career out of it!!! Oh well though...Veronica explained that most of the people in IGDA aren't really into the retro, nintendo video games, but instead a lot of the people are into HALO. I wouldn't even know how to BEGIN how to play the music from those games. I think I would like need an ochestra. I didn't really care about the people walking out though. It kinda annoyed me after we left but while we were playing it was like whatever...I had fun. And we DID get some compliments from the few people who stayed to listen. I mean COME ON...how can you NOT love all the classic tunes that we grew up listening to. After all that we all went back to Brewer's house to hang out a bit.

Right now in the video aspect of my life, I am starting to think of ideas for Randomness III. Nothing will be disclosed to ANYBODY until it is complete. Well, I say that now, but I'll prolly end up showing people what I have done with it so far. I mean that's what I said about Randomness II, but I showed EVERYONE where it was during production. I'm also working on doing a video of Radke-only dances in the style of one of those 90s workout videos. For all of you out there who has seen me dance, this video would prolly be one of the funniest videos to date. I'de like to find the people that would do it along with me in the background (like those people in the 90s aerobic videos). Or I was thinking an easier way to just record myself, and have people send me videos of them doing it and I would just like put a picture in picture thing on it. That's prolly how I would do it. On the other matter of R3, I was thinking about doing a suggestion part in it, like having people give me their ideas and then I would do it on R3!!! I think that's another good idea. I'm just a guy full of ideas, but I have no time to do them!!! ARGH!!!

Well, school starts on Monday, and I got a call from cy-fair saying that the percussion ensemble has been cancelled due to low enrollment. Sucks for THAT. I was really looking forward to being in a percussion ensemble though. I'm not doing the Jazz Ensemble this semester, because I'de like to start really focusing on solo pieces for when I audition for UT Austin. The other classes I'm taking this semester are Sight Singing I, Music Theory I, Editing, and if they have a teacher, percussion lessons. I'm excited about finally taking music major classes. My primary goal for this semester with my music theory class is learning about all the different types of chords/scales. How to correctly write harmonics and stuff like that. We'll just see how things go after this semester. Oh...Andy Beaudoin is no longer employed as a professor at Cy-Fair College fro reasons not expressed. We will miss him, and I wish him luck in whatever he is doing now. I have started to write a new jazz type/nintendo sounding song, and you guys should check it out...Not Yet Named Jazz Piece by Jonathan Robert Radke the Diabetic with no Spleen and Allergic to Sulfa.

This past weekend I went to the wonderful San Antonio to help Ms. Christina Salinas move into her brand new apartment which is on Culebra and a cross street of which I can't remember. We got her moved in lickity split and it was a LITTLE exhausting. While we were up there, we watched almost the entire season ten of The Simpsons, we went to an asian buffet place called Chopsticks which was VERY fulling, we also went to Fiesta Texas on Sunday which was CHOPPED full of fun and stuff like that. They have this ride called the Tony Hawk's Big Spin, where while you're riding the ride, the cart you're in spins itself. So just imagine you're riding the Excalibur and it's SPINING while you're going around the ride. It was pretty cool. I usually don't see too many new ideas in the rollercoaster world, but this was a new one in my book.

Well, I don't THINK there is anything else that has went on, so I'm going to bid you ALL...GOOD DAY!!!

Website: Not Yet Named Jazz Piece by Jonathan Robert Radke the Diabetic with no Spleen and Allergic to Sulfa - Another link to my second creation!!!

ShoUt out: Brian Payne - For running the slideshow at The Shady Tavern!!!

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Monday, June 25th, 2007

19:08 - (Upside down "!")Less than ONE week...

So hey everybody! Well, it appears that my co-worker, Johnny Flores, has quit his job as Patient Access Rep I at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital (He was the other guy that worked my lobby). So, over the next about four weeks, I might have to cover these shifts. Which for me, I don't really care because we all know, more hours equals more money. I'll need to take an off day a few times though. He'll be replaced soon enough, hopefully.

Today I popped in Smallville, Season Five and I only have this season to watch before season six comes out on DVD. I know I know...I'm a big dork when it comes to Smallville, but hey...it's SUPERMAN!!! In case you forgot what happened in season five, here is a recap (all that I can remember anyway.

- The fortress of solitude is created.
- Clark finds out that Chloe knows his secret and then tells her the truth about him.
- We first hear of General Zod, the evil general from the planet Krypton.
- Clarks powers get taken away from him for not returning to Jor-El to finish his training.
- Clark and Lana get back together without the pressure of keeping his secret.
- Clark gets killed by a psycho-kid that threatens to blow up Smallville.
- Clark regains his powers from Jor-El but warns him that a loved one's life will be traded for his own.
- Brainiac introduces himself as Milton Feinnes, a college professor at Central Kansas.
- Professor Feinnes tries to convince Clark that Jor-El was the evil one and Zod was Krypton's savior.
- Feinnes reveals to Clark that he is also from Krypton.
- Jonathan Kent runs for office as Senator.
- Clark Kent tells Lana everything about him and asks her to be his wife.
- Lana gets hurt for knowing Clark's secret and Jonathan Kent wins the election.
- Clark makes a deal to go back to save Lana but Jor-El once again wanrs him about the consequences.
- Second time through, Clark does not tell Lana, and events lead to the death of Jonathan Kent (which we all knew was inevitable).
- Aquaman makes his appearance.
- Cyborg makes his appearance.
- Lana and Lex start to have more feelings for eachother, or just Lana starts to feel the same way Lex does.
- A lot of other crap happens to fill up space.
- Clark kills Milton Feinnes, and that is the single step closer to the coming of Zod.
- Lex is given all the powers Clark has and we find out that he is the vessel for Zod.
- The season ends with a cliffhanger (like always), having Lex (Zod) start to reek havoc, and Clark being put into the phantom zone.

A lot of crap happens in this series in the 5th season, and Clark's journey to become Superman comes closer and closer. In my opionion, this is one of the best Superman series to date. All the continuity, all the Superman references, a passing of the torch by previous Superman stars. Just GREAT...GREAT.

I just got back from Kansas City, MO and it was pretty fun. I realized that getting drunk off wine is NOT a good hangover. Oh well...it was all my fault. Saw all the action figures that Jason has...MAN. A lot of stuff. We went to eat at a few places and that was good. Got to see the play that Jason is in. Went to a few bars in KC. Played Mario Party 8 a few times while drunk with Kris and Jason. Oh...I gambled for the first time with REAL money. I wish I knew if I broke even or even WON. That was the same night we were drinking wine so I kind of blacked out and threw up all over this guy's car. It's alright though...he was just as or more drunk than I was. Jason was the nice guy that drove us home that night. I will never drink wine again...mark my word.

Well, it is less than a week before my birthday, and I will be turning 24!!! If you would like to celebrate by birthday with me, I will be going to The Flying Saucer on Monday, July 2nd. $2.50 pints!!! You should come...although I don't really think anybody reads this so it doesn't really matter what I put on this. But it should be fun no matter what. I mean come on...BEER. Well, people, this is the end of my update for the week of June 25th. Buh bye.

Website: Power Pamplona - Avoid the thing chasing you!!!

ShoUt out: Kristina Radke - For being the coolest girl named Kristina Radke I know!!!

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Current Word/Phrase of the Day: "It's the kind of son I want to be." -Clark Kent from Smallville


Friday, June 15th, 2007

18:23 - (Upside down "!")Quince mas dias!

Well, the date is June 15th and today was the Memorial City Hospital Employee Talent Show was today, and I got 3rd place! Well, I thought that I would have placed a little higher than 3rd but hey...bronze isn't a bad prize. I got 75 bucks out of it too. Hell yeah! Ya know, it's not too bad that I got 3rd...even though more people complimented me more than the other two "winners." Man...I'm a poor loser. I did a solo for the Marimba that I did in my first Cy-Fair College Jazz Combo concert. The piece is called "Ghania" and it has a very African-esque style. It's a good solo to show off some good four mallet skills. It was funny: everyone that came up to me said something like "don't your wrists get tired?" So I always have the same answer..."Nah not really anymore after playing for so many years." Then I let them touch the only part of my body that's actually worked out...my DRUM MUSCLE. Ya feel that? Oh yeah...that's right.

Recently I've bought a game called "Mario Party 8" for the Nintendo Wii. Now, this game is ok, but I think it could have been so much more. I guess I should stop comparing all of them to the original though. MP8 is a good game if you have four people that enjoy the Mario Party games and you aren't playing by yourself. The only thing I could say about the game is I wanted them to incorporate the freedom of having the wii-mote besides just pointing at the screen and putting it on its side. I mean, look at Warioware: Smoothe Moves...you got the handlebar, the dumbell, the elephant, the janitor, and all these other ways of holding the wii-mote to enhance the quality of the game. WW:SM is a good game with a bunch of funny, RANDOM crap. Let me put up a picture of the ever so annoying, NEW character from Mario Party 8...it seems that he took Toad's spot explaining all the rules...this guy is like a half top hat, half something with big lips. But I dunno...I just don't like him. You judge by appearance:

Now usually I don't usually just go out and just buy games, but I mean COME ON! It's Mario Party for crying out loud! Just look at the cover of this game and you might think to yourself "Hey, look at those guys! They're having fun, waving their hands in the air with some big smiles on their faces! What fun!!! Even the bad guys are there! Funtastic!!!" But you don't know what's going on UNDERNEATH the characters. They could be waving their hands in the air because they're all scared of SuperAIDS and they might be smiling because someone has a gun to their heads. All I'm saying though is that everything isn't always what it seems on the covers of video games. So overall, I give MP8, a *drumroll please* 5 STARS!!! WOO HOO!!! (out of 10).

Well, playing MP8 is about all I did(?) Man...how sad. Oh well...my weeks off have become days of doing jack SHIT...and I couldn't be happier. I told my friend, Michael Kleinecke, that if I have nothing to do in the morning, then I'm not gonna wake up. But you see...if I DO have something to do in the morning I will wake up and do it. I can wake up early if I NEED to but at the moment, waking up early JUST to wake up early just isn't gonna slide. Ok enough about THAT rant. Man...I forget sometimes how much fun doing absolutely NOTHING feels great.

Well, this Sunday is father's day, and my parents will be in California with my neighbors, Bill and Terri Brugh. They'll be there for about a week, and you know what THAT means...PARTY!!!!!!!! The key word is "SMALL" so don't tell a lot of people. HA...I remember when I had to say that and actually MEAN it. What happened to those days? What happened to those times being EXTREMELY under the influence with at LEAST 40-45 more people there? What happened coming downstairs and seeing a porno on the television in my living room that was ordered from Time Warner? I miss those days...but not TOO much. It's so crazy to think that the first RadkePARTY was 6 years ago, July. I turned 18 on the SAME day as my 18th birthday. How perfect is that? To be completely honest, I don't really remember much about that night, but I DO remember coming downstairs and seeing a porno on the TV. There was ALSO a porno playing upstairs in MY room. Yes people, I own a few pornographic movies which I will admit to. At this party, it was the imfamous party that a select few people ran outside and flashed my cul-de-sac, the infamous party where I tried to make a Long island Iced Tea but instead of putting a SHOT of each substance, I put one half cup of each substance in it. You all know what's in a Long Island Iced Tea, right? Well, if you don't then here's a little review:

1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz gin
1/2 oz triple sec
1/2 oz light rum
1/2 oz tequila
2 oz sour mix
Top with a dash of Cola

Now notice it says 1/2 OUNCE and not CUP. Well, that was my first mistake and with me wanting to get drunk, and it being my 18th birthday and all, I decide to just gulp it down no matter how it tasted. Ya see, I made it for my friend Matt Muskiet, and it was WAY too strong for him. So I take it, thinking I'm a badass, and just gulp it down. MAN! Bad idea. After that, I remember screaming to talk to Matt when he was about a foot away, and he did the same thing. I remember going upstairs and seeing the porno and then downstairs and seeing the porno. I remember pulling up Matt's pants because he passed out while going to the bathroom with his pants down. I can't remember too much else about the night except that was a party to remember. That was the party that put the name "Radke" and a badass reputation together.

On Wednesday, June 22nd I will be taking a little road trip up to Kansas City, MS. Are those the right intials for that state? Damn...here I come, wiki. WELL, I now know that the state nickname is "The Show Me State," the state bird is the Bluebird, the state motto is "The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law," state tree is the Flowering Dogwood and the capital is Jefferson City. But I canNOT find for the life of me what the initials are...oh wait a tick...there it is. Ah...


Ahhhhhhhhh...now doesn't that feel better? Yes it does. Thanks Jonathan. Sure thing, Jonathan. What would I ever do without you? I just don't know. I need to hear it, Jon. Aw nah...I can't say it. Oh come on now, you HAVE to say it. Oh ok. That's RIGHT. You're the best Jonathan Radke I have ever met and you're so good looking and so talented and everso EXCELLENT. Thank you, thank you.

Man...I just had a good convort with myself. That's my new word I just made up today: "convort." Now that THAT'S over. I'm going to bid you all ADEU.

Website: The White Pages - Online!!!

ShoUt out: Andy Beaudoin - For getting me back into my one true passion, music performance

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Current Word/Phrase of the Day: Convort (v.) - To have a conversation with. Glondius and Kefarka were convorting to issemilate the fiendish Haglortrax.


Monday, June 4th, 2007

16:57 - You've just been RADKED!!!

Hey all and welcome to once again another glorious day with yours and my favorite Radke, Jonathan Radke. That is, unless your favorite is my sister, Kristina Radke...or my dad, Robert Radke...or my mom, Susan Radke...or anybody else who has the last name Radke. That's quite presumtutuas of me...wait a minute...lemme spell check that: ah yes...presumptuous. Man I hate it when I try using big words to sound smart but I end up spelling them wrong so that cancels out the looking smartness. Dammit...why did I just tell all you guys? DAMMIT! Why am I still typing?!?!
Ok...now that THAT'S out of my syster I can get on with the update.

Well, it APPEARS that last time I updated, I forgot all about a specific event that happened on April 30th, 2007. There was a TALENT SHOW at Cy-Fair College!!! Me, along with Michael Kleinecke and Brian Brewer did a tribute to my personal favorite video game consoles, Nintendo. Lemme get you girls and guys a clicking letters right here so you can hear what we did (in midi format). Let's see...letters...ah, here they are.

J S H E P F D X 7 N A

Ah...those are some good letters to show you guys the nintendo medley that we performed. You guys should have seen it...we were LOVED by the audience. After every change in song we got a big applause. It was awesome. OH! Also I had made a powerpoint that was running behind us which was ran by the one and only James Groesbeck. It was a good things that was there since most people KNEW the songs but it wasn't really apparent to which game. ANYWAY, guess what place we got! Nope...nuh uh...guess again...wait, what? YES!!! We got second place out of 14...or 9...something like that. I can't really remember. It was a blast and I was glad that we did it. We got approached after the talent show and was given mad props from lots of people. What we won was a $150.00 gift card for the Cy-Fair College Bookstore...I know...what the heck kind of prize is THAT?!?!? But it's ok...I think I've developed a plan to get it in cash instead. I'll pay for an expensive book and then I'll return it. I wonder if that would actually work. I'll just have to ask my buddy that works there, Veronica. Veronica was at the talent show also and she came up to my buddy Brian Brewer and asked us to play at the next IGDA meeting, Houston chapter(International Game Developers Association). I plan on getting the guys back together to do this. They gave me a tentative date. When I'm at work I usually write down stuff I need to remember on these patient info sheets and stick them in my wallet since they're the perfect size. BUT, I think I emptied it since I put it in there. I'll get the date up so you guys can come check us out...you KNOW you want to. We even got asked if we did parties and stuff like that.

Recently (since the last update), I have been working. I updated the Wednesday I worked, and I worked Thursday, Friday from 16:00-21:00, Saturday & Sunday from 09:00-21:00, and I work today 16:00-21:00 and tomorrow at the same time. This past weekend I started watching the ever so excellent series, Smallville. I watched almost the first season. It's so crazy that it's going on it's 7th season. I remember what I was doing when I watched the series premiere, back in 2001. Matt was over with his then girlfriend, Jenny Rogers, and they were putting in new speakers into the Saturn (my old car). I was hooked right away after I watched that. I haven't missed an episode since, and I own all the seasons on dvd. It's funny to watch how the show began and how all the characters relationships are with each other with knowing what's in store for all of them in the future. The only downside to watching the first three seasons is that Erica Durance isn't there. Today, I am watching the last episode of season two.

Last night, I hung out with the father and we took some shots of tequila (Patron) and some beers (Hefeweisen). It was fun as we grilled an entire chicken and then made both chicken salad and the start of a chicken soup. Mike came around later that night and we stayed up watching Blade. Unfortunately, I was getting REALLY tired so I kicked Mike out and went to bed. The time was about 02:30, and the twelve hour shift at the hospital was killing me.

Lately, I have started a new game in The Legend of Zelda - The Twilight Princess. I have gotten to the third temple and I should beat it tonight. We'll just have to see. I wanted to beat Ocarina of Time before I started a new LOZTP game. I have also been playing Paper Mario - The Thousand Year Door for the Gamecube. I want to beat that game before I start Super Paper Mario for the Wii. Not that the stories go along, but I just want to do it. I'm on the last battle of the Thousand Year Door and it is MUCHO HARD.

So, my mom without the consent of myself, signed me up for the Employee Talent Show for the hospital. I think she signed me up because only like 5 people had signed up, and they wanted a little more. I figure I could do my drum solo or my Marimba solo. It all depends if I'll be able to borrow a Marimba from school. I think that would be a lot better than a drum solo since the audience will be a little older than the talent show at school. That is why I didn't ask the guys to do the Nintendo Medley again. I don't think many people would get the video game references. The first prize is $250.00 and I think I might have a good shot. An extra $250 would be badass though. Well, as for the update, I'm putting this one to an end. Good morning/day/night!

Website: Smallville!!! - Smallville on tv.com

ShoUt out: James Groesbeck - Thanks for running the powerpoint during the Cy-Fair College talent show!

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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

19:37 - Once again, a NEW YEAR

Ok people...this is the second time I'm trying to update this thing, and THIS...my good friends, isn't the FIRST time it's happened to me. We all remember that dark, DARK day back in 03 where I closed the window before I got a chance to save it. And who could forget the time in 04 that the computer crashed and it didn't save. Also the time that I forgot I was updating and then went home, comes to mind sometime in 05. (The volunteers the next day closed out of the window). Good times. This time I thought I had saved it, but I had only previewed it and then did not press "save" BUT it's ok...I'll live through it.

Note: These flashbacks to previous RJs are not the actual dates so don't go through all the pages and try to find them...cause you won't. I know all you DEVOTED fans were going to. So...on with the update!

Man oh man...SEVEN long monthes it has been since the update. All of you must be wondering what your favorite diabetic with no spleen has been up to. Well, my fans...a LOT. Well that's about it, so you guys have a good one.
HA! Just kidding...I bet you thought it was over. DAP! It's not. So here we go!

First on our list...Holidays:

- Halloween 2006: Halloween was a rather uneventful one when compared to Halloween 05 where I was Link from the always popular Legend of Zelda series. GREAT costume...i'll get pictures up...or wait...they prolly ARE up somewhere on this website. I forget so much when I don't update for a few monthes. HA! Me, Matt Muskiet, and Michael Kleinecke went to John Andrew William's friend's get together that was some place down 290 and to the right. I had a pretty good time. The guy had a pool table in his garage so it was cool not to pay for it...but then again, I can't remember the last time we HAD paid for pool. I was Stan Marsh from the hit television show South Park. Mike was nothing, Matt was nothing, and John Andrew Williams was Eric Satii or SOME spelling like that. He was a jazz composer in the um, sometime ago...lemme tell you the truth...I have no idea when this guy is from or his big thing with jazz was...I don't even know what he played. I DO know that John wrote an original song with inspiration from him and I DO know that he was him for Halloween 06. Even though we didn't know the guy who's party it was, we were one of the last ones to leave because we're just that badass.

Thanksgiving 2006: Same old...lunch with the Salinas kids and dinner with the Radke Crew. Passed out from the tryptophan. MAN. I had to google search THAT one. I thought it was "triptephan" but no...twas not. I THINK I may have had beer at dinner...I don't really know...nothing real big happened. Just another Turkey Day.

Christmas 2006: Christmas is my favorite holiday right next to Arbor Day and Conjoined Twin Myslexia Awareness Day. This christmas I didn't really gert anything...but the WII!!! Yes my adoring fans, Jonathan Radke stepped into the next generation of gaming with the purchase of the Nintendo Wii. Let me tell you people...MAN. AWESOME!!! If you haven't tried it out yet then DO IT...it's a phenomenon that has been spread across the entire WORLD. Nintendo is ahead of the game now with the Wii. I didn't get mine on launch day, BUT I got it exactely 1 month after it was released. For the next like month STRAIGHT I was playing the Wii because well, its AWESOME. Not since the original NES has a storm of sales hit Nintendo. The Wii has sold more than twice the amounts of Playstation 3s and the X-Box 360s. GREAT system...great. The day before Christmas 2006 I went to meet up with the Radke family up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was a nice Christmas up there because it's been a while that I have spent a full Christmas with the family. We got some new family pictures done and I got a classic Wii controller. The vacation ended and I was back home, ready for my week to work.

New Year's Eve 2007: So, since I was off New Year's Eve 2005, I had to work on New Year's Eve 2006 but that didn't stop me from PARTYIN'!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!! Anyway, I went to Samantha Medley's little shindig at her parent's house which was AWESOME because it's in my neighborhood. We start the night off at the Salinas house like usual and after a few beers, and when we all met up there it was off to Sam's. While arriving at Sam's, there were a bunch of New Year's Eve paraphernalia. I had to grab a hat because I love wearing those plastic bowler hats at holidays and well, altogether. I wear the hat all night while going back and forth from the keg of MILLER LITE to my friends. I get pretty toasted while at Sams and at midnight, the ball dropped and it was 2007. We had a few glasses of champagne and then it was off to the Salinas house to tell them Happy new Year and have a few more glasses of champagne. So around this time it is about 00:45, and I'm feeling even MORE inebriated. After everything sort of winds down at the Salinas house, we went back to Sam's to close out the party. There's still beer in the keg, and there is food on the table which means come drink and eat somemore...so I do. I end up going to bed at like 03:30...completely passing out adnd having to get up at 08:00 for my 12 hour day at the desk. It's not that big of a deal because I'm what they like to call "Badass"...I even have a bracelet to proove it. I get my 4 and a half of hungover sleep to wake up feeling GREAT. Keep in mind this is the third day of working 9-9 so my mind is already exhausted from the weekend. It's really weird how that works out. Not sick, not nauxious, no headache, NOTHING...until about 16:00 that afternoon. The stomach starts rumblin'...the head starts aching...the mind starts drifting. I then reach the conclusion that I have just NOW entered my hangover. Oh well...I lived through it and then had a nice night of hangin' out with my buddies...I think.

That's about all for the holidays pretty much unless you wanna know what I did on the NOT big holidays in which case...NO.


December 2nd, 2006: This was our Jazz Ensemble concert and what fun we had!

Set List:

1. Miles Davis - Freddie the Freeloader
2. John Coltrane - Impressions
3. John Andrew Williams - Lines for Winter
4. Marcus Smith - Marcus' Magica Mambo
5. Well You Needn't - Thelonius Monk
6. Herbie Hancock - Cantelope Island

Band Members:

Marcus Smith - Piano
John Andrew Williams - Piano
Michael Kleinecke - Trumpet
Tom Brewer - Guitar
Brian Brewer - Bass Guitar
David Garza - Bass Guitar
Kyle Goins - Drums
Jonathan Radke - Drums and Vibraphone

This was so much fun, and it was fun getting back into performing with an actual group and not just knockin' around on my drums doing nothing with them. My personal favorite was Marcus' Magical Mambo in where I played my newly found drumbeat, the mambo beat which is very extensive to sound musical as well as very complex sounding. A beat you've got to feel and not think about. Plus, it makes me look impressive. My flip buddies, Melissa Johnson and Grace Lomasang came to watch us with my kikker friend Matt. We all met up at Brian's after to have some Mexican Chicken Casserole (mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!) and then Melissa, Matt, Grace, and myself went to a bar called Papa Earls where they had $5.00 pitchers and free pool (only on Wednesdays). The night came to an end and then everyone went home.

May 2nd, 2007: My second jazz ensemble concert. Good times were had once again by all!!!

Set List:

1. Horace Silver - Song for My Father
2. McCoy Tyner - Contemplation
3. Jonathan Radke - Broken Notes
4. Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage
5. Bill Evans - Peace Piece
6. Thelonius Monk - Straight, No Chaser

Band Members:

Eric Allen - Piano
Quinn ??? - Alto Saxophone
Anthony Lipscomb - Tenor Saxophone
Michael Kleinecke - Trumpet
Brian Brewer - Bass Guitar
Kyle Goins - Drums
Jonathan Radke - Drums and Vibraphone

Oh man...I can't remember Quinn's last name...SHIT! Oh well...I'll get it tomorrow after I watch the dvd tonight. Oh yeah! There's a dvd this year! Done by yours truly, and with help from the Cy-Fair College Video Production team. So it looks really good.

Yes people...I, Jonathan Radke have entered the world of composition. Now, the program won't tell you this, but I wrote this song while bored at work...lemme put a link up to the midi file I created...

Broken Notes

I was rather pleased for how it sounded and I was even told after the concert by a woman that she would go out and buy it on amazon.com today. I dunno why she just said amazon, but that's the kind of response I wanted from the audience. Hopefully I'll get an actual audio recording of it and show the world exactely what Jonathan Radke can do (in the music writing world).

Were there only two events that has happened since last update?!? I guess it'll have to do until I remember other things that I have done. Oh! My sister moved out of our house and up to Kansas City, Missouri! Wait...that happened before the LAST update. I don't think I told you guys that! Yes...my sister started her life in Kansas City, Missouri with a fellow named Jason Reynolds. They're not married or anything, but they're getting pretty serious. Enough about that. Man...the day is coming to a close and I can't think of anything to say. I guess all that's left to say is...BYE! Until next time...GOOD DAY!

Website: CAPS LOCK - See the history of our FAVORITE make lowercase capital-izer

ShoUt out: My Life Twins - For being the best life twins a guy could have...
- Christina Salinas: What can I say...the founding member of the Radke LTs and I couldn't be happier to have gotten to know you better than "Johnny's little sister"
- Melissa Johnson: To the life twin that looks the most like me. Our mothers are Filipino, and our fathers are white...ya can't get any better than that...RIGHT?!?
- Lauren Kay: Oh, Silly Beans. You bring the life to the party without the need of alcohol. You love bright colors and your personality is bright as well. Oh...a NATURAL at Donkey Konga also.
- Catherine Berardi: The northern LT hailing from Evanston, IL is by far, the FARTHEST living life twin to DATE. I miss ya, Reene.

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Friday, October 20th, 2006

17:36 - Gonna see if I can get back into this whole "RadkeJournal" thing again.

Well, I'm not gonna promise that I'm going to update this like I used to, BUT I PROMISE that I will try.

MAN it's been a long time, and let's just count how many days older I have grown. Well, the last time I updated RJ was December 5, 2005, but let's be honest folks (like Mr. Bachelor said it!)...that wasn't really an update in the human psyche that IS Rad-ke. So, I GUESS the last time I TRULY updated was August 14th, 2005. A WHOLE FUCKING YEAR!!! (and a month (and a few days)). I dunno if I even REMEMBER a lot of stuff that has happened in the past year. But, I WILL do my best to appease my audience that dwindled down since the start of RadkeJournal. As I sit here pondering on the last year (and a month (and a few days)) of my life, sipping on a Diet Snapple Peach Iced Tea, a few things come to mind. Work has been remaining the same pretty much besides the fact that I got another like 41 cent raise...GO ME! You don't have to tell me: I KNOW I'm badass. Well, the television doesn't really have any new shows that I've been watching...wait a tick...YES! There IS one show that I started watching because someone told me if I liked Smallville than I would like this show too. And it turns out, that I do. The new show that is on my watch list is...dun dUN DUN! Supernatural. Now, I know what you're thinking...WHY THE WB? Well, it's the CW now anyway, and the show is pretty cool. Like the whole premise of it and everything. I'll go ahead and put it on my "GOTTA CHECK IT OUT" list (that has now been created yet.

Of course I'm still an AVID South Park fan...and Smallville fan...and Family Guy...and all that same kinda shit...like Robot Chicken...Wonder Showzen...Dora the Expolorer (she's fucking HARD CORE man!!! I mean, you LEARN spanish...she's a GENIUS.)...[i don't really watch Dora, but I think I would if I were 4 years old]. It's crazy...South Park on their TENTH season. To think, that show came out when I was only in EIGHTH grade. Who knew it would become this AWESOME monster that keeps on getting new viewers WEEKLY! I look up to the South Park creators (Matt Stone and Trey Parker)...they're my dare I say it: Wednesday night cartoon heroes. Smallville this season, MAN! All Clark needs to learn now is how to fly...THAT'S ALL! And then goes the trials of SUPERMAN.

Enough Show Chat...hmmmm...I need a name that has a little more ZING. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...dammit this is hard. I KNOW! The Super Show Sonic Shashbot! YES! Wait...what does Shashbot mean? Oh well...I'M USING IT! It's the Su-per...Show...So-nic...SHASHBOT!!!! (that's the theme song in case you didn't know). WELL...since the last time we last talked, I have changed my major ONCE AGAIN. But this time to something I truly love. I changed it from Pharmacy...to MUSIC. I know I know, why the sudden change this late into the game? Well, the truth is that I was never really happy with being a Biology or Pharmacy major, and I think I was just staying in it for the plentiful amount of money when I graduate. But that's not really what I wanna do. I don't wanna wake up everyday to go to a job that I hate. So, I changed to Music which I should have started with. I think I just wanted to do something besides music to see if I was good at something else that I never gave a chance. But, its been 4 years...I've learned things, but they're things that I don't really CARE to remember. Music was always there, but now i'm embracing my talents. I'm also taking a few film and video classes next semester too, to refine my video making/editing hobby. Showmanship was always in my blood...ya know, like multimedia stuff. Making my own clothing stuff, making my own music videos, and playing awesome drums and beautiful piano. It IS me to be in the eye of the people. I LOVE it. This semester I'm only taking two classes though...Jazz Ensemble and percussion lessons. Everyone...I mean EVERYONE should come see our concert which is the first Wednesday of December. I play drums/mallets. It'll be AWESOME. Well, my PEEPS...I must go now in the shadow on debt. HA! Not really, but sort of. AnyWHO. PEACE I'M OUTTA HERE!!!

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ShoUt out: Brittany Boecker - Happy (LATE) 23rd Brittany!!!

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