April 18, 2006
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Hola!  I'm back again!
What a busy month!!!  I just got back from NC to see my very handsome husband and very quaint new house.  (I say quaint, I mean small!)  But hey, we're talking almost $300 grand less than what we have now and a full acre of land!!!  It's so beautiful.  We have 2 beautiful dogwood trees, just blooming now.  All the trees are blooming now.  We bought the house in the winter, so all the trees were bare.  In case I haven't mentioned, the house is tiny.  In fact the detatched garage has more square footage than the house (guess who picked the house out?!)  But, as small as it is, I love it.  Zachy was nuts about it.  All he did was play in the front yard (1/2 acre) and then run thru the woods in the back yard (1/2 acre).  Lots of running space there.
I saw my very best friend Molly, finally!  She SO super cute pregnant!  I can't wait to see that beautiful baby.  Of course, every time zachy sees Aunt Molly, he falls in love.  Speaking of babies!  Sherry just had her 3rd! Logan Alexander.  (Trace says his name is Logan Trace, but Brandon is Brandon Trace and we've been trying to break it to him that he's not George Foreman).  7 lb's 15 oz.  That's huge for this family.  That makes grandkid # 8 (7 boys, 1 girl) for Matt's mom.  Zachy is still the biggest, in case you've forgotten, 8 lb's 11 oz.  Next baby news, Teri, Casey's mom is pregnant!  Better yet, TWINS!!!  She's due December 6, but I'm sure they'll come early, like most twins.

Casey has his first girlfriend, and let's just say she's a tad fast.  Enough said.

Today, while I was getting ready for work, Zachy went into his room, picked out his own clothes and got dressed completely by himself!  Shirt, Diaper, Pants, and Socks.  Of course, I couldn't talk him out of the outfit (scooby-doo, I'm so not into character outfits, but other people buy them for them, ick) and I really didn't want to, since he picked it out all by himself.  And, to clarify, the diaper thing, just a precaution.  He tells me every time he needs to go and has been doing very well with the whole potty thing. 

Well, I gotta scoot!  tons to do.
C'mon, have you ever seen a cuter kid!!!!
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