Through Hike: A Ghost Story

What remains hidden on the trail?

Every year, hundreds of people attempt a Through Hike, the long task of hiking the entire Appalachian Trail from end to end. Many do not make it. Most people beome injured, and must stop. Some become homesick, and give up. And for five college friends, they may not even survive the trip.

Somewhere on the trail in Pennsylvania, a group of backpackers encounter someone...something, that has been waiting. Waiting to be released. Waiting to roam. Waiting for revenge.

As the friends hike through an abandoned coal mining town, they inadvertantly release the spirit of a murderer who has been trapped for 150 years. The spirit relentlessly stalks the group of friends. At first, his powers are weak. He can merely frighten them by making noises and moving objects. But as day turns into night...

Prepare for the supernatural thriller experience of Through Hike.

Through Hike: A Ghost Story is an indepedent film written and directed by Blaine Norris. It was filmed on the Appalachian Trail and surrounding woodlands.

Copyright 2002 by Deep Forest Films