Welcome to the KellyKlub Katalog Pages. These pages are for use by klub members, family and friends, who want to see everything as presented in the official katalogs for those years. If you wish to see something from those years that's not on these pages, please contact mradford@ncicap.org and I will add items for your viewing pleasure.

I will be presenting years 1991-2000, the years that include both Stacie AND Kelly and all good things that are modern and fun, going in reverse order from the year 2000 and heading backward in time. Accessory sets have been added (hi, Laurel!) and Fashion Avenue sets are here (hi, Felicity!)

Thanks for looking, and if you'd like to go to "the mother klub," please visit www.lilfriends.net.

--Marsha Radford

The Fabulous Year 1998

The Fabulous Year 1997

The Fabulous Year 1996

The Fabulous Year 1995

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The Fabulous Year 1993

The Fabulous Year 1992

The Fabulous Year 1991